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  1. I think I could be able to do a pretty good Cloud Watcher. I have a pretty classic care-free/cocky voice. I just don't think it would be able to work considering the only time I have access to good internet is after midnight, I wouldn't be able to upload my recording right away, and in the long term of doing the recording for the whole thing, my recordings would have to work around my internet, which is more like shiternet, if you catch my drift, and I would not want to burden the whole production with that.
  2. Apparently several terrorist groups were bronies. It has to be true, the Colbert Report said it.

  3. When I first watched the first three seasons in one weekend, (Already out when I became a brony) my favorite pony was Apple Jack. But once I got into the fandom itself, my mind quickly changed to Vinyl Scratch. Now I have my room themed after her, so I don't think it will change anytime soon.
  4. I am not talking about changing every aspect of your life, and no, I won't lie and say you guys don't have a point, because I definitely see your side of the story as well, but my goal in this is to make the fandom better than it is now. Do I think I can single-handedly stop cyberbullying? Hell no. Do I think that I can help change a few minds about us? Well if I didn't I wouldn't have made this thread in the first place. My point is this fandom can be better for everyone in it with some small changes.
  5. So, the fandom has been around awhile now, and like all new fandoms, or new ways of doing things, it had to be built up on something. For the bronies, the fandom was built up largely with one thing in mind: Love and Tolerate. Well my friends, it is time to change. As most of you know, the term Love and Tolerate wasn't originally used by bronies, but was actually used by internet trolls throughout 4chan for a decent amount of time. The term was then taken to heart by bronies and has been used throughout the fandom ever since. This has had some good repercussions, but at the same time, it has made us a very easy target. I would like to compare the term Love and Tolerate to the Articles of Confederation of The United States. Little history lesson. The Articles of Confederation were formed to help bring a small amount of order to the U.S. during the Revolutionary War. This was the first constitution. But this constitution had issues. How did they solve it? They decided that as a nation, they would come together and figure out how to change these issues. After a few years of discussion, they came to a conclusion and eventually The Great Compromise was created, bringing the Federalists - people who supported change - and the Anti-Federalists - the people who supported the current ways - together. That is exactly what we as a fandom need to do. We need to fix the issues that this term brings to the fandom. The issues I see, for example are stuff like how people treat us. I am teased and made fun of all the time. Are you not tired of this? Personally, I am tired of being treated like a damn doormat! I believe, that if we take this term that we have written across our flags, and make into something bigger, and better, that maybe we will be treated differently. Whether that means just tweaking the words themselves, just tweaking the meaning, or even just a whole new term all together. We NEED to change. So my question for all of you is this: Do you think we need to change? If so, what are your ideas? I would love to hear some of them. And if you don't think we need to change, then explain why you feel this way. Thanks for reading.
  6. I am personally tired of "Loving and Tolerating". I am tired of being treated like a damn doormat. I get made fun of and bullied from some of the people that know I am a brony, and you just want me to let that happen? Screw that, I am not going to sit there and let them take shots at me, over and over again.
  7. Unfortunately, I believe that what you fear is already happening, I have seen it all over the internet. Sometimes, it is something as small as someone with an opinion. If someone has a different opinion about anything girly at all, it has started to be associated with bronies, and autism. That's right, both of them grouped to one another. People just assume that if you watch MLP, you have autism, and vice versa. Me? I do not have autism, but I do watch the show. And I am willing to bet there are people with autism that don't watch the show. Anyway, I just hate to see stereotypes in the first place, whether it be on the internet, off the internet, or somewhere in between, it's just wrong all together.
  8. If we shun them, are we any better than haters or anti-bronies?
  9. I would play the song "Penelope" by Zak Waters because I am assuming that the mares are in their early 20's and I am only 16, but that's how I like my women too. I don't know if you guys have heard the song but it is really good, go check him out.
  10. Just sat down and started watching the new episode of MLP, I can't stand Maud and it has only been two minutes.

  11. So, lately I have noticed something in the fandom and particularly on this site. A ton of bronies are wayyyyy overusing the term anti-brony. A lot of us are treating the situation as if it is black and white, to get back to the title, there is a grey spot. The term anti-brony should be used for people who want to get rid of bronies, or intentionally go out of there way to do something negative to a brony. But, I have seen this term used for just about EVERYONE who isn't a brony. This just doesn't seem right. If someone doesn't like the show, that doesn't make them "anti-brony", that makes them a person with a different opinion and you should respect that. Now, if a person is mean to bronies for that particular reason, then yeah, they are an anti-brony. So my question is what do you guys and girls think? Should it be more of a general term, or should it be pointed at the people who really deserve it?
  12. Made a new friend today. Now I am just rockin' out to some Eurobeat Brony. Good day.

    1. GuardianFenix


      I unintentionally made about... I don't even know how many friends... in one morning. Today was a good day for me too.

    2. LightsCameraAction


      That's good. Just remember to say thank you to that friend of yours that set that whole thing up, she seems pretty awesome.

    3. GuardianFenix


      Already taken care of, new friend. :D

  13. Well, let me see. I am a closet brony, but my brony pride has let it slip a few times. I have been caught by my family on a few separate occasions. 1. My sister knocked on my door, I didn't hear her (headphones) and she came into my room while I was watching the beyond her tomb music video. 2. Stepmom picked up my phone and thought it was hers, she looked at the wallpaper that I stupidly had on my LOCK screen, and saw rainbow dash. 3. I plain out told my parents that it was a good show, and they just didn't even acknowledge it, almost like they didn't want to believe it. Anyway, if my parents were to knock on my door while I was typing this, I switched to a different window. I have 2 monitors, so I have Steam pulled up over my Vinyl Scratch wallpaper on the other one. I am protective of my phone because I have pony pics on there, and if my mom needs to do something with pictures on my computer, I won't let her use my pictures folder, hers go in a separate folder on the desktop, which I switch the wallpaper of if she needs to use my computer at all. Um, let's see. I also make them use a desktop browser (Google Chrome) and I use the Windows 8 version of Internet Explorer because it is uber fast. So yeah, do I go to great lengths? No. Do I still try to hide it? Definitely.
  14. MrCreepyPasta, CreepsMcPasta, and MrCreepyPastaJr are... a. The bomb digity! b. Da shit! c. Just plain awesome! d. All of the above!
  15. I have this totally awesome and epic wallpaper... you're welcome.