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  1. To everyone in my friends list, I will not be active until sometime durin or after next Tuesday. I need to focus on healing my left arm in the meantime.

  2. A man's new leaf begins with acknowledging their flaws and improving on them. I'm not exactly sure what you're apologizing for, but I'm glad that you're making a attempt to own up to them. I'm certain that you should talk to one of the mods about this.
  3. Gonna see a doctor on Monday to see how soon i can have surgery.

  4. Probably the only guy left who doesn't think Russo's an outright joke nowadays, but yeah, wish that he'd put a sock in it when talking about cruiserweights.
  5. DQ, how was the episode? I wasn't able to watch it since I was at the hospital.

    1. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      Damn. Hope you recover soon.


      Well, I only watched clips and read the transcript. So far, I don't like it. Quibble Pants feels like a complete superfan stereotype and acts like an idiot at one point.

  6. Today has been so terrible for me. Hopefully my left arm recovers soon.

  7. Here hoping my homeboy Sanders doesn't disappoint.

    1. Miss


      doesn't disappoint in what?

  8. Edgeworth1001

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Right now I'm thinking why 28 Pranks Later is an actual episode.
  9. Glad to see you again, Misty!

  10. I'd love to see Minuette and Cheerilee again, feels like I haven't seen the latter in ages. Understandable since the CMC's story arc is pretty much over, but still. Seeing Moondancer and Lightning Dust would be nice as well.
  11. Not gonna lie, I honestly think that a lot of analysts (mind you, I'm using the word loosely) are missing the point of why we love this show and the sense of community it brings. I'm not just referring to KP here, I'm talking about the majority of the people in that circle. Those who come here mainly for the attention, do not deserve anyone working under them for free. Good on Minty Root and AnonKPLeaks for speaking out.
  12. Hi there Flittery Heart, glad you're enjoying your time on MLPForums. While I'm not a part of the site's moderation team, I am sure that they're working with plenty of applications like yours and will eventually respond to your application sooner or later. Even if you're turned down, there are still ways to contribute to the community (such as beta testing,) so don't get discouraged just yet! Either way, I welcome you as a new member to MLPForums.
  13. >28 pranks later is a actual episode. I think I'll be needing plenty of bleach for the "edginess" in that one.

  14. I'm growing to love the Ace Attorney group on Discord

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