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  1. That smarmy douchebag who ran the clawshot game in "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess". Every time I lost, he just laughed and said "You want revenge?" I wanted to stab him in the neck.
  2. I don't hate any of the mane six in any way, but, I had to pick at least one, so, I picked Rainbow Dash. Why? She can be just a tad too obnoxious at times. Not that the other five characters aren't without personality flaws. Nor is it really a bad thing that characters on a TV series have flaws; if they were perfect and never had to grow or change in any way, they would be really dull.
  3. I have the distinct suspicion that I'm the only person here crazy enough to have used their actual full legal name. Is this indeed the case?
  4. I actually really strongly agree that most of the decent heavy metal out there comes from Europe. Though, there is some really noteworthy stuff here in the U.S. of A. Slough Feg Helstar Kamelot Manowar But, then there are like fifty other metal bands I like that are in Europe. I think interest in metal may or may not be dying in the US, if it isn't dead already.
  5. I've been downloading lots of emulators of RPG console titles. One in particular that's a lot of fun is the Breath of Fire series. There is so much whimsy and humor in it's narrative. Whoever wrote the plot and script for BoF is an excellent author.
  6. I spent quite a lot of time on Gaia Online before coming here. I still go on there, it's a good place to make internet friends. I also chat with people on Omegle from time to time (there are some weird people there).
  7. Let me think for a bit.... saddle bridle riding crop feed bag spurs and maybe a video camera to document the expedition. Oh, and a sword, in case I run into a dragon.
  8. I'm, uh...sort of an atheist. I'm an agnostic. Give it another decade or two, and I might well join the A team. (likely it will be living through a natural disaster that pushes me to it).
  9. I imagine if there were a man who did that, he would also be the type that wears ladies clothing in his spare time. Nothing wrong with crossdressing, though. It is considered a fun activity, even by people who are comfortable with their gender and don't desire a sex change. More to-the-point, I knew a person who was born a woman and was going through the process of getting gender reassignment surgery. This person got tremendously angry when anyone referred to them as a she/girl/woman/ect. She insisted very strongly that she was really a he on a mental level. So, I called her "he" or "him", as he preferred. To address your query, I think whether or not a man should call himself a pegasister really boils down to the word's accepted definition. And, since it is a recently concocted word, there certainly is a lot of wiggle room for how it can be defined, as well as who it can be defined to.
  10. Definitely a unicorn. If I was walking around at night and someone tried to rob me, having a sharp weapon growing out of my cranium would be a definite asset. Of course, I might run into a poacher who wants to take my horn. But that would be cool too, because I could say something witty to the poacher like "you want my horn? Bend over, I'll give you all 12 inches of it!" *charges*
  11. The Brony Boy Bill Show: I hope he makes this a regular thing. He's hilarious. (P.S. I should add that he doesn't really act and talk like that, generally).
  12. I would want to be a human, and, if at all possible, I would like to be the first-ever human that Fluttershy meets. She would obsess over me the same way she obsessed over Spike, who was the first dragon she ever met. Also, Applejack must get sore jaws from carrying things with her mouth all of the time. She would quickly see the benefit of having a human around once I use my handy dandy opposable thumbs to do some farm work.
  13. I can't even begin to imagine why the show's creators decided to change Derpy's voice after the episode aired. There was nothing really wrong with it. If anything, it just sounded worse after it was edited.
  14. I might actually be crazy enough to get that surgery, just so I can look like an archangel. (I'll bet it's going to be way too expensive for me to afford, though).
  15. I play the vuvuzela. I'm not very good at it, though. I saw a man on youtube playing the French National Anthem with his vuvuzela. Also, I hate spell check, sometimes. It keeps telling me to change vuvuzela to Venezuela.