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  1. Hey guys whats up my name is MrGamerPony. I am currently looking for some League of Legends players to play with. Me and a few friends play but we have yet to have a full team so we need some people. We also want to form a Ranked 5v5 Team so we can get some real games going. Solo wont matter what rank u are this is a team game so yeah anyway so if you dont want to or do want to join message below to just play games with us thanks. My summor name is MrGamerPony
  2. MrGamerPony

    Gaming small minecraft pony server

    The server I have is sponsored my shadow Colony which is Hardcore gaming even though we will have most likely have multiverse were some worlds cant be greifed most of the shadow colony members will be killing them if there not friendly cause they want blood and they will get any little reason to kill them tell operator and get them server ban. but idk whats up actually not leading this.
  3. MrGamerPony

    Gaming small minecraft pony server

    There was not to much to do but the server is ready to go so when every PM and we can talk about server and people joining
  4. MrGamerPony

    Gaming small minecraft pony server

    You know guys idk if any one read but i have a server and is just sitting there doing nothing but me playing if you need one just a thought. its 24/7 and i pay for it so yeah idk if any one cared i posted it a while back on here
  5. MrGamerPony

    Gaming small minecraft pony server

    I have a Server that's 24/7 and its up to 20 players no one gets on it a lot we can talk about it and maybe get something up and running. I pay for it so no worries about money.
  6. Hello, everyone I have been searching for a person that is active online to partner with. Now I am looking in MLP forums because I need a MLP expert and or gaming if they like games. Now I would like to talk more on the topic but MLP forums will not allow some content because they feel it takes people from there site. (this is not anything bad or money making. For the MLP admins that read this and I don't intend on using this to take people from the site {Admin gave me warning points once so I wanted to make this clear}) Anyways I have some requirements on the topic in which this partnership
  7. MrGamerPony

    Gaming What Do you do?

    Ohh ok nice thanks for the feed back. We will most likely do a series on that just would need to get the second server up. and for the pod cast yeah its sounds about right to do it that way.
  8. MrGamerPony

    Gaming What Do you do?

    Thanks for the comment sounds like collaborations are the popular ones now days.
  9. MrGamerPony

    Gaming What Do you do?

    Hello there MrGamerPony Again, Any pony could answerer these question for me needing feed back. I do not plan on advertising away from the MLP forums just needing to know some opinions. 1. What do you like on YouTube for gaming Videos like (Just a match, Series, A group of friends playing, Story telling using the game)? 2.Would a Pod Cast for MLP or Gaming on Twitch TV be worth watching? 3. Having a gaming group that's mainly MLP and games be fun? 4. If yes to number 3 would twitter and Facebook page for that group be worth liking if you were interested? 5. What other s
  10. Hello sorry for late reply was getting other people in real fast and i fell asleep sorry Nice I recently got my PC to down ATM but once it goes back up i can play the big games like BF4 and stuff. Also i would like to talk to you in pvt about the music thing would love to get maybe something going I do not play league a lot i do but i am noob but we do have one guy that's really good i think he is diamond or something idk the ranks very good and maybe you guys can play some but would love to see you play some time. Pvt message me or request me on skype so we can talk more Skype: MrGam
  11. I will be sure to message you ASAP we can get you ready to go we do play some Arma 2 DayZ so that will be good to get
  12. yeah its me but thats my old account glitches and idk whats up with it but i got or add
  13. I added your new name on steam I also seen you join the group on steam that helped a lot thanks I have not gotten a request on skype did you send mrgamerpony_1 a request cause there is 2 and whats your name on there so I know ts you
  14. Sorry for the Late reply guys been sick and iam out of town for the next 2 days but after that I can get stuff going but till then I can chat. Ok thanks we can talk alot on topics and join the the group i will send you a request on both so talk to you soon Well Honestly not looking for a artist or any job really just wanting a group of gamers, and bronies. Most of the jobs i talk about was if there was a gamer that wanted to do art. Basically every one can join and if they have a skill would be great if they showed if off for the group to see. great I will message you about our
  15. Thanks you guys sorry for late reply i have been really sick still am but yeah love to see you guys come join us i will contact you guys pvt message or skype ttyl
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