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  1. ~Sole~

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Melke Sole nodded and took the extra scythe "Sounds like a plan, just try not to let me get impaled." He joked, before charging toward the bird-like monster, and threw another orb of chaos magic at it's core. "We're wasting time we don't have to spare on you, Jeeves! Why not save us some time and friggin stay still!" He taunted, as he circled the beast for an opening. Whatever Dyr was doing with those flowers and that odd stance, he hoped it would pay off.
  2. ~Sole~

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Melke (The forums went down right before I could post this last night lol) "Give me a break, I'm like twice your size" he replied, as he stood up and rolled his shoulders with a slight wince. He looked back up at the bird with a glare as it regenerated, piecing itself back together like nothing happened. "That core is pretty Damn tough" he admitted "and it looks like destroying it is the only way to put this sucker down for good." Looking back at her he sighed "I think I can destroy it, if you can give me an opening" he suggested "unless you've got a better idea,that is" he added n
  3. ~Sole~

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Melke Sole was smiling as he took the scythe and twirled it. "Oh, I like this plan" He said, before feeling the magical powerup. Just before he could thank her, the diamond shards rained down on them like a hail of arrows. He did his best to ignore the crystal spears of death as he made a beeline straight for the metallic bird. Utilizing his temporary power boost, he dodged and parried any shards in their path and closed the gap. "Sorry Jeeves, time to carve the turkey" He joked, as he poured chaos magic into the scythe, and swung it straight down, fully intent on cleaving the monster in
  4. Can anyone please tell me what the frosting happened to the crystal gems forum?

  5. ~Sole~

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Melke (I'm so sososososo sorry! I never saw your reply for some reason, and I only found it now because I went back and searched for it T.T) Sole wasn't sure how 'creative' He had to be, but he didn't feel that creativity was a strong point for him. "Why can I never just blow things up anymore" he joked, as he focused his magic into his talons. "Let's start things off simple, and see how it goes" he thought to himself, using his magic to form a small ball of pure chaos. "Since he seems inorganic, then I guess it's okay to use this" he said, summoning a fist-sized purple orb and punti
  6. ~Sole~

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Melke Sole was taken off guard by Dyr's 'favor', and was quickly hooked and pulled inside like a fish. Before he could think of a witty remark, like "ouch" for example, a disembodied voice and the shiny new threat interrupted his train of thought. Looking up at the bird-like monster, his first action wasn't taking up a fighting stance, as he normally would. Instead he laughed right in it's face "Your name's Jeeves? Seriously?" He said between fits of laughter. After another moment or two, he sighed "Damn, I needed to hear that. It's been a while since I've fought something with such
  7. Merry Christmas, everyone. Hope y'all have a great day!

    1. Cookie <3

      Cookie <3

      Awww you too :3 Merry Christmas!!! <333

  8. ~Sole~

    Open Casual stroll

    (I apologize for my inactivity, I've been pretty busy this week lol) Sole nodded "You don't have to convince me, Dyr. I agree. If we're gonna walk into a trap, we might as well do it intentionally." He said, grinning with anticipation. Whatever awaited them on the road ahead, it'd be much worse then the few skirmishes they've had so far. He couldn't wait to test his power against a being from another dimension. "After you" he said jokingly
  9. ~Sole~

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Melke Even though he approached the ruins confidently, Sole made sure to keep an eye out for any signs of an ambush. The last thing they needed was to get caught. "Other then being the previous home of some powerful magical artifacts, they're just some dusty old ruins abandoned by the local royalty. As far as I know, at least." He said with a shrug. "Maybe he's feeding off of residual magical energy?" He suggested hesitantly
  10. ~Sole~

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Melke As Sole absorbed this new information he nodded "alright then. So as long as I don't get ganked or sent to lala land then your good? That'll be a piece of cake... probably." He said sarcastically, as he tore his eyes away from his own mark and began to walk towards the castle ruins. "So, can you still sense him?" He asked her curiously.
  11. ~Sole~

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Melke Sole sighed in relief and cracked his neck, before jabbing his talon (thumb?) behind him. "This way, not long from here" he said quickly, before noticing the mark on his talon "Sweet, we get a free tat" he said sarcastically. He didn't really care if it was permanent or not. He'd had something similar once before.
  12. ~Sole~

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Melke As the chaos erupted around them, and Dyr spoke the formal request for a contract, Sole couldn't help but grin. This was so cool. "No conditions. You need my help to stay in this dimension, and I need your help to track down that Prospector guy. Dyr, I agree to your contract." He stated confidently. "Who knows" he added "we might even become good friends after this"
  13. ~Sole~

    Open Casual stroll

    @@Melke Sole quickly flew down and landed in front of her, stabbing the blade of the scythe into the ground behind him with his tail. After hearing what she had to say, he was a bit confused, but he was definitely not going to let her disappear. "I'm not sure what you're talking about, but if you need my help, just tell me what I need to do to help" He said bluntly. "We haven't known each other for long, but you seem like a pretty cool cat, so I wanna help you out" he said with a smile, acknowledging the pun as intentional. "So, what do I need to do? Give you some of my energy?"
  14. ~Sole~

    Open Casual stroll

    (I completely brain farted in that post, sorry. I was really really tired when I made it ) "Gee, guess I am a dumbass. They're magic is electricity based, you feathered idiot!" He chastised himself, before catching the wooden scythe. "My bad!" Was the only thing he could think to say in that moment, he knew that was a stupid rookie mistake, so he planned on making it up to his feline partner by cutting the goon to pieces. By amplifying his speed with magic, he was able to intercept the lightning bolt with the flat of the blade, before bringing it down in an arc to cut the crystal creature in
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