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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. How come you didn't use Wubi? It could download the operating system onto your computer without using an iso or burning the OS to a CD?
  3. Well, I've been to Baltimore when I was heading to Washington one time. Its close to Washington DC so your family can take the Baltimore-Washington Parkway down to Washington DC to see the White House, US Capitol and do shopping there. Baltimore has the Inner Harbor, Fort McHenry National Park, and a bunch of other things. Also, I do not suggest taking a car unless you want to pay tolls on the various Baltimore tunnels and the Francis Scott Key Bridge. (But, if you don't want a car, take the commuter rail to Washington, and then the Metro) I rather have you take the Metro or Light Rail in Baltimore. These are just suggestions.
  4. And its probably also because that they hate the fanon Doctor Whooves when you think about it. The Doctor has never really turned into any other species other than being a human.
  5. Too bad your country doesn't have 7 Eleven. I see 7 Elevens in Denmark, Norway and Sweden but not Finland. That's very odd, considering that Finland is part of Scandinavia. But, $25.66 would be enough, plus tax included. I think that MLP: FIM merchandise is too expensive for my tastes. I don't even like Hot Topic in the first place.
  6. Also, I believe that RTS requires a programming language and scripts, since, without scripts and programming language, your game would be basically dead. So, what programming language are you using? Are you doing Lua, Python, C+++ etc. Or, are you just using a game maker to make games? In either way, you need to start learning lessons about programming before you start making the game, otherwise your soldiers won't move and probably just stay there because they have no instructions.
  7. I'll use it for 7 Eleven. I don't feel like buying MLP: FIM merchandise, I'm not paying a dime toward merchandise. I'm not a video gamer, so games are scratched out on the list. Consoles? Maybe I'll get a Wii U, but I'll just use that $25.66 for 7 Eleven, because they have some good stuff there.
  8. I can't even tell if its a changeling or pony because its so dark in here.
  9. Yes, I do like alicorns. TPAM will live in Canada.
  10. Ick! What's this? You have cigar smoke on my face! O_O, The one that is on the bottom will get licked. Sorry, but that's how you play the game.
  11. Yes, but its definitely better than the desktop environment that Tiny Core Linux uses, so as Damn Small Linux (DSL, also known as Business Card Linux).
  12. Stop inserting a computer virus onto my computer. Malicious code. Have you ever got a computer virus?