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  1. So I finally posted it on Fimfiction here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/114438/1/a-witty-name-for-a-glorious-fanfiction/chapter-1-the-new-dawn Wanted to see what everypony here thinks of it. This is only chapter one and I might post other chapters in this blog in the future... Hope you all like it! Warning... it is rather long... Enjoy!
  2. Well... I'm gonna go with Pinkie.. I will admit, Fluttershy can be the most adorable thing, but Pinkie's outright personality is why I choose her. Pinkie's just always so happy, even when things aren't going her way... Plus you can't deny her adorableness.
  3. -Pokemon -Zelda -PONIES (this one's kinda obvious...) -Anime -Books/reading in general -Maids and maid outfits... I'm totally serious about that last one... I'm weird...
  4. I do a lot of pixel art within Minecraft... I already have a post of some of the art work I've done here: http://mlpforums.com/topic/56156-pony-pixel-art/#entry1341399. These are some of the newer ones that I haven't posted though!
  5. Done with exams YAY! *sleeps*

    1. Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Sir Cal Stonehoof

      *tucks you into bed* Sleep well. You deserve it

  6. Well, here I go! I like grimdark MLP. I think cloppers are perfectly fine and I see nothing wrong with them. I'm kinda excited for Equestria Girls. I like My Little Pony Tales... Rarity is my second favorite pony. I prefer Pinkamena over Pinkie Pie. I don't like Spike. I don't like Big Macintosh. I don't like Rainbow Dash. I find both Cupcakes and Sweet Apple Massacre funny and I can't take them seriously. Even though I like her, Princess Luna is overrated.
  7. EXAMS!!!! *Bangs head against desk*

    1. Nohbdy


      The feels are known

    2. Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Sir Cal Stonehoof

      I know that feeling. Have major homework due, and my Intuos tablet just died, and I need to replace it.

  8. *Sighs* Don't waste your time on Cupcakes... while the story did a lot for the fandom and made grimdarks what they are, Cupcakes really isn't that good of a story... It's not that it is disturbing, because it really isn't, but the writing quality is not all that great. And if you actually want my basic synopsis: Anyway, welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay!
  9. Very true... You have a good point here... Perhaps there was a mistake that caused the writers to switch their elements after all.
  10. True, but in order to be truly loyal, you can't lie to often, otherwise your friends won't trust you enough to allow you to be loyal. Although the two are independent traits, they can affect each other in certain situations.
  11. Well in a way, loyalty and honesty affect each other. In order to be loyal to someone, you have to be truthful in order to gain their trust. At the same time, by being honest, you become more loyal to your friends. So you really can't have one without the other due to their close relationship with each other.
  12. If you want to post it here, I'd post it as a blog or in the fan-fic section of Octavia's hall. I think you should maybe put it on Deviant Art so other artists can see it, so you can get that cover picture. There are also lots of artists here on the forums that may be willing to help...
  13. Profile views of over 1000! I didn't realize I was so popular...

  14. IT'S FRIDAY! FRIDAY! GOTTA GET DOWN ON- I don't like that song...

  15. SHOO-BE-DOO! CALL UPON THE SEA PONIES! This is what happens when I am in school for too long...

    1. Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Sir Cal Stonehoof

      OMG! *pounces Nayru* It feels like forever since I saw you last. :3 How have you been?

    2. Nayruthepegasister


      I've been good! Haven't been here in a bit due to school, but my summer is coming soon! Only 57 more days!!!

    3. Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Glad that you're doing so well. Yay for summer!

  16. *Starts dancing* ~(^-^)~

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    2. Nayruthepegasister


      This made me want to dance more... Catchy for not feeling like dancing :3

    3. Friendship_Cannon


      this was totally what I expected .-. wait...

    4. Soundgarden
  17. Mostly D... and I'm not even a very good artist... I do tend to doodle a lot though... I really need to work on something besides my drawings
  18. Hi! Looks like cd_solidsnake's got your basic guide around the forums... Which is good because my sense of direction is TERRIBLE. Anyway... my name is Nayru, and if you ever need anything, feel free to PM me and I'll try my best to help!
  19. I thought Twist was a boy... I also thought Scootaloo was a boy for a few episodes... actually it took me until Sleeplessness in Ponyville to realize she was a girl...
  20. Can you add me please? I want to be part of this!! I hope we can get everyone! I also hope this becomes a banner or something else cool!
  21. Good point... I need to watch more television... Glad to know that you watch it. I bet Photo Finish would also watch Project Runway.
  22. It's the only one I could think of.... I know Rarity would probably be disgusted by it... I'm sorry! I can see Rarity on that one show where the hosts pick out wedding dresses for brides to be... I forget what it is called though...
  23. Here's what I think Twilight- Something like History Channel or National Geographic... Or Elementary... I can totally see her glued to Sherlock Homes. Rainbow Dash- Something cool/athletic... soccer and football? I can also see her being glued to any Indiana Jones movie. Fluttershy- Animal Planet... Applejack- I agree... I don't think she'd watch TV... Pinkie- Cake Boss Rarity- Toddlers in Tiaras or any Fashion TV show. That's all I can think of.
  24. Nayruthepegasister

    Hi, I'm a Rock

    How can rocks talk? Anyway... My name is Nayru! I hope you meet lots of new friends here on the forums! There are plenty of show discussion threads as well as threads for other things like fan art. If you need anything, or have questions, comments or concerns, feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to help out!
  25. I did it everypony! A very bad remix of AnY's track!!

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