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    I love animes such as Lucky Star,Haruhi, and I am currently watching K-On! I also like Doctor Who and my favourite is of course, MLP.

    Sa Dingding,Van Halen, Perfume, AKB48, and Orphaned Land.

    Anything artistic :) I love animals (especially cats!)

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  1. I love your icon! Holy shit Konata! :3

  2. Thats good! I was going to originally add a fence underneath but I got a little lazy! Thats ok, your are not off topic:) I write a lot of random and choppy sentences
  3. Hi SqueakyBelle42 this is the Fox saying hello to you. :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Fox801


      Yes Sweetie Belle is my favorite filly. :) How is your Favorite Filly SqueakyBelle42. :)

    3. SqueakyBelle42


      Sweetie Belle!

    4. Fox801


      OMG we both like the cute's CMC of all time. :P Sweetie Belle :P :P

  4. I never have had art lessons...I always found it easier to work with graphite (black and white) probably because it is easier for my brain to process. Now math is a different story....I am terrible at it!
  5. 1. Skyrim 2. Fallout 3 3. Diablo 2 4. Warcraft 2 5. Star wars: Galactic Battlegrounds 6. Escape from Monkey Island 7. Animal Crossing 8. Neverhood 9. Mirror's Edge (Love it, but it makes me nauseated!) 10..Katamari These are games I love, but it is hard to pick which is my favourite!
  6. SqueakyBelle42

    Gaming Skyrim Discussion Thread

    I loved Morrowind and when I heard they brought out another I was excited! My favourite is the khajiit! I love how the horses can swim through very deep water! I always want a sweet roll after playing the game.
  7. Thank you kindly! Currently I am kind of busy with other work but, appreciate the sweet comments! I really love Luna she is so cute! Squee!
  8. Thank you! The original is quite large! I would say it took a few days non-stop (with lots of music because I work quicker with it)
  9. This photo is kind of blurry compared to the original work. I chose to draw some of my favourite ponies. It is drawn with graphite pencil and charcoal powder.
  10. I am not a drinker at all, but I usually like the fruity and sugary drinks! Not a fan of beer because I don't like the taste. More SUGAR!!!!!
  11. I love your avatar!

    1. SqueakyBelle42


      Oh Thank you! I just changed it. Did you mean the one with the dark hair or this one?

    2. Nightfall


      Both are really awesome... I don't know which one is better...

  12. I'm hungry now! I couldn't choose one . I sometimes like the ketchup chips or Doritos Sweet Chili Heat. Anything cheese related pretty much.
  13. SqueakyBelle42

    Ask Derpy!

    Do you like bran muffins?
  14. SqueakyBelle42

    Movies/TV Anime and Vocaloid Fan?

    I was the same way with Lucky Star! I couldn't get past the style of the drawings, but now I love it! It is nice to see someone else on here that likes anime
  15. RUSH! I love them! I wish I could go see them. I am a HUGE Van Halen fan too, Eddie is the best! I hope that you will love their concert.
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