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  1. Righteous Fury

    Is there fanservice/pandering this season?

    I think it's less 'pandering' and more 'animators goofing off'.
  2. Righteous Fury

    Gaming What's your Game of the Year?

    walking dead S2 last of us was mostly crap
  3. Righteous Fury

    Fluttershy hates me :(

    ehehehhhahehheah AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA don't you know? all the ponies hate you
  4. Often voices get changed radically even without the actor changing, and it's still great. (See: Larry the Cucumber) So I wouldn't mind.
  5. Righteous Fury

    What really grinds my gears, the Elements of Harmony

    this topic was just an excuse to write a Cthulu/Twilight bit wasn't it? not complaining, it was pretty cute actually, but be honest
  6. Righteous Fury

    S03:E09 - Spike at your Service

    he didn't, he was hoping Twilight would say no, and probably figured Twilight would miss him and demand he come back I count one 'mistake': breaking the eggs. everything else is just making a mess, which IS in character for Spike, hell it's in character for everyone on the show really
  7. Righteous Fury

    S03:E09 - Spike at your Service

    I didn't see Spike act OOC that much really the only chore he screwed up was baking the pies, and that was less 'clumsy' and more 'in a foreign kitchen' I thought the bit with cleaning the pig was supposed to indicate that yeah, he makes messes and it's not nice to watch, but he gets the job done in the end he's still better than Sweetie Belle anyway
  8. Righteous Fury

    Every pro Flash Sentry argument ever: addressed

    really the character isn't bad at all, it's the fact that the character has to exist that I hate romance doesn't belong in MLP, end of story, stop discussion
  9. Righteous Fury

    How would you end MLP:FiM

    OK, I was going to post a vague ending idea here, but then as I started writing it got way more fleshed out and awesome, so screw it, I will be turning it into my first ever fanfic.
  10. alright I'm just gonna come out and say it: Billy Joel had some really fucking awesome songs. sure nowadays his music is basically a walking punchline, a audio cue to indicate that something's hopelessly outdated but fuck it, Downeaster Alexa is a great song, Leningrad is a great song, Goodnight Saigon is a fantastic song, hell even his corny lovey dovey shit can be incredibly beautiful, like She's Got A Way and And So It Goes. after a while you realize ANY song of his is actually pretty good if you really listen to it the guy's really underrated is what I'm trying to say
  11. Righteous Fury

    Who would the best Pony be to comfort you?

    Pinkie........... isn't the most... SENSITIVE pony........ true she can make people happy, but there's an equal chance she'd just make it worse somehow. Serious situations aren't her strength. Honestly, I think I'd prefer Spike. He's a sweetheart, always been somewhat of an outsider, and his family situation is... complicated. I think he could relate somewhat. Besides Fluttershy, he's definitely the 'Heart' of the group, the emotional core.
  12. Righteous Fury

    The Out of Character Moments.

    Twilight in Canterlot Wedding. ok we've seen Twi go crazy before, but this isn't crazy-Twi, this is normal Twi being really bad at proving her case - when she just did the exact same thing flawlessly in MMMystery. I'd expect the 'nobody understands me' plotline from Pinkie or Fluttershy, not the most logical character on the show. Apple Bloom in Cutie Pox. for some reason AB gets ridiculously depressed over a random cutie mark attempt, then STEALS from a friend (remember she was Zecora's first Ponyville friend?) and LIES to her best friends who want the same thing she just stole. Applejack in SSCS6000. and yes this one has been mentioned but DAMMIT IT MAKES ME MAD - APPLEJACK NEARLY LOSES THE FARM BECAUSE OF HER OWN STUPID ARROGANCE, AND STATES IN THE LETTER THAT SHE WAS RIGHT TO BE ARROGANT??? ARGH. (AJ is my favourite pony in case that wasn't clear) Rarity in Sonic Rainboom. I actually think Rarity gets an unfair rap for being OOC. She's not selfish. She's just DUMB, she has NO idea what other people are thinking. Take Secret of my Excess, she didn't weasel the gem out of Spike, she honestly tried to contain herself and thought he wouldn't notice she really wanted it. That's what makes Rarity such an interesting character. That said HOLY CRAP SHE WAS SUCH A BITCH IN THIS EPISODE. Fluttershy in Putting Your Hoof Down. overall I like this episode and the message it contains, but I think Fluttershy's Face Heel Turn happened a little too fast, and was a little too severe - she had some truly nasty moments. ... also seriously nobody's made a Bon Bon joke yet?
  13. Righteous Fury

    S02:E25+E26 - A Canterlot Wedding

    This is true. If they had ended with Celestia apologizing and admitting she made a mistake, the whole episode could've been redeemed. Or Shining Armor would've worked as well. Because, you know, that's what the whole show is about: learning how to be a better person through lessons on friendship. And an important part of that is admitting you have flaws. Instead they sacrificed the lesson for action scenes and wedding crap. I'm not saying it's bad to have the occasional episode that's just for fun and has no real moral, but it's bad to waste great opportunities like this in order to try and keep pretending Celestia is a flawless Mary Sue.
  14. Righteous Fury

    Anyone else finds this ironic

    except blueblood was actually interesting to watch also since when has Gilda ever been a hated character? she has a HUGE fandom
  15. Assault rifle. ... If we're not allowed anachronistic/modern weapons, then I'm going to go with the crossbow. Easier to use and more powerful than a longbow. You can wave your swords and axes around all you want, I'll still take you out from 50 yards. Wear a huge set of armour? I'll pierce it easily. Before there were guns, the crossbow was the most powerful weapon in the world, hands down.