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  1. Neon Fire

    Visual Art Artwork

    Alright, some new art. Here's a new OC, Blaze's pet. :3
  2. Neon Fire

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I'm thinking I should go to sleep
  3. Neon Fire

    Nothing Matters?

    For me the most important things right now are working, finishing college and getting my dream jobs and my friends.
  4. Neon Fire

    Visual Art Artwork

    New picture! I want summer already ;-;
  5. Neon Fire

    How often do you hug?

    Rarely. I have one friend who I hug. I don't even hug family unless they hug me first.
  6. Neon Fire

    Spoiler Why the Hiatus is so long

    Being a fan of Sherlock on the BBC, this is like a baby hiatus. =P
  7. Neon Fire

    Movies/TV A Clockwork Orange

    Yes! I know, I caught myself later on thinking "Why do I feel sorry for this guy??" But it's really awesome too to see a movie with a villain as a main character and see how the story revolves around it. But yeah, it was really interesting.
  8. Neon Fire

    Movies/TV A Clockwork Orange

    Not sure if there's already a topic for this but... Any fans? Just watched it today. Very interesting and a good movie IMO.
  9. Neon Fire

    Do you wear shoes in the house?

    No, I wear socks and slippers though.
  10. Neon Fire

    Which Sin are you like most?

    Pride...definitely pride... xD
  11. Neon Fire

    What time do you usually go to bed?

    Usually 1 AM, except when I have class at 8 AM, usually 11 or 12.
  12. Neon Fire

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Good. Tired though. Pokemon fan?