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  1. Greenhoof

    Name midnight

    Hi Midnight! Welcome to MLP Forums, the best place this side of the Interwebs. Don't worry about your antisociality, you'll make tons of friends that even Pinkie Pie would be jealous of.
  2. Greenhoof

    Hey Everypony!

    Hi! Welcome to being a Brony! Nice to meet you, and I hope you have a great time on MLP Forums.
  3. Greenhoof

    Pinkie Pie's Poem

    Being sad Isn't so bad As long as you have friends to cheer you up a tad You'll be happy just to know that they care enough Now that everypony's happy And you're no longer unhappy Just join around for a group hug Close enough togerther that your really, really snug Aren't you glad that you're so weird, and that they are too? If you're sad again just remember you have good friends like these~ And that you're not a chicken like ScootaLoo~! *Giggle*
  4. Greenhoof

    How do you make a siggy? I'm new! :D

    Hi welcome to MLP Forums, nice to meet you! You mean signiture right? All you have to do is go to your Profile and click "Edit Profile" then find a tab to your left that says "Signiture" from there create a signiture to your liking. Hope this helped.
  5. Greenhoof

    Anypony want to help make a story?

    Disco dance parties on the moon with Party Nuke Canons.
  6. Greenhoof


    Yay! More friends! Welcome to MLP Forums Sweet Dreams, the best place on the Internet.
  7. Greenhoof

    My introduction, and my request for help!

    Well first of all welcome to this site, where I assure you nobody will make fun of you for being a Brony. Second, your parents seem like jerks. They ground you because you like something they don't, and the worst thing is you really can't argue with them. They pay the bills, they give you food and a place to live. I would suggest showing them some female Bronies, or things made by them, to show that it isn't just guys who are into it. Maybe show them this site, and how people are passionate over this awesome show. But make sure you steer away from the pornographic parts of this site. Here's my last piece of help: Take a show that they watch reguarly that you hate, and use your parents argument against them. They'll hate you at first, but they may come around to your side of thinking. I hope this helped, and I wish you luck.
  8. Greenhoof

    Hello Everypony! :)

    Welcome to MLP Forums, Dashie! This is the best place on the whole Internet, I hope you make lots of friends.
  9. Greenhoof

    I am a person.

    Hi! MLP Song Analysis? That sounds pretty awesome. Music to my ears. Other puns that have to do with listening and music.
  10. Greenhoof

    Howdy there everypony!~ ^_^

    Hiya! Nice to mee you. I hope you enjoy your time here on MLP Forums!
  11. Greenhoof

    Gaming Best Stories in Games

    I havn't played that many games, but I enjoyed Dragon Quest 9's story quite a lot. But the Profesor Layton games do have a pretty great story too. I have also found that the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games have the best stories of all Pokémon games.
  12. Greenhoof

    Voice Actors Meet Up

    Do you have to be a Pony Voice imatator or just someone who wants to be a voice actor for anything? Because I really can't do any of the voices.
  13. Greenhoof


    Hi BLACKM1ST, I'm new myself. Maybe I'll see you around the site sometime.
  14. Greenhoof

    Um... Hi Everypony!

    Hi everypony, I'm Greenhoof. I'm a little shy but I'm hoping to make a lot of friends on this site. Oh, I am so bad with these things, I leave so much out. My interests (Excluding MLP) include Let's Playing, video games, card games, acting, and if I ever get the chance I would love to do some voice acting. Thank you for reading this, please have a nice day.