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  1. Sweet Dreams

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I feel pretty great at the moment. The school term is nearly finished, so I'm starting to relax a little.
  2. Probably scream and cry and get her to give me fashion advice.
  3. Sweet Dreams

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Hey guys, I don't mean to be rude. I was just dropping by to tell y'all that I win.
  4. I think my favourite would have to be Season 2 or Season 5. I haven't finished 5 yet, but so far I love it. Season 2 was good because, idk, nostalgic feels, and I loved almost all of the episodes in it (especially the beginning and end of the season).
  5. Sweet Dreams

    Confession Time!

    Once I was home from school 'sick' and took a bus into the city to have a shopping spree (and may have taken a little bit of my mums money too)... I've smeared dog pee on my brothers doorknob when mad at him. I also take prized possessions from his room when he pisses me off. I have a stash in my closet.
  6. Mild Asperger's, myself. As to why there are so many autists here, I would presume that'd be because mlp has something I call an autistic gravitational pull, much like trains, pokemon, sonic, Mario and many others have. Some topics are more likely to become special interests than others, and this is one of them. My special interest is autism, funnily enough, so I'm trying to keep myself from ranting too much right now.
  7. I think I have been using it since I was around seven. I have no regrets about that tbh. Sometimes it does interfere with schoolwork, but I would have found another way to procrastinate anyway. Besides, I love being able to talk to people online.
  8. I'm fifteen, so I'll just cover early childhood. I was okay, but I wasnt treated awfully well by most. I got teased a lot and was routinely left out of basically everything. That being said, I wasn't too sad most of the time, since I distracted myself with other things, like Pokemon for example. Other than self esteem issues and the bullying/exclusion, I had a very good childhood. My family always had enough money, even when they got divorced. At the moment things have gotten a little rough. I'm surprised I'm still alive and kicking. I'm getting better, though.
  9. Sweet Dreams

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Sweet Dreams. hehehehe White chocolate or dark chocolate?
  10. I'm usually very careful with not breaking things... I think the last thing I broke was a pair of earphones. I accidentally removed the actual earbud from the wire.
  11. I would be very different. Most members nowadays probably don't know me, but about two years or so back, I was a very avid poster. I spent almost all of my time on the forums, playing games and stuff. It's not so much about the show, but the people. When I joined the community, I was going through a very hard time in my life; I was being bullied and neglected, and was struggling with some eating issues. The people here were always kind and some of the most friendly people I've ever met. I keep coming back here in the worst and loneliest times of my life, and I feel less alone for a while. I kn
  12. Sweet Dreams

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Pretty good. I've defeated my writer's block now, so I've felt a lot happier lately. The holidays have just started for me, too, so I get to relax and talk on these forums and stay up as late as I want.
  13. Definitely pizza. I feel like there's a lot more variety and they're generally less terrifying to eat in public. Eg; burgers are sometimes too big for my mouth and I feel really scared somebody's looking at me funny because of the way I'm eating. Regardless, though, pizza tastes better to me.
  14. Sweet Dreams

    Animation Anime or Cartoon?

    I call it anime, but I think anime is a type of cartoon. Of course, I'd never say that irl, because I'd probably get myself a black eye.
  15. I would love to dye my hair a dark teal colour sometime soon. Of course, I can't dye it wacky colours very often, considering my school doesn't allow it. I was considering dying it over this holidays. I've been told I would look good with that colour, so who knows? If I wanted to dye it a more natural colour, I might dye it strawberry blonde or a soft red colour. Although I like my hair colour atm anyway, I just want to experiment with it.
  16. So I just watched this one for the first time and WOW. I kept freaking out and wondering why there were so many fan-favourites getting time on-screen. I hadn't even realised this was the 100th episode! Anyway, I really liked it as a whole. Derpy was adorable. Totally wasn't secretly wishing Bon Bon and Lyra would just fucking kiss already pffttt
  17. Sweet Dreams

    General How Cute are you?

    It depends.. If I cover my massive bags with makeup I'd say I'm around a 7, but a 3 otherwise. Although I do have big eyes that are just a tad wide-set and a round face. If we were looking at mannerisms or the way I act it's about a 4 lol. Since I have Asperger's and all, I don't go around acting cutesy and cuddly. Or if we were judging by personality- then definitely not. I'm too cynical tbh.
  18. Previously, I voted hetero, because I just kinda assumed that I was 'normal' in that regard without actually thinking about it. Now I'm questioning but I'm pretty sure that I'm asexual. *TMI* though I do have a libido, I've never looked at anyone and become 'turned on' because of the way they look; whilst I do appreciate how aesthetically appealing some people look and that makes me excited. Not excited in a sexual way, excited in a 'I have autism and I'm visually stimming because of your facial symmetry and balanced proportions' way. Probably ace, but being only fifteen, it's hard to say. I
  19. Food: Celery Drink: Espresso Shot (just too bitter for me)
  20. I have a blue pair of ankle socks with cartoon rainbows printed on. I call them... Homo-sock-shuals Not gonna lie, I have a bit of a novelty sock obsession as well. It's very difficult for me to keep myself together if I see a pair.
  21. I understand what you mean, but personally, I think that everyone would benefit if people were allowed to wear whatever they please without thinking about how much they 'leave to the imagination'. That way, you wouldn't get called a 'prude' or things of that description for preferring to wear clothes that are less tight and have more coverage, or a 'slut' or something like that for liking to show off your figure. We're all born naked anyway, right? Hope that didn't sounds rude.. You get what I mean. OP, you're rocking the leggings. I say go ahead. I'm a big fan of leggings, personally
  22. This question makes me think of a poem I analysed in Grade 10. http://www.lesmurray.org/pm_aor.htm Anyway, as for my opinion- crying is a necessary form of emotional release, not a sign of weakness. I think it's perfectly okay for men to cry, and it doesn't make them any less of a man. It could quite easily be argued that the true weakness is in a person who becomes uncomfortable just because somebody is expressing their emotions in a healthy, natural way.
  23. Sweet Dreams

    General Coffee Drinkers UNITE!

    I'm a bit of a coffee addict myself. I tried to go off it about a month ago. That lasted less than a week. Lattes or mochas would be my favourite. Also, the mug I always use is a travel mug that says "I'm not addicted to coffee. We're in a loving relationship". I got it as a birthday present from my bet friend so naturally it's my favourite mug.
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