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  1. Thunderlight

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Simply because its so awesome and funny. Idk what else to say. I must add this post 100 characters and idk what else I should. Sry x_X
  2. Thunderlight only sighs and still looks at outside "Princess was here and I explained everything to her. Nothing will turn into completr failure, if they know what to do... And I forgive you. I never really have been mad at you." Thunderlight sighs and keeps only looking outside of the window.
  3. Thinderlight turns back to window without lessening her and sighs* Thoughts: "I really am not sure what s going to happen next... And when the enemy army arrives here? I hope they will not because I don't want this realm to be rip apart..." Thunderlight sees that her army has getting a new weaponary.
  4. "Alright... But I don't know will these two weapons only be enough against more terrible and better army." Thunderlight takes out first Spectrum laser gu "This is pretty important weapon: "Spectrum Laser Gun" Its laser can boil metal and it is also powerful. You just have to aim with it and oull the trigger to fire a laser towards the enemies. After firing, you must pull this down* shows her a medium size trigger at the middle way of the weapon* to cool down the weapon before it can be fired again. Then is this other gun: *He takes out the small cannon like gun* this is combat shotgun. Unlike Spectrum Laser gun, this fires faster and multi ammos per one launch but its accuraty is limited. You must just like with Spectrum Laser, pull the trigger down here to fire the gun. Keep it down to fire faster and multi shots. After ammos are depleted you can hear a "klick" sound. Then they must be reloaded manually, first: bull again this thingie on top of it aside *shows her switch like thingie on top of the shotgun* then, the little hole here *shows her a small hole on almost top of the weapon* you must put the little hole 12 this like ammos, *takes out of it one red-yellow shotgun barrel.* There is also other version of this which has better accuraty: *shows her a taller and pretty bigger shotgun* it works just like the Combat Shotgun, but after every fire, you must reload it by pulling down this switch *shows to of the shotgun a medium size switch* and when this gun ammos are depleted, you must pull this small switch *shows close of firing trigger a small switch* and put there same ammos that you put on a Combat Shotgun. We have updated these normal bullets with shred bullets. They look like a same as the normal bullets, but they can shred through the toughest armor and also, they can damage ships and tanks." Thunderlight sighs deep after a long explain.
  5. Thunderlight nobs as understanding of both things and then turns back to her. "I don't know is there any way to stop them. They have a great army, but they have never been match against me or us... At least: not anymore this far at the universe where we come from. Only way to stop them.... I am not very sure because that would require a lot of work from the builders and scientists because they must need to make also highly advanced weaponaries, if they want to beat them. I have only 2 guns woth me, but second of them is one of those I just talked about. Our enemies way to here will take a time, but they'll be here soon."
  6. Thunderlight was surpirsed as she camed to ask such a question from me. "Your highness... I have right from the beginning wanted to tell you." I turn my head towards her beautiful face and eyes and starts to speak "First of all: the enemies what you are about to threat are not anykind of enemy you have seemedly faced. They usng highly advanced technologial weapons superiority which would crush yours army for seconds. So i auggest you not to sent anyone of your military to fight aganst them. They would not stand any chance against them. And they by the way: are not monkeys. They are humans." Thunderlight stopped speaking and then only silently stared at her for a momnt and then back out of the window.
  7. Thunderlight only keeps watching outside of the window and didn't even heard a word of what were they talking. Thoughts: "This world is doomed just like our Sol system has... I just wish there would be a way to get tell princess the everything... But because we are here locked nside, I am sure that is impossible..." He sighs and keeps concentrate outside and sees that Celestia's army is prepairing their troopers.
  8. Thunderlight only stares silently at the crying Hunter until she streams down and stares at the pool. Thinderlight only then walks back to the window and looks out at it awaiting, that Federation Empire fleets arrives to conquer this planet and everyone who lives at it. Thoughts: "hmmm... This surely is a really big thning I have messed up... And cannot help anyone to fight back against the,... If princess does not do anything eise coices, she will end up dead to the ground..."
  9. Thunderlight only remains silent and look out of the window. "Its okay. Your ruler is really not as good as I thought. She under-restimate her new nemesis. I am sure they are not going to destroy this land but they are going to conquer this new world. Why didn't you give me chance to explain by the way?" I trun bavk at her with a questionable face. "I thought I should have to explain everything... Man: I told you that I was planning to tell everything... What made you speak instead of me?"
  10. Thunderlight keeps silent. When I hear the word "monkey" I a little turn my head to Hunter and then whisper her: " They are not monkeys, they are humans" Thunderlight only other than that: stands still and keeps quiet while only waiting what will happen next... Meanwhile at the Planet Earth, Sol system Federation HQ: The peoples in there work tiredlessly and keeps watch at the things what is going on, any rebellions, any new about enemies etc... The leader nicknamed: "The Red Supremachy", is looking at hes security cameras and thinking hes own things until one trooper comes in. "Who dares to disturb me?" He asks with a cold and evil voice. Trooper gulps silently but strenghts up and speaks: "Sir, we have got an code security camera from commander who was dissapeared after that unknown device sucked them inside the ball." Red turns towards the trooper and stares at him behind hes red gas helmet. "Hmm... What the ball says or what reads at it?" "It says that they are at the universe or land called: Equestria. There is something magical creatures who rules the lands. There is not any great defence systems or such a thinga in therr. Everything is prehistoric." Red chuckles and smiles behind hes helmet. "Good... Very good... Then we will not be any trouble to brong down such a land... Let's shall conquer it and see if we can find there some richnesses. Send the ball cordinates to our ships captains and tell them we open the jumpgates as soon as they are open." "Affirmative sir" Trooper bows him and turns around and walks away. After he has walked away, the 2 laser doors shuts down, lefting Red alone to continue thought hes own things.
  11. Thunderlight followed her on the castle and looked around the castle, until he sawed the ruler of these lands. All what he did, was silent because he does not want until she will lessen or allow. "Hmm... So she is the ruler of these lands... I hope she is not rutheless or anything like that..."
  12. Thunderlight

    Mega Thread Do you have any pets?

    I don't have any :c its mostly becuse others of my familty has some stupid allergic things. But I don't have anyone so, pet would be ok to me.
  13. Thunderlight let her rest her head on hes shoulder and keeps silent and thoughts: "I am full of fear now... How about the rules does not give me mercy and immediately tells me to get excecuted? How about he does not believe me and will leave these all innocent ponies trouble? I don't want that happen..." Thunderlight sighs deep and looks outside of the window.
  14. Thunderlight

    Queen Chrysalis: Truly evil or just misunderstood?

    If she wouldn't be villain, the she would have asked Celestia about making new place for chancelings. If she wouldn't try to mess up marriage event and not being evil, then she wouldn't be villain. But with all respect: you are wrong. She is villain.
  15. Thunderlight nobbed at her while still looking at her. "Very well... Now what shall we do? Should we go to meet this land ruler? I mean: we have to try at least warn her... If we don't, I afraid this land will be gone..." Thunderlight releases her and stands up. "If you may, can you show the way?"