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  1. Good lord, that was one long doze, if felt like a hundred years has passed.

  2. I immediately regret my last idiotic status for no actual reason.

  3. I realized that if I had to say one thing that I fear (fear is not really quite the proper term, but it is near to the idea), I would say ''happy people'' (those mark do have a reason why I put them).

  4. I really despise this hot weather, it causes my ice cream to melt faster than how it usually does. How frustrating.

  5. If there is something that I would have never expected, it is my position of bystander compromised in such a way, gosh.

  6. In a first place, I shall apologize to the people that I disappointed by not completing their requests, but moe importantly, the fact that I am not being active or useful in any way in this community is to blame. One reason could be my recent computer and wi-fi problems, which surely do are annoying, but on the bright side, spending hours after hours in these meaningless days thinking about philosophical questions, could have made me more wise in some way, but the sense of this devouring bore...

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    2. Xievie


      I'm having trouble reading today, but it appears you are apologizing for something that we really don't mind. If you really did have to apologize, you'd be far from one of the first one to need to do so.

      It's no problem anyways!

    3. A. Hesediel

      A. Hesediel

      5:03 am - Isn't it simply fascinating how a man's mind works? And thanks for saying that there is no need to apologizeapologize, even though this sense of guiltiness won't go away, at least not before two months.

    4. A. Hesediel

      A. Hesediel

      *apologize (a credit to my phone again).

  7. Well, now that it's still school-time, I tend to go to rest at about 3am-4am (which corresponds with 8pm-9pm in America), Saturday school finishes, then I won't need sleep anymore, or at least I'll try to stay up without sleeping as much as humanly possible.
  8. [00:20:26] Lorenzo: I mean, you can suck in and devour every enemy you see, you can decide if digest and feed yourself with them or else you can absorb their abilities and use them as your will to kill even more hordes of enemies. Isn't Kirby just awesome?

    1. Rascal~


      . . . Is Lorenzo a friend of yours, because I have a friend just like him, exactly like him, even the name

    2. A. Hesediel

      A. Hesediel

      Actually, I am Lorenzo, and this was a piece oF a conversation I had with my friend a few days ago (the conversation was about Kirby by the way).

    3. A. Hesediel

      A. Hesediel

      And may I ask where did thou meet him? If it's ok with thou, of course.

  9. So after ''A Little Piece of Heaven'' now in my head is stuck ''Taste the Blood'', from the marvelous Devil May Cry 3, and this song makes me think of ''The Time Has Come'', from the subsequent game.
  10. So after a while I had to change my desktop, but now I'm in a tie between this one: And this one: Hmmm.
  11. Hmm, right now I have stuck in my head ''A Little Piece of Heaven'' by the Avenged Sevenfold, it's quite a good song song I think, even if the lyrics are slightly ''macabre'', but it still has a good melody in my opinion.
  12. Hmm, I admit there are some things that, no matter how hard I try, they still bother me. After some time on the internet, I got used to ignorance and hebetude, sometimes I even try to argue logically with those people untill they disonnect, of course. But here are some things that really grind my gears: -First of all, people who pretend to be gentlemen, when they absolutely aren't; -Second, well, my country; -Third, people in my country; -Fourth, people in my country who don't know English well but they pretend to; -Fifth, the idea that every teenager of this generation is churlish and ill-mannered; -Sixth, people who contemn classical music without any clear reason (if they have good reasons, then it is fine for me); -Seventh, people who maltreat animals. For the rest, I'm okay with almost everything outside this list (even if, I'll probably forgot something).
  13. Why it has to be so complicated to find one person, in about 37'000 people? It is so frustrating and yet so sorrowful, gosh.

  14. Happy Birthday Night Shine! I wanted to send you the birthday greetings on a PM but since it says that you can't receive any, I'll post in a reply of your awesome greetings you gave me. I wish you'll have a delightful day!

  15. By golly, I hate it when I get random ideas of preposterous projects in my mind, projects that are really absurd to make...

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    2. A. Hesediel

      A. Hesediel

      So some (but if you include some of the Mane 6, of course you have to include the others too, silly me!) maybe would be side characters giving some help.

    3. Masked Panzy

      Masked Panzy

      Do you mean,your awesome avatar?



    4. A. Hesediel

      A. Hesediel

      Nah (maybe a way better version of it), it will be a unicorn with a story on his back and he will be more detailed and at least 20% cooler.