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  1. Happy birthday, Ben! :)

  2. If you want, I can script write and I'm currently redoing my music a-level so I can do music for the game (i won't be able to do this all the time so i can't promise a time or schedule). I used to use python so depending on the coding, I could help with that .
  3. im hoping to take the mirrors edge key if its not already taken if thats okay with the threads OP thanks in advance as ive been after this game for an AGE and always never have enough for it when im in shops. Edit: it seems its taken, oh well
  4. marik: bakuuuuuuuuura, bakuuuuuuuuuuuura you must believe in the heart of the cards because i am the pharaoh. THE CELTIC GUARDIAN YUGI! One of my favorite lines in the whole series XD
  5. benben471


  6. "shut up, hitlar!" - Rory, Doctor Who. "Because your so thick! You're Mr. Thick, Thick Thickity-Thickface from Thick Town, Thickainia. And so's your dad!" -Doctor, Doctor Who. "I AM ERROR!" -Error, Legend of Zelda.
  7. fine mlpforums il play yo game ill change my avatar

    1. benben471


      the change has been done


    2. CITRUS KING46


      Welcome to the Dark Side.

  8. Thank you for joining our number. Together, we shall conquer the forums!

  9. I approve of this idea. We could use this to plan projects in minecraft or for working teams out in tf2. this would be useful for a bunch of things.
  10. looks good, i feels like the outlines off the more i look at it though, being that the outside is a different colour of blue. but, other then that its good!
  11. *glomps* Tich does not lie

    1. benben471


      *transforms red into companion cube*

    2. Flicker Sweet

      Flicker Sweet

      livin' the dream :D