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    Mainly MLP, TF2, and SFM. I also take interests in playing music, and one day I hope to create music. I would also like to learn animation, drawing, and anything else related. But above all, I favor video games. They are my life. I seriously suffer withdrawals when I don't play a game for a week or two.

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  1. Hello there. Welcome. Your parents are quite something. Though I don't have the guts to tell mine, at least my dad, I know he won't react well. Any way, welcome, be careful, I know there are some really rude people at school, because I'm 13 myself.
  2. Killeryellow123

    Um... Hi Everypony!

    Hi. I see your interests are like mine, we are almost the same person, you could say.
  3. Hi there! I've just joined myself and have the honor of my topic being above yours.
  4. So... yeah, as you might have guessed, I'm new. Otherwise I wouldn't be posting here. Anyway, Just wanted to say hi. Also, if I come off as rude at first, please forgive me, it's just how I am. I also have the feeling I need to explain myself a lot, so excuse me if I tend to drone on. I'm also very nervous around people I'm unfamiliar with, even on the internet, where nobody knows who I am. I really don't know how to conclude this, so I'll just end this at that note. BYE!
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