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  1. Top favorites, some of them stereotypical. Stairway to Heaven- Love the slow buildup, the power behind the drums and the intense grab of the Guitar When the Levee Breaks- Love the dirty, southern sound to it. The Harmonica is beautiful and the guitar is outstanding. Over the Hills and Far Away- Love the general feel of the song. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You- Starts out slow, but has an epic feel to it when the drums kick in. Houses of the Holy- The sound of Plant's voice mixed with the unique sound of the guitar and the rhythm make me just fall in love. Ramble on- For the acoustics and the Story (Fan of Tolkien) D'yer Mak'er- Love the Reggae sound of it And those are my favorites. I like all Led Zeppelin in general but those songs are probably my favorites.
  2. Gallifrey falls no more

  3. Say it to my Mom and my sister, basically anyone who REALLY matters to me. To me it's a phrase that has to be earned, just like the actual feeling.
  4. I remember when, I remember when I lost my mind.

    1. Fluttershyfan94


      I loved that song so much.

  5. I can't go on this site anymore because I see my personal motto has changed, don't remeber that I changed it, and freak that someone hacked my account

  6. Can't stop, addicted to this shindig, Chop top he says I'm gonna win big

  7. Someone added "<3" to my profile. I know I didn't do it. Who did?

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    2. ~The Doctor~

      ~The Doctor~

      Yeah but &amp? Seems a bit suspicious, wouldn't you say? And right after "Guitar" to boot


    3. ~C. Discord~

      ~C. Discord~

      It's happened to me plenty of times. It literally is &amp xP

    4. ~The Doctor~

      ~The Doctor~

      Well shit it did me a favor by putting it next to "Guitar" then lol

  8. For some reason, the fact that people hate this show is making me like it that much more. And I don't even watch the show that much, I just like to go against the flow of mainstream ideas and the shitty people that follow them.
  9. You can't have Oliver, he's mine! Mine I tell you! All mine! Richard Hammond FTW lol. Top Gear FTW. Gotta catch up on the new season, some really awesome stuff going on from what I hear.
  10. Let's spend the night together, now I need you more than ever, let's spend the night together now

  11. You have the tolerance of a saint, friend. I'd have decked him for that second comment, and probably would have decked him for the first.
  12. I'm ashamed that I haven't followed my dreams yet, even though it'd take one word to kick it off. I'm proud of my musical taste, my abilities and my inherent skill. I'm proud that I'm not a smoker, like oh so many kids these days.
  13. NFL- SanFran Niner's/Chicago Bears/Detroit Lions (Lions are my primary though) NHL- Don't watch MLB- Don't watch NBA- Don't watch often College- Duke. Soccer: Spain/Poland