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  1. I have a feeling the construction worker alicorn is an animation error, but still it's nice that they finally made a guy alicorn too. Not only that he's actually a working class alicorn and not royalty.
  2. I would definetly like to be a pony. I think a human in Equestria would be out of place anyways.
  3. Well they could always have Scooter Sprite appear as the first official relative we've seen of Scootaloo.
  4. The reason she is so tall is because she is one of the G1 "Bride Pose" ponies . I guess they wanted to make them longer like the Sweetheart Sister ponies. (Either that or the brides are all Clydesdales.)
  5. Are you talking about the one from 4th Dimention? That's the one I have. Some of My 4th Dimention MLPs
  6. That's why i sometimes buy two. One to remained boxed and one to be opened.
  7. This paring is an interesting idea, but to be honest with you I think we are more likely to see Derpy with Dr. Whooves and Soarin with Spitfire.
  8. Pitty Paws does a little Thomas Hewitt cosplay sans the Leatherface mask, but hey she has the chainsaw.
  9. I wonder if that means we won't see any of the Oly Factory plushies either.
  10. That was what got me about this episode. It was sort of like an artist vs critic thing. Applejack doesn't get fashion and thinks its impractical. Because practicality is all AJ is looking for she doesn't see the art and dedication that's involved and that practicality may not be what everyone is looking for. It was rather clever for Rarity to show AJ her own faults by showing her Strawberry Sunrise (nice to see one of the ponies from the blind bags get a mention in the show) criticism of apples and how SS totally disregards AJ's hard work and dedication toward apple farming.
  11. It's nice to see Big Macintosh play a major role in another episode. And it was nice to see the show to mention Sugar Belle again since she did play a significant part in the "Cutie Map" episodes. I always like seeing characters return from previous seasons. Probably the most akward thing about this episode was the song number which was a tad drawn out in my opinion, but other than that it was okay.
  12. I'm glad that we finally got to see Rainbow Dash's parents (Although I do believe we saw her father in a flashback durring an earlier season.) Also I know this sounds strange to some ponies, but I'm also glad that one of the Mane Six has officially been established as an only child scince the other five have at least one sibling.
  13. In a way I thought this episode sort of had a feel of almost retelling the Season 1 episode "Suited for Sucess" but with Fluttershy being in the role of the expert who know one listens to instead Rarity. In both cases Rarity and Fluttershy have other ponies thinking they know best and the end result is ends up being disastrous. The various antics of the animals was probably the best part of this entire episode.
  14. More than likely I will probably see it on Netflix when it comes out there. I don't like going to movies by myself, and I doubt anyone in my group would want to see a pony movie.