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    MLP of course! And I also love Gravity Falls, Regular Show, Hunger Games, and all animals. My favorite pony is Derpy and my favorite ship is Derpy and Doctor Whooves.
  1. I just tried. "type" fast down, down+forward, forward and right when you are finishing the button A, B or C .I typed on the arrow keys... Was that right? Is the game just not working? Because the specials still won't work
  2. Alright, I'm going to ask again... How do you use the special attacks on the keyboard? Been trying to do this for two days now
  3. Gravity Derp

    Ello ^.^

    Nice to meet you all c: Yes, I love to art, but unfortunately I'm still not a very good artist. Considering I've only been drawing for about a year and a half now.
  4. Alright, I figured out everything but special moves. I can't get those to work. Can someone explain how to do special attacks with a keyboard? Thanks ^.^
  5. Gravity Derp

    Ello ^.^

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rarity How did you find MLP Forums?: Web searching for pony forums. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I started watching the show and making fanart... I found out there was a fandom when on a website called Chicken Smoothie. Well, I'm a girl and yes, I consider myself a brony. I live in America. My fandoms include: Gravity Falls, MLP (obviously), Sherlock, and Doctor Who. I can't think of anything else... soooo, hi!
  6. I downloaded the game last night... I don't have a joy stick because I don't usually play games. Can someone explain the keyboard controls for me and how to attack? I've been playing this for probably 2 hours and it's still confusing.
  7. Gravity Derp

    Movies/TV Finding Nemo 2

    I feel like this is going to be the stuppidest movie ever. They are just trying to make money -_____- Old things are fine just the way they are!
  8. Oh okay coolio I rp on other websites anyways.... Well you should try chicken smoothie, it's an awesome website.
  9. Well okay Everything is child appropriate right? I like to stay on safe websites all the time. Anypony ever heard of a website called Chicken Smoothie?!
  10. Yeah just figured out how to make one Ha since when is 13 young?!xD I've been a brony for a few months. And I'm obsessed of course.
  11. I feel like I ate too much smile dip *dizzy*

  12. Haha yeah I do have minecraft! Yeah Gravity Falls is an awesome funny show. Mabel is sorta like pinkie but not as annoying xD
  13. I can say I probably like Gravity Falls more funny wise But mlp for the animation! I have spent so much mony on mlp things. I just joined the club btw
  14. Gravity Derp

    Movies/TV Gravity Falls

    1. Favorite Character: Dipper Pines 2. Favorite Episode: Bottomless Pit 3. Why do you like it?: It's freaking hilarious! And Dipper and Mabel are so original and awesome. I'm so jelly of them 4. Post you favorite picture, gifs, or quotes. Guy: But these wax figures come at a terrible price... Stan: -looks at price tag- Twenty dollars!? Meh, I'll just take 'em when you're not looking. Guy: What? Stan: I said I was gonna rob you.
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