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About Me

Ok friends its me, uhhhh, again I guess??? Whatever, on to the more important shizz! I'm Dondo but you can call me by whatever username you see there. Now a little about myself:

- I'm a guy

- I'm a teenage guy

- I'm a teenage ASIAN guy

- I love post-hardcore and metalcore

- I wanna go to Warped Tour

- I'm a novice cosplayer

- I go to quite the number of conventions

- I'm quite the Pokemon fan(Only pokemon I know are the ones from the first three generations though :/ )

- I'm quite a smart fellow

- I can have a way with words

- I'm kind if a casual gamer :(

- I'm a huge RWBY fanboy

- Mio Akiyama is my waifu <3 Don't Say Lazy

- I'm a new K-ON! fan


Ok so now some other stuff I feel is important about me. As much as I think life sucks, I am still somewhat of a happy person. If you see me IRL(fight me IRL, I dare you. Cod kid logic furrealz) you wouldn't even be able to tell I'm into MLP or Anime or any thing else that may be a possible interest. Uhhh, I think thats it. If you wanna chat(I can chat about lots of stuff really) pm me. I love seeing a notification for a pm.