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  1. Ok, I posted 5 posts! Where is my muffin badge?!

    1. Friendship_Cannon


      ;D there are some threads where post don´t count (xD gotcha)

    2. A. Hesediel

      A. Hesediel

      Sorry, but you obtain your Muffin badge when you create 5 posts on the forums (like in the Welcoming Plaza, the Sugarcube Corner,...) profile feeds don't count. But you'll have your Muffin badge in no time!

  2. So...I call Derpy Hooves 'Derpy' but my friends cal her Dizty Doo...

    1. Evilshy


      Well, Derpy is her canon name, so you're right.

    2. Ferret


      Ditzy was Faust's intended canon name.

    3. BlossomBoom9000


      My little sis thought her name was Ditzy Hooves...

  3. When I get 5 posts, I better get a Muffin badge!

    1. Sonicrules831


      Sport: Yay and we can hang out more <3

  4. Hello everypony!!! Name's Twinkle Bloom, but you could call me Blossom, I live up in cloudsdale. Feel free to be my friend!
  5. Um...Hi....(didn't know what to say then.)

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    2. Sonicrules831


      (Basically its like the show except with a little more adventure. We're starting it by all of us meeting together in Ponyville. There is 8 of us known as the Wing Eight. (9 counting on OC's husband) and how Sport and Twinkle Bloom start out is that they just moved into Ponyville because Sport has been drafted by the Ponyville Cardinals of the Equestrian League Baseball.)

    3. BlossomBoom9000


      (That. Sounds. So. AWESOME!)

    4. Sonicrules831


      (I know right?)

  6. Oh, I forgot to introduce mtself, I'm BlossomBloom9000, but my real name is Twinkle Bloom, my mom calls me Blossom for no reason. :P

    1. Friendship_Cannon


      hey, Blossom, you maybe wanna make a thread at the welcoming plaza? It´s just more likely to be seen ;)

    2. BlossomBoom9000
  7. Just hanging out with Fluttershy.