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    "What a slut time is. She screws everybody."-John Green
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    reading (John Green,Stephen King,Libba Bray),art,writing,mlp,music,Adventure Time,Gravity Falls,Sherlock,Doctor Who,Regular Show,Legend Of Korra,Legend Of Zelda,Skyrim,Homestuck,TF2,Bully (The Game),Saints Row The Third,Minecraft..alot..^.^ happy to make friends!

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  1. I'm an atheist..I do however respect other people's religions,almost all my friends are christian or jew of course i respect other religions too...no need to hate
  2. Soliloquy

    New Funrise Plush

    I wanna Scoots plushie..is that too much to ask
  3. My little cousin was devastated XD she just kept saying "But Twi is a unicorn..not a princess,she reads,not rules" I really want a poster of twilight hunched over a book with Twilight Reads,Not Rules
  4. I'm looking for more songs for my 'Pone Muzik' playlist...just thinking if anyone could help me top 5 are: Discord-Eurobeat Brony Beyond her tomb-MictheMic Pinkies Brew-FiW and It'll be OK-FiW I also like all the pony themes from fighting is magic!
  5. My cutie mark is a quill,I love writing stories,fanfiction,anything! In fact i'm creative all 'round I draw,and soometimes compose
  6. Ugh! I don't get SNL,Is there a youtube clip of it anywhere? My overseas friends were freaking over it and it's super exciting!Stupid overseas tv
  7. Soliloquy

    Mega Thread What Element of Harmony Are You?

    Hm...Wisdom I would hope,or creativity,I pride myself on my ability not to care about celebrities and get good grades...alot of my friends would probably say the element of insomnia...
  8. Holy geewhilickers, you're new! A welcome is in order for you, friend! :D

    1. Soliloquy


      Haha! Thank you,Nice to meet you by the way

  9. I'm pretty sure I am..haven't written anything though.I mainly write ordinary fiction,I was thinking of doing something about RD or Lightning Dust,I love their cocky attitudes
  10. Wow! I love Inkwell,will use thanks alot!!Also cool to meet another writer-pony. Do you mainly write fanfic?
  11. My OC is a unicorn whose special talent is writing stories yet i'm horrible of thinking of names for it! those of the creative nature please help! (shown below)
  12. PureHeart? I like Auora Emerald Twist GreenHeart not so good with names either..i do like her colour scheme though,very nice
  13. I know the basic anatomy of a pony and its features and I can draw them..on paper..where do I go from here? I have a digital art tablet (A G-PEN F610) But i'm not very good at using it..i use SAI paint tool and i'm still kind of learning...
  14. Soliloquy

    Hello :)

    Hey everypony! Im Soliloquy My friend reccomended the site to me and it seems super fun so far! My favourite pony is either RD or Rarity I also like Colgate,Octavia and Lyra Can't wait to get started!
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