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  1. Thanks once again Twitter and Forums ponies! You are all so great!

  2. I just finished 'the curious incident of the dog in the night-time' and loved it! I'm also reading Hegels: Phenomenology of spirit, Kan'ts Critique of pure reason, and J.D Salinger's Catcher in the Rye (For my fourth time a classic for sure) Some books I would like to get from amazon to finish up my summer reading with are Fyodor Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground, Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves, and T.J Kirk's The DoucheBag Bible. But If I read fast enough, I might be able to fit in a few more gems Since I'm going to be 18 next year, I want to pick some some Canadian Political novels, like HarperLand or something
  3. I absolutely loved this post! I digested every word. Very good read by far! How I did not find this before is way beyond me.
  4. Hey guys. So, in a nut shell, a good friend of mine and I were going to start a secular brony humanitarian group a little while ago, but unfortunately, she is no longer with us So if anypony is interested in giving back to the planet and doing some philanthropy, please contact me. My Skype and twitter are on my profile. There are no requirements, I did say it's a secular group, but if you're not big on that kind of stuff, your beliefs will not prevent you from joining. What we would hope to accomplish is making donations to charities, doing small to large community service projects, some environmentalism, any anything else that bronies like us can do to give back to the world! So I hope a few ponies would be interested and would like to share some ideas.
  5. Aha! @SterlingCrimson You've made a very good point. Kids do need to be taught how to find valuable information on there own. There are some minor steps I've seen being taken into account, like further learning courses, but I still think that not all children and adolescents are getting the same skills transferred to them.
  6. I read a few articles online, as well as hearing from some parents, that claim that today's adolescents are descending into a void of decaying intelligence. That "Kids are lacking literacy skills and well rounded comprehension for varying fields of knowledge". But is that really the case? If so, this is something that we should all worry about, since children are the future, and blah blah blah blah. But we do put a lot of money into education. And we have also have come to some conclusions that point to flaws in these systems, regardless of how much money we put forward. But from my own perspective, I think we are looking at this all wrong. Now as ironic as it can be, I do not seem at all up to the task of discussing this, as I am slightly drunk and sad. But everything on my mind now should be typed out before it get's lost in the pit of my own memories. But either way, I will attempt to make my comments quick and hopefully give some perspective. But please please please try to argue against my points, so that clarification can be a priority. Any who, back to the topic at hand. We can all safely agree that the age we live in now is the age of information. The aforementioned claim of intellectual decay seems to stem from the "distractions" of the modern world, such as smartphones, tablets, and faster processing desktops and computers and what have you. But are they really distractions? Well it all depends on there usage. Thanks to the internet, we can access so much more knowledge about the world then ever before. But some of this knowledge is what we can call "junk info" and other knowledge "valuable info". Junk info could be something like "Justin Bieber Apologizes to Former President Bill Clinton After Cursing Him" And Valuable info could be something like "Inter species Transplant Works in First Step for New Diabetes Therapy" And that's just news. We can also consider social information as relatively junk information because it has little to do with the real world and only effect small numbers of individuals. Other valuable information could come in the form of studies and observations already done before hand and can provide countless amounts of people with the same objective facts. What we need to do, and I'm not talking about educators or parents/ guardians or anyone like that, what we the adolescents need to do, is orient our "distraction" tools like our phones and desktops and turn them into "Valuable information" tools. Programs like Garageband and iTunes University, educational apps and software, brain training software, puzzle games like Sudoku reading snipits of e books, and so many other things can be tried out to further understand the world and perfect mental efficiency. Being in the age of information, we can choose to be smart, successful people, or we can just forget about it and spend the rest of out lives wondering where it all went wrong. So are kids getting dumber? the answer is no. They are getting smarter, just having a little trouble accessing the proper information. *the title is suppose to be that way. It's my kind of stupid humor aha
  7. hmmmmmm....I would most likely want to be gummed by the lion lol I can't honestly say why, I guess I just prefer it is all Honey and ants sounds gruesome
  8. I open my eye's to the sight of my bedroom ceiling, Remaining frozen in place, getting used to the feeling of awakening. I feel these feelings The sensations of coming to life once again Returning from a world from within my head. So cold, yet so grand. I get on my hooves and trot to the window. It is a warm summers day in Canterlot The birds singing there elegant songs, the wind smoothly flowing The scent of the morning dew evaporating and bringing fourth the essence of the flowers and the bakeries below. Swiftly moving my hooves now, I am in the grandest of spirits. I trot to my bedroom door, moving faster down the halls. I am joyous to reach Canterlot, to embrace the day for what it is and what it could be. Everything in it's place, as the way they should be. All is well, and well is I. ~Sophia, pony of the north. "Pony songs, Tails, and Journeys beyond Equestria"
  9. @Eddie I totally understand man, I feel the same way lol I'll message you sometime Well, if you don't mind that is lol I'd hate to bug ^.^
  10. Well, I'm off to the mall soon, like the happy capitalist that I am :) Tweet at me guys! @PhilosophyPony

  11. @TheSteampunkNinja (TSN) Of course ^.^ I do like sharing my work, and harsh but rational criticism is always what I crave. I can pin point my strengths and weaknesses and build on them. I'll keep everypony posted on how it comes out
  12. @Gigapony ahhh, very good perspective. That was the initial problem I had here, and considering the themes represented in the show, I didn't want to make a quick conclusion as what to write. But I never considered the background character idea you've presented, it's very obvious to me now ^.^
  13. Hey there! Now I'm not quite sure what to post here either, but whatever lol. If you wanna be friends..well..add me as a friend Meeting new people is fun for me. As my interests go, there mostly covered in my profile, but if you wanna chat I can go in depth on a few if they don't make sense. Also, I don't judge. Well, I mean I do, I sort of have to. If you like killing kittens for fun, I will judge you and probably not consider being your friend aha. But I'm really easy to get along with, no pressure
  14. Racism directed at me, no. But I've experienced racial abuse towards others before, and I didn't act kindly. On my vacation to West Virginia, we went to a rest stop. And while I was walking around the building, I noticed an african american teen crying while talking to some individuals. Racist terms were thrown around, and the group dispersed after almost a minute. I bought the kid a sandwich and continued on my way to the next stop with my family. but in retrospective I should have stood up for that kid. What happened really irritated me and left me pissed of for most of my vacation. But my social anxiety prevents me from getting into possible sticky situations. What a loser thing to do on my part.
  15. @Gigapony I'm in the same boat as you are lol I know exactly what you're hinting at That subject though, is dense. There's a lot of key factors that changes peoples opinions on that (unfortunately)