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  1. He did. 'My little Dashie 2: Dash harder'. It butchers the whole story and I won't recommend it. Especially not if you're a fan of the original. (Yes, I am aware it's an april foals joke.)
  2. Cupcakes. I don't see why people call it disturbing. It's a bedtime story for foals. Have you read the official sequel?
  3. Get shocked and go checking the mirror to see if he left any oil stains.
  4. Pets her, says goodbye and go down to pick up the money. (A single day isn't worth 10 grand.)
  5. RD. (It's pretty much impossible to find MLP merchandise around here.)
  6. Pretty much any shock flash. I'm not too fond of sudden surprises. (Brr...)
  7. Nope. I got hooked by another forum and a friend of mine.
  8. Unfair mario Some flappy bird clone. (I haven't played Cat Mario yet but I am aware of it. I'll go check it out.)
  9. Gadgetphile

    Post Your Collection

    (In addition to this I have the "Welcome to Ponyville" DVD and some small "trinkets" I don't fell like messing with right now.)
  10. I ended up in a discussion about MLP merch and that made me think... What can I find of official Scootaloo merchandise and where can I find it? Thanks in advance.
  11. Great. I can just see it for me. (Starts changing forms randomly...)
  12. That depends on how you define alicorn. If you think it's a winged horse then yes it's the same thing. However if you consider the words original meaning then no. From Wikipedia. So no, "alicorn" and "pegacorn" aren't the same.
  13. He currently lives in Ponyville but has no information about his past.
  14. I'm not sure it would have any effect. My OC is a robot.
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