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  1. I WAS GONNA POST DAT! (minus the spoilers(at least it wasn't a troll)) well lets see- Hasbro is desperate to make up for the horrid 1st trailer: so I'd say these were leaked on purpose. and Twilights curled in hers when shes hugging spike. Also if they can burst a ray of light that destroys a demon: I think they can grow wings.
  2. This is most likely just some screwy nonsense. But then again- she is used to not wearing clothes. Nah they wouldn't put that in a move made by Hasbro. Then again- would they?
  3. How do you explain that one of the CAKE TWINS can fly and you can't?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UjHSn9joo4
  4. Oh my gawd! I was just reading my community and saw i got over 500 profile veiws! :D Even though a big chunks probably my own I'm still proud!

  5. If you want better quality you can just take a screenshot from the episode off of youtube, friend. Just so next time you have a picture without the.. everything you have there.
  6. Shes a little pudgy, The ears are too small, The legs should be bigger at the ends, Theirs no neck, The wings are too small, And the tail shouldn't be attached to the flank. Sorry for my lovely criticism.
  7. "That's not important now. The fate of equestria rest in our han- i mean hooves, or.. claws." She proudly gallops to the door "Are you coming or not?" She says to Dennis looking into his eyes sternly. Dmitri follows behind her. She looks to him, and nods with a grin on her face.
  8. Hey everypony! I made my first pony-beat, its called True Beauty's Rarity! Its a classical-with-a-hint-of-electronic instrumental- oh and its going on pony.fm when i get the chance! MusicLab (True Beauty's Rarity).mp3
  9. I'm working on a classical-meets-electric instrumental inspired by Rarity.
  10. I get the feels from this. Out of the billions of images this is just the one that apeals to me because it truely shows twilights love for her brother.
  11. Thanks for my 50th brohoof! PM if you're interested in a karabian prize!

  12. @, "Have you guys noticed anything strange lately? First that strange pony i saw, then Luna's stars. Has something happened here that i don't know about? Have you guys received any strange warnings, threats or otherwise?" Dennis said. Beifall looked over to him "What do you mean? Luna's stars? Strange pony? I didn't see anything strange but.." She levitated her note out of her saddle bag "I and all of us here got these letters." She tossed it to Dennis. As he looked at it she said "Did you happen to get anything like this..." She leaned over to both of them "Wait whats your names here?" she whispered.
  13. "Hey guys! Whats going on here? I was just trying to find you." Doctor Beifall said. She then looked over to a small purple dragon, who was buried in books. "Oh, so that mini-quake affected you too?" She giggled. Suddenly she heard some knocking on the door. "Is anypony there? Twilight, it's me Delilah! I brought the merchandise!" "Come in!" Twilight Sparkle shouted. That moment Beifall saw an alicorn with long golden and red locks, followed by red dragon with glimmering scales. Could it be?That cutie mark! That has to be engineer! Wait. And that dragon, if I'm lucky that's pyro! Yes!