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About Me



...Hello, I'm Hallie. I love MLP, and my favorite pony is Fluttershy.




Favorite Mane 6 ponies (fav first):

1) Fluttershy

2) Pinkie Pie

3) Rainbow Dash

4) Rarity

5) Twilight Sparkle

6) Apple Jack


Favorite CMCs (fav first):

1) Babs Seed

2) Scootaloo

3) Apple Bloom

4) Sweetie Belle


Favorite Background/Extras (no order):

1) Octavia

2) Derpy Hooves

3) Zekora

4) Trixie

5) Big Macintosh

6) Doctor Whooves


Favorite Princess:

Princess Cadence


Top 3 Favorite Members:

✮Chaotic Lightning


Sir.Flutter Hooves



How I became a brony: Well I wasn't into my little pony but my friends were, I didn't get there conversations and felt left out at times. The only my little pony I was into was mylittlebrony.com because I love memes smile.png. I decided one day to see what makes my little pony so amazing, and to my luck, all the episodes were on YouTube. I started on episode one, and found myself hooked. I used to only let my brony friends know but now, I don't care. And I like it that way. smile.png















Thanks for my 50th brohoof Luna Forever!

PM me if your interested in a karibian prize!