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    Playing video games and spend some time on Photoshop doing creative stuff!

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  1. DazzioN

    Movies/TV Doctor Who General

    STEP 1 : Stop scrolling STEP 2 : Play this STEP 3 : Have a cookie
  2. One of best doctor who series 3 music
  3. DazzioN

    Gaming Games that make you cry

    This finale made me cry at this part
  4. DazzioN

    Music Your Favorite OST?

    I love this series Doctor who
  5. DazzioN

    Eating alone vs. eating with people

    This is my face when im hungry... Better watchout
  6. DazzioN

    Gaming [Gaming] The Team Fortress 2 Thread

    Maybe well then gee gee volvo oops i mean valve ^^
  7. DazzioN

    We can only talk with Gifs

    Why this thread is ded?! Revive!
  8. DazzioN

    Gaming [Gaming] The Team Fortress 2 Thread

    Team Fortress 2 End of Line update in nutshell :
  9. DazzioN

    We can only talk with Gifs

    Revive this post naouuuuu
  10. DazzioN

    We can only talk with Gifs

  11. DazzioN

    We can only talk with Gifs

    We need to revive this thread.
  12. DazzioN

    Gaming COD, CSGO, or TF2

    CS:GO - Veterans everywhere! even Competitive because of alt accounts. TF2 - Hats Hats Hats Hats Hats Hats Hats Hats Hats Hats Hats Hats Hats Hats COD - Faze clan - 360Noscope quickscope - Worm clan Campers everywhere! and spawn killers
  13. DazzioN

    Apply to be a moderator!

    Being a moderator is like locking some repeated threads? I don't know if being a mod is for me.. anyways i will give a try. First time for everything...
  14. Your DeviantART gallery is filled with random stuff people don't like random stuff on gallery Feature your art in groups this helps very much getting favorites and views Post Arts more regulary and slowly you will get more watchers over time. Don't post things that aren't considered Arts (memes, public transport images ) The way i used to get more views/favorites/watchers My Art is wallpapers. So i send them to Equestria Daily i get like 500 views and tons of favorites and downloads and some watchers (but this way works only on worth showing wallpapers ; very very good art)
  15. DazzioN

    Going to Bronycon?

    got no money for the brony con