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  1. Shot up with Cortisone today...round two, fight!

  2. Haha don't know if this is considered fan art, but I found a pony that had ink stains all over it's face, so, naturally It gets turned into a zombie!
  3. Listing new stuffs on the Bay of E and watchin' Ghost that show, great for a laugh.

  4. Yeah, I think this whole Equestria Girls is definitely going to hurt the franchise. Taking "Friendship and Love" and turning it into a pre-teen drama is not a good idea. Do Not Like.
  5. They hold value because people give them value. A true factory defect is rare and any toy that's rare increases the value. For example, a case of ponies arrive at a store there are 4 pinkie pies, 4 twilight sparkles, 3 Applejacks, 2 Rainbow Dashes, and 1 Fluttershy. That one Fluttershy then becomes more valuable than the other ponies by default. Next Rainbow Dash and so on. It's the collector market, not necessarily the toy market.
  6. Still good news, PIZZA.

  7. I've seen people bid them up to 30+ dollars...I think it was dew drops head on snowcatchers body. They litterally bid up a fake factory defect and paid 30 bucks plus shipping. I don't get it. And NONE of them are in the box. And no, they don't sell them any cheaper if anything they're 3x more expensive.
  8. I don't know why it bothers me so much, but the people on ebay selling ponies as "factory defects/mistakes" etc irks me a tad. Mostly because all they're doing is taking the head off of one pony and putting it on the other. For example this is not a mistake and if it's not still in the box and factory sealed, don't buy it. It's not hard to pop off the head of one pony and place it on another...especially when the defects are always from ponies of the same color. Even changing out the tail is not hard once the head is off. it's always the same 3 people selling the "factory defects" too. Exactly where did you find 12 different factory defects that just so happen to be out of the box? And people are buying them and getting suckered into paying 15.99+ for a fake factory mistake that's a custom. Why don't they just be honest and label them as customs? *end rant*
  9. Seems like the best way to do it. Do you like monetarial sacrifices such as gold/jewelry or just pony? Can they be near-virgins? As Sherlock said, they're hard to find...
  10. Do you prefer the volcano method, or the dagger method when sacrificing virgins?
  11. I miss Nightmare Moon. I agree with the majority of this thread, villains should stay villains. As long as Chrysalis stays evil I won't complain about everything being perfect...yet.
  12. So, don't mind any random comments you can't understand...hurt my back and shoulder and am out of commission this week. All drugged up and CRAZY. Ha!

    1. Friendship_Cannon


      gosh, what happened to you?

    2. PrincessShadowRose


      Car accident a while back and then re-hurt it. Tore a muscle or two in my back, and sprained three separate joints in my shoulder. Something about muscle spasms and doctor mumbo...I dunno. All I know is I can barely move.

    3. Friendship_Cannon


      oh sh**, that sounds painful... I don´t know you, but please take care and get well soon.

  13. I liked Nightmare Moon before Luna. Yeah not sure where they're going with this Princess Twilight Sparkle thing. Anywho...welcome!
  14. Welcome! I'm newish, forums confuse me. But so far everyone seems nice and there are some pretty good topics out there.