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    Sun or Moon

    I like warm weather much more than cold weather, ergo sun would have to be my choice here. The moon is so pretty to look at though
  2. I guess I am not the only one this has happened to. I've been thinking maybe it was a bleed vote from the previous poll, meaning it kept the vote in the same spot? Other than that I don't know either.
  3. I do eeyup and nnope quite a bit and have said a few others very rarely, apart from that though not many. Plus most of my references are to friends that watch the show, so it is intended.
  4. Well, again, if assuming 1v1 brawl, would have to vote for Applejack. If they could call for help.......probably still Applejack, just because of big mac.....he could take most anything fluttershy could call upon. Really though.....Fluttershy......fighting? Meh. Also, it says that I already voted in the poll and I don't actually remember voting. Is there a way to find out who I voted for, when, and to change it to what I wanted to vote for if it isn't?
  5. Congratulations to me for reading the OC's name as an actual word. My apologies for that. I do agree, not something I would post in a welcome forum unless I knew the person before hand(and yes, it happens, couple of people on here I originally met through AnY's podcast in chat)
  6. ehem....just putting it out there, right above the linked video the oc does say that they once posted it in someone's welcome post. Only posting this for clarification, no offenses to be taken here. Also, I just find that video funny.
  7. I voted scootaloo based on a 1v1 open brawl. If the circumstances required more cunning(say a fight in the forest where hiding/traps and other things could be employed) then sweetie belle would probably win. Also, applebloom could take them both
  8. This may be cliche and what not, but it was my first and the intensity this song has just makes it so beautiful as a final boss theme.
  9. 1. Pinkie Pie - she makes me laugh and I love comedy 2. Fluttershy - cute and the one I identify with the most 3. Rarity - the way she says darling is amazing 4. Applejack - just not enough episodes to be any higher 4. Rainbow Dash - tied with applejack, together though they rate higher 6. Twilight Sparkle - funny that the "main" character rates the lowest for me, not that any of them are "bad" because they are all pretty cool characters
  10. I generally didn't like cartoons when I was a kid, this would have been no exception. Heck, after watching the first two episodes when I did I said it wasn't for me and didn't watch anymore until a friend told me to give it another chance. I then proceeded to marathon both seasons in like 2-3 days and liked it ever since.
  11. Hey, just joined and figured I should get acquainted with everypony here. Looking forward to some pleasant conversations
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