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  1. I honetsy not that worry about it. Really not happy about some how people are reacting about. Yes it is scary, but really is it worth all this panic? My state don't any cases as far as I'm concerned. Though it doesn't prevent this from resuming on March 31. Though same goes for other events in my area. I understand why, but it really isn't worth the panic we are getting? I mean at least it is until the end of March. Still people should stay safe, there just no way to make this as bad or worst than things like Y2K, 2009 Flu Pandemic, and 2012. Okay the Flu Pandemic with the Swine and Bird, but that was two flus and not one. Heck people are making it out worse than Ebola and I can't say it is worse IMHO.
  2. You are not wrong. The Lyra memes were started because how she sat on a bench if IRC.
  3. I think you mean Sunset or Twilight .
  4. Oh dear are you trying to show me some propaganda military show?
  5. Absolutely, I mean being a time lord you can do anything you want and visit whatever time you want! Doc, why do have an obsession with fictional girls?
  6. While I wouldn't mind going to a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament, though I haven't. I imagine any TCG Gaming Tournament can be be heaven or Hell probably depending on the rules, judges, and the people participating. Or maybe just depends on the TCG in question even. High School?
  7. Since being back, I guess I pick when I'm active here. *shrugs*

  8. Banned for making pizza out of Titans.
  9. Bernadetta (Fire Emblem Three Houses)
  10. Banned for not having wings that can fly.