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  1. cd_solidsnake

    Hi Guys!

    Nah, you didn't disappoint me is just that, according to TV commercials, Germany = Heineken. But glad to see that's not the case .-. Anyway, I haven't had any of those brands (not available in my country), but I'm looking forward to import some
  2. cd_solidsnake

    Hi Guys!

    Welcome to da herdz! This is da best herdz in da interwebz. WORD!!! Nah, seriously, welcome. It is always nice to meet a new pony if you need any help (although you're becoming a computer scientist, so navigating this forum is intuitive for you) feel free to PM me or any other pony around. We're glad to help. Note: Do you like Heineken? ._.
  3. cd_solidsnake

    Music J-A-M-I-R-O-Q-U-A-I

    Ok, I'm actually a J.K. fan in general, but he's an asshole anyways... However, his band did make some of the best music you can ever listen to. I truly recommend this band <3
  4. cd_solidsnake

    Who uses DerpyMail?

    I just signed if you want to send me something... Is my username + Really like the service, I consider it a nice thing for us bronies.
  5. cd_solidsnake

    hi am a muffin

    Hello muffin :3 be careful with Derpy, she likes muffinz D: maybe she'll eat you. Or just be into you, who knows :3
  6. cd_solidsnake

    Post your unpopular opinions

    I believe that The Last of Us is overrated. Is not a bad game, but is overrated. I believe that Bioshock: Infinite is overrated. Is not a bad game, but is overrated. I believe that Tomb Raider is overrated. Is not a bad game, but is overrated. I believe Chrysalis is overrated. She's not a bad villain, but she's overrated. I believe Coca-Cola is overrated. Pepsi is better.
  7. cd_solidsnake


    A new pegasistah! RING THE WELCOME ALARM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to da herdz! Da best herdz in Equestria. WORD!!! I hope you enjoy your time here and stay with us for a long time, like... Anyways, I'll definitely PM you later :3 you seem to be a nice and friendly person. Why not? If you need any help, you can PM me or anypony else. We all here are glad to help
  8. cd_solidsnake

    Youtuber Poll (CLOSED)

    I forgot mentioning PBG. He's awesome! Another good Youtuber is Jaltoid. His (now their, since his friend joined in) animations are pretty neat Also, how could I forget to mention Jacksfilms?! THAT GUY'S AMAZING! Specially his "Your Grammar Sucks" Vids. @Blue Moon, enjoy the video above
  9. cd_solidsnake

    Youtuber Poll (CLOSED)

    Actually, none of those. For me (I'm part of the minority, so...) the best are The Fiery Joker, CraigAA1028, TotalBiscuit, Super Bunnyhop, Stan Burdman, Angry Joe, BLACKB0ND and others I can't remember.
  10. cd_solidsnake

    Gaming Digital purchase of games

    Well, I can't deny the fact that you can't lend games with digital distribution. But there's no need when both can buy the game cheaper. Let me explain something that has been part of digital gaming and consoles don't have: A lot of people complain about the fact that you can't lend or rent digital games. As a matter of fact, people say that they want to own their games, which you might already know that you will never do. You DON'T own those games, you just bought a playable copy of that particular software, but most people don't know that the game will never be owned by them. Now, once you get that out of the way, there are great benefits in digital gaming. Well, at least with Steam (consoles really need to step up in this distribution platform): 1) Digital distribution reduces costs: While most disc based games for consoles costs $60 brand new, the moment they arrive digitally on PC they cost between $50 or $40. 2) More games for your money: If you wait a little, the console version will cost less, sometimes even $40 after two months. But if you wait on PC, you can get tons of Steam sales and the prices drop drastically (I can get a $50 game for $30!). This of course depends on the developers and publishers, but why would they do this? Well... 3) More money goes for publishers and developers: Something that people have not understood is the fact that buying used games is hurting the developers and publishers. This is due to the fact that used games market is not regulated. You'll see people buying used games for $55 instead of $60 for a brand new copy. They save money, of course, but this only benefits the distributor. Not even one cent of that money goes to the publisher and developer of that game. You might remember Square Enix stating that they lost money with Tomb Raider. This is because a lot of people waited for the $10 price drop or to buy used copies of that game. Since there's no such market in digital gaming, they can afford to reduce the price from time to time. See the recently released MK9: Komplete Edition on PC, costing $30 (and soon it'll cost even less!). 4) Your digital collection is stored: You say that you want to own the copies of those games and that with digital gaming you can't. Well, the problem is that if you scratch, lose, drop or do something bad to your disc, then you'll have to buy another copy of that game. With digital distribution (or at least with Steam) you can access those games anywhere. Did you buy a new computer and you want to play your games on it? It's ok, download Steam, log in and your purchased games will be available to download and install in any computer you want. The only way to access those copies is with your account. What about game saves? Cloud System. You just have to sync your save files (which is done automatically unless you configure it differently) and download those files on your other computer. 5) What about DRM?: Well, you can play offline (as long as the games are not always online, of course) for a month before having to use internet again. You don't need to be online all the time. Or you can let your friend log in with your account. But is not the best solution. Sadly, consoles need to figure out a way yo be more attractive to consumers. Right now, Steam is way more attractive. But you need a decent PC, though
  11. cd_solidsnake


    Diabetes Attack then. And welcome to da herdz! Enjoy yo time here Mr. Batreeman.
  12. cd_solidsnake


    Ok, my two cents here (or three, I'm really good ): Maybe you can drawn some minor character that has had some kind of deep meaning to the series. I can think of Cranky
  13. cd_solidsnake

    Hi! :) *waves shyly*

    Welcome to da herdz! You'll have a wonderful and amazing time here. Everypony is really friendly (well, some exceptions) and I'm sure you'll make a lot of lots of friends I you want to chat or have any question about da herdz just PM me or any other pony. We'll be glad to help a fellow brony/pegasistah. Cheers!
  14. cd_solidsnake

    Music Music that Brings Tears to Your Eyes

    I usually don't listen to songs, but music tracks (technically speaking, a song must have lyrics and voice, if it doesn't contain those, it is a music track), so this list will contain a bunch of tracks: Lets start with "Small Field" by Danny Norbury. The whole album makes me cry, actually, but this one is just so... Melancholic and sad. Please, please, play it. It is one of the best tracks ever made. Oh, and buy the album. "Hurt", performed by Johnny Cash. I'm a fan of Cash's music, but this one in particular is just heartbreaking. I know that this one is a NIN original, but Cash's interpretation is superb and just so overwhelmingly sad.The last song he ever recorded, like the last letter to his audience. "Ende" by Robag Wruhme. This one really nailed the whole "epic ending" thing in an album. It is really deep and heartwarming, and at the same time feels like the best ending to an incredible journey. Something that stands out of this track is the fact the he used the recordings of his friends mumbling and playing around with the microphone, and at the very end we can listen to his son's voice. Sweet <3 Now, this one might seem odd at first, until you acually listen to the lyrics. "Moan (Trentemøller Remix)" by Trentemøller has a really sad story behing its groovy beats, bubbling bass and lovely synths. Just listen to the heartbreaking lyrics (I actually did everything the song said so I relate). "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)" by Deftones is the most surprising song in this list. A lot of people always talk about the aggresiveness in this track, but the desperation of Moreno's voice is almost tangible. You can listen to his voice and relate inmediately, specially if you've ever though about running away from a place that you feel is hurting you (oh, those good 'ol fashion adolescent days...). I'll edit to add some other tracks later.
  15. cd_solidsnake

    The 4th of July: Americas 2,013th Birthday? *pukes*

    LOL! yesterday I trolled someone here. Now someone else trolls me I hope you don't get a warning as I did, though. Now... Just to stay on topic: I seriously think that it is sad that people don't know at least the aprox. amount of years that USA has been an independent country. But this happens worldwide (in my country all the time). I just think people don't care about this anymore :/