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Everything posted by cd_solidsnake

  1. Resident Evil Revelations is WAY better than RE6.

  2. Did you guys know that: I'm back? 8|

  3. Nah, you didn't disappoint me is just that, according to TV commercials, Germany = Heineken. But glad to see that's not the case .-. Anyway, I haven't had any of those brands (not available in my country), but I'm looking forward to import some
  4. Welcome to da herdz! This is da best herdz in da interwebz. WORD!!! Nah, seriously, welcome. It is always nice to meet a new pony if you need any help (although you're becoming a computer scientist, so navigating this forum is intuitive for you) feel free to PM me or any other pony around. We're glad to help. Note: Do you like Heineken? ._.
  5. Ok, I'm actually a J.K. fan in general, but he's an asshole anyways... However, his band did make some of the best music you can ever listen to. I truly recommend this band <3
  6. I'm looking for a special somepony :3

  7. Watching D.Gray-Man :D!!!

  8. Umm... Seriously, haven't updated in a looooong time. And now, I have nothing else to say.

  9. Thank you for adding me as a friend :D sorry for noticing until now, too many status nots :I

  10. I just signed if you want to send me something... Is my username + Really like the service, I consider it a nice thing for us bronies.
  11. Am I alive?

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    2. Harmonic Revelations
    3. cd_solidsnake


      I knew it. This is a lie and you don't exist. I don't exist. Ponies do not exist. Crap :(

    4. ~Onylex
  12. I wonder... How many status updates would I get in a week? 'Cause seriously, you post a lot of those.

  13. Happy birthday! :D I hope you got a great cake :D

  14. MLP: FiM Season 4 Premiere: November 23rd, 2013 :D

  15. I still hate to drive :D

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    2. Yoyoyoyo12e
    3. cd_solidsnake


      Yeah! Maybe is the fact that he was forced to learn how to drive >.>' or that he is a lizard, and cars were not made for lizards and therefore are racist (?).

    4. Yoyoyoyo12e


      those damn racist cars

  16. Watching "Singin' In The Rain" once more. Gene Kelly is amazing! <3

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    2. cd_solidsnake


      HOLY S$%&/( YES!!


      D: And here I was, thinking that I'd do a bootleg :P AWESOME!

    3. ReGen


      Okey dokey then. I'll have them in a bit. :)

    4. cd_solidsnake
  17. Time to come back with my EDM album reviews :D preparing myself for Daft Punk's Discovery

  18. Listen to my Deep House DJ Mix, B2B with Francisco Majano

    1. ReGen


      Oh, I totally forgot to listen to it! I'm sorry! D:

    2. cd_solidsnake


      D:!!!.. It's ok :3 things happen :3 whenever you can listen to it ;)

  19. Hey mate! I played a B2B set with a friend. We played some lovely house, Deep House and Tech-House. I'm pretty sure my friend played some DJ Sneak here, so here you go :D

  20. 45 status updates... 45. FORTY FIVE! STAHP EVERYPONY, STAHP!

    1. Sir.Flutter Hooves

      Sir.Flutter Hooves

      I wish I coud get 45. I wake up every morning with over 100.

    2. ~Silver Essence~

      ~Silver Essence~

      Try 200, gets tiring after a while, but I don't mind.

    3. Yoyoyoyo12e


      i havnt even been on today. till now so for once im inocent on that one