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  1. Good idea also ill try and upgrade my mic, right now im using a $30 Logitech one. Btw I'm the loud somewhat annoying one (so i have been told) in the videos, the somewhat quiet and shy one is my good friend Starry Night. Anyway I've been planning on playing some of the in browser games on this website
  2. I am currently running a joint gaming channel with a friend. We do mainly minecraft, Gmod, and Several other different games, and we accept any suggestions anyone has for which games we should do next. Hopefully some of you will enjoy our videos and if not...please reply with what you think we need to fix since we love criticism. Le channel \/
  3. So about three months ago i began to upload some videos based on the Everything Wrong With series that CinemaSins created. These videos were in the same basic format, I point out certain parts of a MLP episode and call them sins then tally them up at the end. Anyway I've decided to make a post about it on here so i can keep people updated when i add new videos and so on. Season 1, Episode 1 Season 1, Episode 2 Season 1, Episode 3 Season 1, Episode 4 Season 1, Episode 5 Season 1, Episode 6 Would really appreciate some feedback, negative or positive
  4. Well I'm not the most dependable of people, If you guys put a request on the new forum post i would have to make it might be days, weeks or even months before i draw anything because of a mixture of having to much school work or not enough motivation to draw. I guess i could give it a try but I don't want to disappoint anyone by not giving them their request till months later after they have made it.
  5. It's not that i can't do requests its more along the lines of me not wanting to disappoint everyone when I don't feel like drawing for months on end then suddenly deciding "Yep today im going to draw something" Drew this while i was in class Friday. Need to go into and outline it since i was dumb and drew it on lined paper But hey, when inspiration hits you take advantage of it and draw. Going to have to fix the front legs and hooves
  6. is free to download btw so you could download it later this week and experiment with the different tools and settings. There is even an option to make another layer above your drawing so while your outlining it you are also making a vector. Then when your done you can just delete the layer with the original picture, leaving it unedited and also leaving you with your new vector
  7. Thanks! Well i sat down and drew them out on paper, then took a picture to upload to my computer, Then I took that and opened it with and outlined it before using the paint bucket tool to fill it in. Here are some of the rough drafts
  8. Alright i have gotten into drawing pony art. I would take requests but im way to lazy to actually draw them out and then color em on because y'know lazyness. Anyway, I welcome feedback good or bad since i need to know what needs improvement and what needs to be redone. Dont click the pictures because the file size is huge and i cant really resize them smaller since wants to freeze when i try. Starry Night (a Friends OC) Starry Night again (yes i know she has no cutie mark, my friend hasn't picked one for her yet) Hoss (my OC)
  9. I have added chapters 4 and 5 to the story. I will continue to post more chapters as i write them. I had to make some adjustments to my writing style since the fimfiction mods didn't like my original style.
  10. So after finishing up my first fan fiction Waking up in Equestria, i have begun to write my second story. This story is basically Waking Up in Equestria from the Doctor's perspective, reason i am doing this is so i could explain why certain things happened or why characters acted the way they did. I will be updating the story over the next few weeks until i reach some kind of ending.
  11. Thanks! <3 You're really nice.

    1. stationmaster


      Thank you :o You'r really nice to.

  12. you are very welcome that's why we are here, to welcome anypony with open arms so they feel welcomed and not embarrassed to join
  13. Well this is kind of late but it doesn't matter because everyone deserves a warm welcoming here and a fresh baked muffin from Derpy so here you go
  14. Welcome to the forums your going to make alot of nice friends on here. Here have a free muffin from Derpy for joining
  15. Welcome to the forums Here have a muffin from Derpy for signing up