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  1. I say temporary. By temporary I mean "almost until the end of the series". It would upset children if she got the wings off after one episode, but I think that all the important stuff that happened in the season 3 finale made it clear that those wings were NOT going off for a while. It's a important change.
  2. Hmm.... It's still not working. I'm using Chrome 26 and here's what I did to clear my cache: Go to Chrome settings Show advanced settings Clear browsing data Only check off "Clear the cache" Press OK.
  3. I just made a account, and I can't quote somebody (It does nothing) and I have to click on "More Post Options" to make a post! Most buttons aren't working and it's VERY hard to use the site.
  4. I've watched only one full episode so far, but I've got the theme stuck in my head!
  5. Until just the other day, I had no interest in MLP at ALL. Now, I love the show and being here is the best thing that has happened to my brony interests so far.