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    as you can tell i like mlp. i love the walking dead and horror movies. reading graphic novels and drawing random stuff. my profile is my fav outfit for rainbow. im a girl.

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  1. *pinki pies voice* "FOREVER!'

  2. hey if you know when the next season is coming message me

  3. hey if you know when

    1. Diamond Treasure

      Diamond Treasure

      Know when what

    2. pokethepony


      the next season...


  4. loved it my fave part would have to be when nightmare moon was destroyed and Luna was back to being her normal self. btw she my fav pony
  5. pokethepony


    omg this is so cute. you made them look so good. i am so happy that somone finally did a fan art over this! i hope you do more art work just as good and cute as this.
  6. just super bored waiting for the next season:(

    1. Fluttershyfan94


      It's getting shorter every day.. Soon, very soon..

  7. reasons why that is crap and is totally a load of crap the child would have more detail it would not just look like a sweetie bell knock-off prince blue blood is an ass she would never marry him im sure twighly's friends would go nuts with her being pregers with his child the show would less interesting with her having to stay home and looking after a child the friends would never be the same again she would not be the pure pony we knew and loved they cant risk this as a ratings drop and idk maybe the kids will like it but i am pretty sure that us bronys will hate this. even
  8. hahaha i thought it was going to be completely different! i mean "twiilight sparkle commands you to obey"can be a bit misleading its alot cuter than i expected im pleased.
  9. pokethepony


    mother flippin adorable i cant draw this good.if i did it would look like a four year old drew it....with its feet!!!!! yeah im pretty bad.....
  10. going to buy myself a sweet mlp t shirt and a stuff animal for my friend any other sugestions?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. The Original

      The Original

      Uh... I'm not exactly the type of pony you ask about merchandise. Why don't you ask your friend?

    3. pokethepony


      i guess ill ask some other people.

    4. ActFast231


      I think I saw a RD baseball cap that had wings on each side. If that interests you

  11. not my favorite episode they could have had a better ending. lightning dust could have a new episode with her and what happened after she got kicked out.i hope she will come back in all seriousness i really liked her.even though ponies almost died......because of her. lightning dust had the potential to be an even better flyer than rainbow dash but on the other hand we have not seen her do a sonic rainboom yet ether. we will just have to wait and see
  12. "hey world burping eggs itching my underarm fungus lookin for love;)" quote from Philip J. Fry

  13. "hey world burping eggs itching my underarm fungus."quote form Philip j. Fry

  14. i do support alicorn twighly. she and her friends will have many more adventures in the future. with her new found powers she will be more powerful and a more dense of a character and maybe more back stories?
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