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  1. haven't been here in a while! how's everypony been?

  2. Thanks for the friend add! I love meeting new people! Also, Happy New Year!

  3. One of my goals for the new year is to get out more and make some new friends so this looks like a good place to begin that. My Skype name is rainbowdash1587
  4. If anyone wants to add my on skype, go is rainbowdash1587.i should be on most of the night.

  5. Thanks for adding me :)

  6. Rocky Horror.Love this movie.

  7. You that that feeling when you've made someone you care mad and you can't fix it? Thats how I feel right now.

  8. I not I'm relationship with anyone here, nor do I plan to at the current time. I do not want a relationship over the internet . sorry if anyone's disappointed.
  9. tumblr stop it. your becoming too addicting.

  10. I missed this place.its good to be back.

    1. Fluffy Pinkie

      Fluffy Pinkie

      I love this place, nice to have you back even though i don;t know you xD

  11. Awesome avatar! Anchor Man is the best film ever!

  12. i just sent you a request on skype. The podcast sounds really fun i hope this goes somewhere. plus, ill get to meet new people which is always fun!
  13. maybe something like a picture of people oc's involved recording or something like that. i know whenever there's a podcast on everfree radio, there's always some kind of picture.