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  1. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Skype/Discord/PSN/XBL/etc Exchange Masterthread

    One of my goals for the new year is to get out more and make some new friends so this looks like a good place to begin that. My Skype name is rainbowdash1587
  2. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Official MLP Forums Couples

    I not I'm relationship with anyone here, nor do I plan to at the current time. I do not want a relationship over the internet . sorry if anyone's disappointed.
  3. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Soo... Podcast?

    i just sent you a request on skype. The podcast sounds really fun i hope this goes somewhere. plus, ill get to meet new people which is always fun!
  4. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Soo... Podcast?

    maybe something like a picture of people oc's involved recording or something like that. i know whenever there's a podcast on everfree radio, there's always some kind of picture.
  5. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Soo... Podcast?

    so where would the podcast exactly be broadcasted? on a livestrem or youtube? or a website or something like that ? i kinda wanna know what kinds of people will be watching/listening
  6. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Soo... Podcast?

    I could possibly be on. i love to talk, so its my kind of thing. on the other hoof, im terrible at editing. if skype is needed my name is rainbowdash1587 if anypony's interested.
  7. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Movies/TV MLP Forums WWE Discussion Thread - 2013 to Wrestlemania XXX

    HHH just came out. this should be interesting. so 3MB came out and tried to pick a fight then the shield came out and procced to beat up 3MB. then they went to HHH who would then recive help from kane and bryan. then they ran away.
  8. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Movies/TV MLP Forums WWE Discussion Thread - 2013 to Wrestlemania XXX

    is anything interesting happening on smackdown tonight? im debating if i should watch or not.other than dolph and the title, is anything else going to happen on smackdown? So... Jericho just called dolph ziggler fans ''dolphans'' and call ziggler ziggy stardust and dolph's first match as champion is the main event vs Y2J just thought people wanted to know.
  9. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Gaming First videogame you played ?

    I belive my first video game was kingdom hearts or sonic the headgehog 2. I rember playing kingdom hearts as a kid and just run around and hit things with my keyblade.During the gummi ship stages, id always crash into stuff.
  10. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Gaming Favorite old school video game system?

    Chrono Trigger. Probably the first rpg i ever played. The combat, the story the music, everything was great about this game. Without it, i probably would have played games like kingdom hearts and final fantasy. I know this isnt really a ''classic'' but The World Ends With You remains another favorite
  11. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Helllo! ( again)

    I think i didnt really explain a whole lot about myself in my last post. So heres the low down. The names Artsy and im a bit younger so my typing skills are'nt the best. My favorite music includes Radiohead,The Beatles, Bob Marley and Green Day. Other than MLP my favorite shows are Adventure Time,Regular Show, Gravity Falls and Community. My favorite games include Sonic,Pokemon,Borderlands,Portal and Chrono Trigger. My favorite ponies are Shining Armor,Rainbow Dash,Vinyl,Thunderlane and Braeburn. I think thats it. Thank you for reading and i hope you all enjoy my company.
  12. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Movies/TV MLP Forums WWE Discussion Thread - 2013 to Wrestlemania XXX

    I definetly see Ambrose as a single competior.He was really popular on the indie circuit. I think WWE's problem right now is that alot of people are injuried. Sin Cara,Rey Mysterio,Evan Bourne.Tyson Kidd... Also theres all the young guys in the back who are extremly talented. Hawkins,Yoshi Tatsu,Hunico,Justin Gabriel..
  13. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Movies/TV MLP Forums WWE Discussion Thread - 2013 to Wrestlemania XXX

    Amen to that.If antonio vs ryder happened, the crowd would have gotten excited, for the most part, the crowd was dead except for when cena and rock hugged. I miss Cryme Tyme and old Cena as well.JTG is still there some how and Cena well... he can be good when wants to be, but for the most part its 5 moves of doom, fart jokes and selling t-shirts. Im looking forward to see some returns and debuts excited to see RVD (maybe),rey,christain,and evan return im only excited to el generico debut. Who do you all want to see return/debut?
  14. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Books Any Kingdom Keepers Fans

    Hi everyone. I wanted to see if anyone knows the kingdom keepers series by ridley pearson. The books deal with the disney parks/mythology. Has anyone read them? If so, what your thoughts on the new book?
  15. Doctor Pocket Watch

    Movies/TV 2014 Movies, BROS!

    im surprised no one mention this one but... The spongebob squarepants movie 2 Yeah... If thats not any good then Monsters University and How To Train Your Dragon 2