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  1. The basement of Golden Oaks Library was dark. Not blindingly dark, more of a shade dark, but still dark nonetheless. Twilight, a purple alicorn, was busy at work with the most unlikely of lab partners, Pinkie Pie, who could only be described as a pink pony with a mane and tail similar to cotton candy. They were working on an idea Pinkie had for a new drink. To put it simply, rainbows mixed with Zap Apple essence. Neither of the mares were sure what this would taste like, so they had asked a close friend of theirs' to be a guinea pig. Said friend was having doubts as he heard yet another explosion. As he looked towards the door that led to the basement, he could see smoke of every color possible, and somehow even a few not possible, he questioned why he had said yes to the two. *Flashback* “Key! Key! Key! Key! Key! Guess what! Guess what! Guess what,” a mass of pink bouncing up and down had said excitedly to the white pegasus. The pegasus who was currently the target of Pinkie's endless stream of vocalization was Keypassion Lockheart. Keypassion, or Key as he is called by friends and family, had reached out a hoof to stop the bouncing pink thing, only to find he had started bouncing instead. Resigning to Pinkie's physics-breaking antics, he replied “You're inheriting Sugarcube Corner from the Cakes?” At this, Pinkie stopped bouncing and stuck out her tongue. “Nope, guess again.” “You haven't had a cake in more than ten minutes?” “Nope, but thanks for reminding me.” At this, she pulled a cupcake out of her mane and promptly stuck it in her mouth and swallowed. “I give up then.” Keypassion was never a very good guesser. At least with Pinkie being the one asking him to guess. “Aaaw, you're no fun,” Pinkie said with a pout. “Well, I had this idea for a super duper drink, but since it needs to be mixed in a way I don't know how, I asked Twilight to help with this and she said yes but when I explained it to her, she gave me a funny look and said who would we get to taste it for us, and I couldn't think of anypony at first, but then I had the bestest idea ever to ask you if you would so would you please? Huh? Please? Would you? Please? Please?” 'Uh-oh,' Keypassion thought, 'She's making the face.' “Pinkie, you know I can't resist that face. At least play fair for once,” he said, countering with a face of his own. He saw Pinkie falter for a split second, but quickly save face, as it were. The facial showdown lasted for a few minutes. The dam that broke first was the surprising one. “Fine,” Pinkie huffed. She turned away, lowered to her haunches, and crossed her forelegs annoyed. Keypassion chuckled as he moved closer to her. “You know,” he said to her backside. “I only asked you to play fair. I didn't say I wouldn't do it.” At this she turned around with a skeptical look on her face. As his words sank in, a smile appeared and quickly assimilated most of her head. She grabbed Keypassion's hoof and in a puff of dust they were gone. *End Flashback* As he came out of his memories, he found himself holding the vibrant liquid, and two eager mares watching him, waiting for him to drink. He nervously raised the glass to his lips, sucked in a good amount, and swallowed. “Not bad,” Key remarked after a few seconds. “A bit heavy on the Zap Apple juice though. But then that's more of prefe-,” he cut off and dropped the glass. Twilight and Pinkie shared a look before turning their attention to the now frozen pegasus. Twilight reached out a hoof to tap him, when he suddenly took off up the stairs. The strangest thing was that even though his mane was brown and his coat was white, he left a rainbow streak behind. Curious, and a little apprehensive, Twilight teleported Pinkie and herself to right outside the library. As they searched for the experiment gone wrong, they kept seeing rainbow blurs every now and then brushing it off as Rainbow Dash trying out new tricks. “Pinkie, do you see him anywhere?” “Hmm, nope.” Twilight gave a groan at this. “Do you have any idea why he just suddenly took off?” Pinkie just stared at Twilight. “Right, sorry.” They were about to tell Rainbow Dash to stop her stunt practice and help them look for Keypassion when she suddenly landed next to them. “Twilight,” Rainbow yelled. “You gotta help me! There's this rainbow pegasus flying too fast for me to catch up! He's going to get hurt if he doesn't slow down!” Twilight just stood there, jaw dropped, looking at Rainbow Dash. “Wait, if you're here Rainbow Dash, then...” Rainbow looked away from Twilight and turned her attention to Pinkie. “You mind telling me what's going on Pinkie?” “Well,” she started. “I came up with this really neat idea for a new drink, but I had no idea where to start so I went to Twilight for some help and she said yes, but then we needed somepony to taste test it since I like things to be sweeter than most ponies can handle and Twilight doesn't really pay attention to how things taste most of the time, so I asked Key, and he said yes, so when the drink was complete he said it wasn't bad but then he froze and suddenly took off flying and now we can't find him and *gasp* oh my Celestia! I think that the rainbow pegasus is him we need to catch him before he gets hurt!” It took Rainbow Dash a few seconds to understand what Pinkie had said. And even then, she still didn't understand what she had said. “Pinkie, could you repeat that, but slower?” It was at that moment that Keypassion had finally stopped and landed. Instead of his usual pure white coat, it was iridescently rainbow. His mane and tail had changed to be similar to Rainbow Dash's, but the colors weren't as separated. Instead they seemed to fade into each other. His eyes remained the same, though they were dilated in an extreme manner, and he appeared to be vibrating. “I am become rainbow,” he uttered, voice drastically altered by the prismatic concoction. “Herald of lights.” He stood for a few moments before taking off in the direction of Canterlot. “That can't be good,” Twilight muttered worriedly. *One Hour Later* Twilight had finished gathering the other bearers of the Elements of Harmony in her house/library to give them a rundown on the situation. They had finally decided on a plan of action and were about to head out the door when there was a sudden knock. “Spike, would you mind getting that while we get ready,” Twilight called up the stairs. “Sure,” Spike called back in a monotone. He returned within mere seconds with the biggest look of shock on his face. “Twi? It's Keypassion. He was the one at the door.” Pinkie was out the door faster than Rainbow Dash trying to set a new speed record. The others weren't far behind. “Hello girls,” Key said with a minor hint of exhaustion in his voice. “I woke up in Canterlot, specifically in the royal gardens, about ten minutes ago, and the last thing I can remember is Pinkie and Twilight asking me to taste something. Would you mind filling me in on what happened?” He was met with blank faces and silence, until Twilight stepped forward. “You froze, your coat and mane changed colors, and I mean the entire visible spectrum, then you took of and flew around Ponyville for about five minutes before landing, speaking nonsense and suddenly shooting off in the direction of Canterlot,” she explained with amazement. “The fact you don't remember any of this is astounding. I've got to perform more tests on this mixture.” The once again ivory pegasus just stared at the alicorn like she had lost her mind. “I do not think that would be a wise course of action if what happened to me, a pegasus, is any indication. I'd shudder to think what would happen to an earth pony, a unicorn, or even an alicorn.” “Hey,” Pinkie suddenly exclaimed. “Key was right, the Zap Apple is a bit much! Twilight, we need to fix this!” “If you ladies would excuse me, I'm in great need of some sleep. I leave the Pinkie hunt in your capable hooves.” And with that, he walked off just as Pinkie froze. The End
  2. You really should care about what MA Larson says in this case since he wrote the episode that Las Pegasus was first mentioned in. Not only that, but on the original version of the map it did say Los Pegasus, but it was then changed to Las Pegasus in 2013. As for the sounding closer, that is honestly more of a personal view, not a universal concept. For example, I personally think Pegasus sounds closer to Vegas owing to the similarities in spelling e.g. a simple letter swap thus giving us Pegas/Vegasus.
  3. Having come across this exact discussion a few times already, I find myself rather prepared for when it arises. That being said, it is indeed Las Vegas being referenced.
  4. I chose Prime because other than being my favorite incarnation of Transformers in general, it sounds more like speaking than voicing. By which I mean the G1 cartoon, though thoroughly enjoyable, is a bit more fast-paced overall than later continuities of the franchise and makes the dialogue sound a bit rushed at points.
  5. So, it's 3 AM for me now. I've been having real bad bouts of insomnia lately, but that's not why I'm updating at this time. The reason I'm updating at this time is because I'm a fan of Gravity Falls, and have been messing around with ciphers. Now, normally I'm not a hardcore puzzle maker. Puzzle solver, I'm moderate level, but I'm issuing a challenge to anyone who thinks they are smart enough to solve my little puzzle. I will make a picture of what I want you to translate available for download on this blog. And I will also give you one hint per level of encryption. Please note that one or more of these might be redacted at any point if I think it's too obvious. The first clue is in the picture itself. The last line isn't a sentence and in a specific order. The second clue. Prince Tricky. The third clue. Yho vyh uv Final Fantasy X femm ghuf drec uha. The fourth clue. Flip flop. The fifth clue. Three letters back. The final clue. Now I'm going to tell you what type of cipher I used here. I used a Vigenere cipher. The key you can either PM me for, or try to figure it out yourself. Just in case though, the key will be posted here. The key is: [REDACTED] The previous line has been altered because this document is of utmost secrecy.
  6. So yeah, I dropped the ball again. My excuse this time is I was helping a friend with something. This something being painting parts of his Luna-themed car. We had to stop 'cause the sun went down and we don't want to mess up anything. As for why I'm doing this so late, 2:10 AM my time, is I realized I missed the Korra premier so I watched it online. Cut to me getting the urge to practice guitar and yeah. I'm not an easily focused individual at times. I was also playing PS2. This one's short because I'm kind of tired and have plans for later today. PS the gif is how I've been feeling with life recently. And would some of y'all please comment on these? It's hard enough keeping to a schedule, let alone keeping to one without any benefit.
  7. So, recently, I hit the big 21. What I got this year, courtesy of family that buys at least one gift regardless of age, is a PS2 with two games. Now, you might be asking what this has to do with the title. Well, I wasn't the only one in the family to hit blackjack. My bro did too, four days after me. What he got was a comic he had been really wanting. Deadpool vs Carnage. Great read. He also got a bunch of other comics. Video games and comics. Two big nerd things. For me, it's the first step in reaching the ultimate level of nerdage. At least in tangible items anyway. There's more to it than this, but I'm just rambling now. Reason this one is short too is because I'm focusing on weapon upgrading in Dark Cloud. This is Hinochi/Keypassion signing off.
  8. Okay, so I kind of dropped the ball about updating yesterday, but I have a very good reason. My grandfather went in for knee surgery and I was trying to distract myself all day so I wouldn't worry. Then when both he and my grandmother got back from the hospital I fell asleep because I had been up for almost 24 hours at that point. Anywho, this one is going to be a little short since I'm focusing on guitar practice and have plans to play Diablo with my dad and his gf. I will say this though. For those who are interested in my Behind Closed Doors series that I mentioned last time, I've got a tumblr set up to ask my OC anything, but I won't be giving the link out yet 'cause the artist who was going to help me with the endeavor got deployed to somewhere I can't reveal, but with any luck will be back in the country soon and he said he's willing to give the tumblr thing another try. This is Hinochi/Keypassion signing off.
  9. Gotta say I'm surprised this thing got revived. And more than slightly disappointed at the overall feeling of the replies. I mean, most of them sound disgusted in tone and frankly, it's kind of depressing. I mean, this thread was made looking for other fans of ICP, ABK, and the like, not for non-fans to come in and go "ew" Whatever.
  10. So, a few months back, I had an idea for a series centered around my OCs job in Ponyville. Since he is a psychiatrist, he must remain somewhat neutral to his patients during sessions, so there will be no shipping involved in this. However, it is set in my own personal continuity of MLP, so there will be some nods to other fanfics I'll be working on, a lot of which include some form of shipping. You have been warned. Anyway, this is a series of one on one sessions between Keypassion, and his clients. Some of the reasons for said visits might surprise you. Now keep in mind I only know enough actual psychiatry to use the correct terminology. If anyone has studied the subject more in-depth than I have and you happen to notice something wrong, feel free to point it out. Just don't be a complete asshole about it. Moving on, I will be publishing bits and pieces of the current chapter and/or fanfic I am on every now and then in this blog. Getting back to my original point for this entry, I'm doing it to introduce a few things, such as the list of patients, and get some feedback one the first chapter when it's done. I'll edit it in when it's done btw, so you might want to follow this entry if you are interested. This is Keypassion signing off. PS If you'd rather not call me by my OCs name, feel free to call me Hinochi, as that's what I usually go by around the net.
  11. Heyo MLPForums! This is Keypassion, an active lurker here, which is intentionally oxymoronic, with a brand new blog. While this is not my first attempt, it will hopefully be my first successful attempt at maintaining an active blog to help me vent my thoughts, be they good or bad. First, a quick introduction. I first joined in back in the Mesozoic Era (2012). To put it simply, I was a complete douchebag. I would often enter the online chat room and convince other members to change their avatars and names to Wolverine. It caused major confusion among the then staff. But, moving on to a brighter note, I improved greatly. Anyway, I hope to keep this thing updated weekly, every Friday, starting this coming Friday. I will be pictures to convey the mood I wrote these in.
  12. I'd have to say the point a series jumps the shark is more or less a personal deciding moment. For example, in that other thread someone said that Digimon jumped it when season four aired, the one where they turn into Digimon. Now, I would agree if season three didn't have the kids combining with their respective partners. For me though, it jumped the shark when season five aired. Sure it was still enjoyable to watch, but kind of lacked what made the first four enjoyable. But as I said, that's just my opinion. As is the specific point a series jumps the shark.
  13. Shipping. My guilty pleasure is shipping. Usual couples, strange couples, couples that border on being a crack pairing, the list goes on. Though I'd have to say one of the worst (and best) ones I ship would have to be Timmy and Vicky from Fairly OddParents. I've been shipping characters since I was ten. It started with Tai and Sora from Digimon. The day I discovered fanfiction was the day I saw how deep the rabbit hole really was, and I've been going deeper ever since. Though the funny thing is I don't ship randomly. Each and every couple has a way of working, even if it's a little shaky when explained without great detail. Though there is one of which makes me feel extremely guilty. Ben and Gwen Tennyson.
  14. So today I log on and see I have a notification. Technically I had two, but I'm pointing out one in particular. "Your topic Unforgettable movies was approved Jul 03 2014 10:57 AM" < This one. I started the topic in question two years ago. I guess it just goes to show bureaucracy is slow no matter who's in it.

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