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  1. Aphorism

    Yet Another Brony

    That video was a hoot. I laughed especially hard when he (I assume it was a he) wrote "and your children will end up like this". 6 ponies, 6 elements, 6 colours. I'm sorry, but 6+6+6=18. By the way, there's a funny fundie on page 9 of the Guy plans to marry Twilight Sparkle post: http://mlpforums.com/topic/56706-guy-plans-to-marry-twilight-sparkle/page-9.
  2. Aphorism

    Yet Another Brony

    Well, I'm certainly not doing any humbling. Want a muffin? I attach this adorable picture of Rarity because...who wouldn't want to look at Rarity? Welcome!
  3. Aphorism

    Hello world!

    *insults you* *rejects you* Just kidding. Welcome! We'll be able to enjoy the humility of Rainbow Dash together.
  4. Aphorism


    Fancy Spike welcomes you. Here are your orders: guard Twilight pretend to be a baby and express disappointment in comical ways! Good luck!
  5. Aphorism

    Hey there! :D

    Hai! Remember to read the Egghead's Guide to Posting. -_- It doesn't exist; I just made it up. Don't let other ponies sit on you... And always keep chickens handy. Bai!
  6. *sigh* I'm not sure whether to complain about the resurrection, or to say I live in Waterloo (within Ontario). *shrugs* I feel I'm backseat modding. Oh, balls! I'm in Waterloo, Ontario. Party!
  7. I don't quite know about that. I like the show, but don't really like the fanart or anything else. I'm interested in the community, but only as so far as I can discuss the show and its themes with them.
  8. I sort of hate that label. I'd rather be called a member of the Cutesy Wootsy Putty Tat Tortoise Bunny Alligator Dog Owl Dragon Pony Unicorn Allicorn Hydra Bear Manticore Changeling Cockatrice Diamond Dog Draconequus Fruit Bat Griffon Minotaur Parasprite Phoenix Quarray Eel Sea Serpent Timberwolf Ursa Major Minor Windigo Brigade.
  9. Aphorism

    Hi guys! :D

    Tsk, tsk. What are we doing here? Not posting the Welcome Song? Again? Guys! Welcome, Balloon Garden! Get busy!
  10. Tiny apples, eh? That effort will fail. She'll just eat 'em. All your work will then have been for nothing.
  11. Well...Uhm...I don't think any amount of episodes is required. You could see an image and fall in love that way. It depends. I saw one episode one day, then another the next...And Pinkie's Laughter Song got me hooked. I watched all three seasons in a week. And then...began rewatching everything. And again. Lol. Welcome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z5Ngl7AXxU
  12. Aphorism

    Hello, My Floofies.

    You call THAT a hug? Let Pinkie show you how it's done! Now THAT's a hug!
  13. Aphorism

    Hi there everypony

    Let's ask Spike what he thinks about eating you. "Spike, what do you think?" Won't happen; you're safe.
  14. Aphorism


    What a shame. No one posted the welcome song yet. What a terrible shame. I must right this injustice! In case of arithmetical emergencies, we provide free Pinkie legs. Because who wouldn't want Pinkie legs? Look how excited she is!
  15. Yeah, man! And some dudes like it a lot! You get me, man? Some dudes even want to do things to the show's characters that would not be appropriate to mention in this chat!
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