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  1. @@Driz, @@Torrent505, @@Scribblegroove, @, @, @@PathfinderCS, "I understand. I am not trying to tell you how to do your job, I am trying to keep you safe. I take it upon myself to learn how other arts work at least on a basic level. You know what they say... 'The best way to create an antidote is through the poison itself.'" He wasn't touched, or rather "shaken" to put it in better words, by the lashing out. It was understandable... he sometimes took pride in his own works too. In any case he listened to what the necromancer had to say. "I agree but on a different note. Clearly the thieves know what they are doing and likely have planted false clues to throw us off guard. We need to think like thieves or we're not going to go anywhere." Mastema listened carefully to the Princesses' words. The call for action was heeded and he was ready... well... "I concur but before we go anywhere you should bear in mind Princesses that what has happened here may happen again. There is a proverb that says "The thief returns to the scene of the crime." and it's almost always true. While we are gone you need to keep your guard up... at all times. Now then..." he turned to Crowley to whom he'd been meaning to ask a question. "I expect that since you invited me in this group you will provide me the necessary supplies to work on it yes? I need to restock on herbs, alchemical components and some tubes all technical stuff. You see the robbery made a mess of my lab and while I don't know if I should expect compensation I will require these items, or some of them, restored to be able to work. I also want to know what I am supposed to do about the subject of culinary supplies, and by all means we should have at least one copy of the documents presented to us here." Preparation, Location, Action. Three words on which Mastema always acted with an iron heart.
  2. @@Windbreaker, @, @@Scribblegroove, @@Commander Tangent, @,Terra lifted his head as she heard Gilda ask for someone good at cooking. Of course to be able to grow strong you'd have to know how to make your own meal. His mother and father were in the army as well... so a lot of the time he'd have to make the food on his own. "That would be me... just point me to the supplies and leave the rest to me." he wondered what he could make in this ship. Doubtful he could make a feast out of this but at least when he was the one in the lead it would at least be made sure that everyone had a fair share of food clean, healthy, and nutritious. He'd have to be careful with the diet though, but in any case he wasn't afraid of the heat of the kitchen sort of speaking. The heat of the anvil, the forge, the combat... they were stronger. But there were no flames stronger than the one of the heart.
  3. @@Silverwisp the Bard,Sorry I took too long. Anyways. Here is his profile. I guess i should have him without a Moikana or whatever it's called seeing as he is "Honorably Exiled" from his tribe. He is a medic/healer someone who specializes in Medicine, Alchemy and Herbalism. The picture in his profile represents the mark he has instead of a cutie mark. Now i am not sure about the eyes or the color exactly of the tribal marks. The marks should stop before the neck maybe "licking" his chin. He should have a caduceus pendant/necklace upon his neck. Maybe a mana-wyrm is around his neck? Look i don't know if i'm asking much but you could still ask some questions about this or suggest a possible pallet of colors. In case you're wondering what's a mana wyrm.
  4. @@Hypn0ticD, Chrysalis followed the human carefully not wanting to startle him or scare him immediately. She needed an opportunity, a plan to actually show him what he was oblivious about. He spotted a door saying "Cleaning Staff Only". She tried to peer through the door, even opening it for a moment to see if anyone was inside. Not a single soul... perfect. She looked at Stephen trying to type something in his electronical machine, phone he called it? In any case she spotted her oportunity once he let it down in order to have a moment of respite. She pinched his ear and started pulling him towards the room she had seen before. "I am sorry but i will take no more of your ignorance here. Whether you like it or not you're going to hear some things..." Once she had dragged him there, to her credit she did catch him by surprise, she closed the door. She took her crown and using her magic she levitated it and made it spin around itself. She swiped her hands around it bottom, up, left, right, front, back. "No strings on this one i am afraid." Normally this should be enough to convince him buuuuut.... "In case you try to quote logic upon that let's try something else shall we?" She paused a moment and looked him in the eyes dead serious about what she was about to do. "I will only say this once... I am a changeling, an insectoid shapeshifter that can also feed upon emotions, such emotions aid me in casting some magic such as contancting my "sister" Cicada as i said. To do that I make use of a mental link we changelings share that allows us to talk from afar similarly to the way your phones work. I have holes upon my body but in this form the holes seem content to only appear at my dress. As you can see I can cast magic, and use telekinesis, but that's not all... I can also transform. To make sure you take this to heart I am going to demonstrate you." She took a step back as sparks engulfed her and she started going up in lively emerald flames before him. What was left when they subsided was a flawless copy of what Stephen was, she snickered. "Do you believe in magic NOW Stephen or do I have to summon the forces of Tartarus to get taken seriously around here?" @@Pripyat Pony,@, "Dear maker above you never cease to amaze me..." he said as he gazed upon the aircraft that was to take them. He wasn't experienced with flight, in fact he sometimes hated flying creatures. In the sky they all were so arrogant, so full of ego. He had spent his life trying to find ways to bring them down be it jumping upon them or otherwise. "I am guessing we are choosing this way because it's more private and it's what is available since we don't have legal papers like passports on us?" It made sense, besides the less attention they attracted the better. Since Cicada didn't give the pilot a hoof-... hand-shake he was inclined to do it. "A pleasure to meet you Mr Gabriel. I am Terra, Terra Lionmane. Thank you for providing your services to us... and i'd like to apologize in advance if i do something that upsets you. You see i am not from around here and i'm still getting used to the Pr... French customs." to be honest the talk was also to distract them from Cicada. Talking about flying, wings, magic in front of people that might be oblivious to the existence of magic invited the chance for a catastrophe. @@Pripyat Pony, In the meantime Dennis was literally being bombarded with questions. Some had probably seen him, hell some even had photos of him and that stranger. He didn't understand... how could they know? How DID they know? In any case he kept saying no, nope, nuh-uh, and denying everything deflecting the fact that magic or ponies existed with logic. It was all he could do... though those questions had indeed given him more information. Similar events had happened in the American continent, and he was pretty sure that if he asked he would find some info. Though it could just be a hoax. In any case in the multitude of information one was bound to be true... it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. "Hey Diego! You done? Come here i think i found something."
  5. @,Anytime! I'd love to see that character once you complete it!
  6. @,I could help you... i can adapt and stuff. Whatever you wish.
  7. I've a blog entry about everything i theorize about the changelings. Here it is... thoughts?
  8. @@Silverwisp the Bard,Say would you be able to help me with a character/zebra? I think i have the design of the char's appearance nailed down a bit but would really like a reference.
  9. @@NightWing,Alright imma try a post and we'll see how it goes from there. You'll have to tell me three things. Location Location Location. @@NightWing,I responded btw. I hope my response is adequate.
  10. @@NightWing,Eterochromic eyes, silver mane, and a guard's muscular stature. Those were some of the things that one could use to describe Ao the changeling, but the greatest of all was his behavior in front of the Queen of the changelings. "My Queen Miss Chrysalis! It's nice to finally meet you outside your chambers. I trust life has given you a moment of respite from your duties? How have you been doing? I do hope everything is okay! I would be glad to deal with any misfortune that might be nagging you!" Ao gently bowed before her before rising up again. He had been working to find an appropriate way to respond when such a moment that he would meet the Queen but it was all for naught. All he could do right now is try to be kind and see what it would get him. After that like any good changeling he would adapt.
  11. Earth Ponies-STR Pegasi-DEX Unicorns-INT As far as i know to win a game you need all three stats or a balance of them in the players. Am i wrong?