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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. @@Driz, @@Torrent505, @@Scribblegroove, @, @, @@PathfinderCS, "I understand. I am not trying to tell you how to do your job, I am trying to keep you safe. I take it upon myself to learn how other arts work at least on a basic level. You know what they say... 'The best way to create an antidote is through the poison itself.'" He wasn't touched, or rather "shaken" to put it in better words, by the lashing out. It was understandable... he sometimes took pride in his own works too. In any case he listened to what the necromancer had to say. "I agree but on a different note. Clearly the thieves kn
  3. @@Windbreaker, @, @@Scribblegroove, @@Commander Tangent, @,Terra lifted his head as she heard Gilda ask for someone good at cooking. Of course to be able to grow strong you'd have to know how to make your own meal. His mother and father were in the army as well... so a lot of the time he'd have to make the food on his own. "That would be me... just point me to the supplies and leave the rest to me." he wondered what he could make in this ship. Doubtful he could make a feast out of this but at least when he was the one in the lead it would at least be made sure that everyone had a fair share
  4. @@Silverwisp the Bard,Sorry I took too long. Anyways. http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/mastema-ironheart-r7353 Here is his profile. I guess i should have him without a Moikana or whatever it's called seeing as he is "Honorably Exiled" from his tribe. He is a medic/healer someone who specializes in Medicine, Alchemy and Herbalism. The picture in his profile represents the mark he has instead of a cutie mark. Now i am not sure about the eyes or the color exactly of the tribal marks. The marks should stop before the neck maybe "licking" his chin. He should have a caduceus pendant
  5. @@Hypn0ticD, Chrysalis followed the human carefully not wanting to startle him or scare him immediately. She needed an opportunity, a plan to actually show him what he was oblivious about. He spotted a door saying "Cleaning Staff Only". She tried to peer through the door, even opening it for a moment to see if anyone was inside. Not a single soul... perfect. She looked at Stephen trying to type something in his electronical machine, phone he called it? In any case she spotted her oportunity once he let it down in order to have a moment of respite. She pinched his ear and started pulling him to
  6. @,Anytime! I'd love to see that character once you complete it!
  7. @,I could help you... i can adapt and stuff. Whatever you wish.
  8. I've a blog entry about everything i theorize about the changelings. Here it is... thoughts? http://mlpforums.com/blog/2091/entry-13569-changeling-theorycrafting-lore-worldbuilding/
  9. You sarcasm is unappreciated. Kthnbai
  10. @@Silverwisp the Bard,Say would you be able to help me with a character/zebra? I think i have the design of the char's appearance nailed down a bit but would really like a reference.
  11. @@NightWing,Alright imma try a post and we'll see how it goes from there. You'll have to tell me three things. Location Location Location. @@NightWing,I responded btw. I hope my response is adequate.
  12. @@NightWing,Eterochromic eyes, silver mane, and a guard's muscular stature. Those were some of the things that one could use to describe Ao the changeling, but the greatest of all was his behavior in front of the Queen of the changelings. "My Queen Miss Chrysalis! It's nice to finally meet you outside your chambers. I trust life has given you a moment of respite from your duties? How have you been doing? I do hope everything is okay! I would be glad to deal with any misfortune that might be nagging you!" Ao gently bowed before her before rising up again. He had been working to find an appropri
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