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  1. caramba2654

    Are the Anti-Bronies Really This Organized?

    FurAffinity has a DDoS protection. It basically verifies your IP address to check whether it's a legit one or if it's being used to DDoS attack the servers. Of course it is a perk from their hosts, so I don't know if that could be implemented here.
  2. caramba2654

    What have you ponified?

    I have ponified Material Design.
  3. caramba2654

    How Much Snow in Your Area?

    Zero feet. For over a few centuries at least. It doesn't snow in the low heights of Brazil :/
  4. caramba2654

    Rubik's Cube

    I have a Dayan Guhong speed cube. My record was 23 seconds with a lucky solve. And then I stopped speedcubing XD
  5. caramba2654

    Journal: My Journey on Learning How to Draw

    SUDDENLY lol. I just said "Let me try a new perspective". Then I went on Photoshop and figured out that at the rate my perspective was going, I'd become the new Picasso. Then I erased most of it and did it again and again until I got the pose above. Then I thought "Ooh, maybe a proper background this time?" And then I went crazy with the smudge tool XD Then somehow I managed to shade everything and have it not look horrible. So I'm satisfied with this drawing ^^ What do you guys think of it?
  6. caramba2654

    really need some help here...

    Hm... Have you tried using a Chromecast? I heard they are quite good streaming devices.
  7. caramba2654

    My first drawing of a pony and my oc

    The only thing I'd put some work on is the muzzle. But other than that, I loved how you did his ear and tail. =D
  8. caramba2654

    TEST: How GAMER are you?

    15 And some of those answers are really biased :v
  9. caramba2654

    Journal: My Journey on Learning How to Draw

    Update time! Quite an adventure to make this one! Firstly, I sketched and did the lineart in my Android app. Then I had to save each individual lineart layer separately, otherwise I wouldn't be able to have them as layers in the next program. Anyways, I opened each image as a layer in GIMP2. Then I vectored the lineart (one lineart layer each for the body, mane and wings FOR BOTH PONIES). Then I realized I made the lineart too thin, but I didn't want to re-do everything. Besides, I couldn't transpose my selection from one layer to the other one. So I put all the lineart in one layer. That allowed me to select a region between the lineart and color it on another layer. Then I did flat colors, hid the lineart layer and the picture above is the result of it. =D But I still want to get the lineart right one day. T_T Anyways, first time drawing two ponies, one of them flying and one of them riding another pony. So I guess I got the sideways pose down. Now I need to practice different points of view, like a front-end point of view.
  10. caramba2654

    Sorry, forgive, thank you.

    I don't like saying thank you. I feel like thankfulness should be expressed by my actions and emotions, and not by saying a simple "thank you". Like, really. How many times I've received an awesome present and proceeded to look all happy and omigosh all over the place when suddenly everyone gets upset because I didn't say a mere "thank you"? *sigh* Really, sometimes I think people need to hear the words rather than seeing it for themselves. :/ On the same note, when I do something I'm really sorry for, I don't stop saying sorry until the person gets that I really mean it. I know I might have hurt the person, but I can't help but try to help them. And that makes me feel so bad inside...
  11. caramba2654

    Thoughts on PonyTube

    Well, I've always found FimFiction hard to use. Its design is a little weird for me. And I also know people that can't stand Derpibooru's layout. Making a universal website that has a uniform interface for all content types is, essentially, making content easier to view. Especially if they implement my ideas of customization.
  12. caramba2654

    Thoughts on PonyTube

    I guess is makes everything uniform. Like, DeviantArt works differently than Youtube. If there was a service that provided any content in a specific universal way, I'd sure use it.
  13. caramba2654

    Thoughts on PonyTube

    Oh, you mean this? www. Yeah, I signed up as a beta tester, got approved and never heard back from them. :/
  14. Why only the Mane 6? Seriously, people should know that there are other ponies too! Like Thunderlane. I'd choose him to nurse me.
  15. caramba2654

    Journal: My Journey on Learning How to Draw

    Update time! I found a good Android App that I can use my tablet with. Well, I found two good ones, but one sucks at coloring and the other sucks at lineart. I did the pony above in the one that sucks at lineart. I think I can comfortably draw pony bodies in the default position now. It's become natural and all I need to do is follow guidelines I created. Now I just need to practice some other poses. Then, when I get good at it, I'll look into improving the lineart and coloring, maybe even adding some shading. I'll probably do lineart on my computer. If only I could use my tablet as a graphics tablet :/