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  1. @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @Windy Breeze 🥧 Silver soon joined in on the celebration with the rest of the group as the mini game completed. They were all soon returned to the front of the ice cream parlour and received their respective upgrades as a reward for completing the level. As they wait for the others, Silver smiles and silently observes the rest of his teammates as they checked out their new upgrades. He also brought the small box that he received up closer to examine its contents. It appears to contain some sort of dried food, though Silver wasn’t quite sure what it was, exactly. However, he looked over to his dragon companion perched on his shoulder, who he noticed taking quite an interest in whatever was in the box. The Kirin deduced that it must be some sort of food or treat for his dragon, which would most likely give him a status effect. He would have to wait until the next quest to try them out. Silver hung out idly with the rest of his team, waiting for the rest to come back from the main quest.
  2. @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @Windy Breeze 🥧 Silver glanced over at his teammates and noticed that Pencil had decided to send her scorpion over his way to assist him. Silver silently nods his head in acknowledgement and thanks, before turning his attention back to oncoming hoard. The two fought valiantly, until the scorpion was called back by Pencil to assist her with her fight. Thankfully, they had managed to cut down most of the enemies, only leaving five left for Silver and his dragon to deal with. Despite being at somewhat of a disadvantage, with the help of his sword and armour, Silver and his dragon companion are able to take down all five enemies left in his vicinity, before moving over to assist his party members with the remaining demons.
  3. Duh, of course I would. How could you not? Kirin are simply the best things ever~! *not biased at all*
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  5. @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @Windy Breeze 🥧 Silver chuckled at Pencil’s evil giggle and watched with interest as she went to work summoning a new creation to help them in the mini game. After a short while, she’s finished, and has brought a scorpion to life. He watched the creature disintegrate a nearby tree before they were all pulled into the mini game together. The group was placed on a small platform seemingly floating in mid-air, surrounded by sky and bottomless pit as far as the eye could see. It didn’t take long for the enemies to start coming towards them, and Silver rolls for the effectiveness of his dragon companion. Unfortunately, he only rolls a 2. While not completely useless, the dragon is only able to engage one opponent at a time from a short distance. Thankfully, the enemies are one-hit kills, but there are many of them. Silver’s dragon will need help from the others to stay alive. Silver’s dragon will need help from the others to stay alive. Silver is also able to engage units within striking distance with his sword, but this is more of a last resort than something to be relied upon.
  6. @Samurai Equine @Windy Breeze 🥧 The team enters the shop and Silver looks around briefly. He sees Sundae, and waves at her as she talks to Trilby and Shadow. Certain items, such as upgrades and potions, could be bought here. While they currently didn’t have any money, Trilby noted that they could each get one free item by playing a mini game, an FPS. “Sure, let’s go for it.” Silver agreed with Trilby’s request. "Free early upgrade sounds like a good idea to me."
  7. @Samurai Equine Silver is glad to see Trilby accept his role as team leader. He gets right to work and figures out where their first set of side quests will be. He takes off and Silver follows until they reach a different part of the city. “Sure, Trilby. Let’s go check this place out.” He responds. The Kirin is somewhat confused by what could be awaiting them in an ice cream shop of all places, but after thinking for a moment, he does remember talking to Sundae Delight earlier, so perhaps this is her shop. Either way, Silver follows Trilby into the store to find out what was inside.
  8. @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @Windy Breeze 🥧 Silver smiled and nodded his head as Pencil made her way over to group. “Based on what we know so far, I think Trilby should be our team leader.” Silver suggested in response to Pencil’s question. “Since he was able to figure out where we need to go to find our missions, I think he could certainly serve well as our leader moving forward.” He then turns towards Trilby. “If you’re nervous about leading at all, I can help you if you want. I was adventuring myself for months before arriving in Friendshire, so perhaps I could help you out in some way. Or maybe Shadow wants to lead? Not trying to leave anyone out here.” He says looking towards the Pegasus.
  9. @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @Windy Breeze 🥧 "No questions, Trilby." Silver responded. "I'm ready to move out with you and the rest of the side quest team whenever they're ready." @C. Thunder Dash @Dynamo Pad @Pastel Heart Silver turned to the other team. "Best of luck to you all. See you on the other side." Silver salutes them briefly before turning back to his own team.
  10. @Dynamo Pad @Samurai Equine Silver idly plays around with a bone in his armour as Trilby explains his idea for the team breakdowns and waits until he finishes before speaking. “So, two teams, four ponies each. One group mains, other does sides. Sounds simple enough. One healer per side, and it sounds like Trilby volunteers to be in the main group. Dynamo offers to be on the main team as well? Alright, I can go to the side quest team to try and balance things out, unless anypony else would prefer to be there instead?” He offered.
  11. I can check my subscription details from here: Shows me my current subscription, renew date, details, along with links to cancel, downgrade, and upgrade. Hope this helps. ^^
  12. @C. Thunder Dash @Dynamo Pad @Pastel Heart Since it seemed everypony was here, and got their questions sorted out, now was as good of a time as any to get going. The castle doors opened, and Silver moved up to join the others who had gathered together. “I am a Dragon Master.” He said in response to Dynamo’s query. “My main ability is, well, my dragon, of course. He doesn’t seem to talk but he does follow commands that I give him. I also have armour made of dragon scales and bones, a sword, and a whip. I don’t feel like my character is frontline material, but it doesn’t seem like many in our party are, so I suppose I could be if need be. I have plenty of experience adventuring in the real world so perhaps that’s worth something here. One thing is for sure, regardless of what teams we end up on, we all need to work together if we’re gonna have any chance of reaching the good ending. I do agree with Thundy, we should try to establish a base of some sort, and maybe locate the shop to find out our possible upgrades.” He suggested.
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  14. @Samurai Equine Silver stiffens a laugh over Trilby messing up various ponies’ names, and completely forgetting his. “It’s fine, Trilby, really. We really didn’t have a chance to meet each other earlier. I’m Silver Slate, nice to finally make your acquaintance.” He extends a hoof and smiles. Silver looks towards the pony dressed in royal attire, apparently the ‘Justice King’, and their team leader, it seemed. Perhaps this was one of the mayors he had heard about briefly. Regardless, seemed their objective was to defeat and obtain some sort of treasure from the Dark King. He also heard that they would probably be in at least two separate teams, which Silver agreed was a good idea. That many ponies with such varying abilities would’ve been a nightmare to organize. Silver briefly scanned the room and tried to figure out whose team he’d rather be on, before turning his attention back to the Justice King. “No questions from me.” Silver responded, awaiting whatever was to happen next.
  15. @Pastel Heart @Samurai Equine In the blink of an eye, Silver was transported to a new area, this one placing him with most of his friends, this time. As he looked around, he noticed that everpony there had a different class that reflected either their personality or skill set. As for himself, his dragon master class granted him a set of snazzy red armour made from dragon scales and bones. He briefly considered the fact that he was wearing his own skin as armour, before shrugging it off and continuing to inspect the rest of his ensemble. He noticed the sword and whip at his side, both perfect companions for any adventurer. But the most interesting bit by far was the long, slender dragon perched upon his shoulder. It didn’t seem to be able to talk, but hopefully it would obey commands without much issue. Silver briefly turned his attention to Pastel who was going on about Trilby being the ‘toilet paper salespony’ again. What the correlation between hats and toilet paper were in her mind, he’d probably never know. At any rate, the Kirin waited for everypony else to show up, then hopefully he could figure out what this game was all about. His past experiences told him that he would probably be better off working alone, if possible. He would need to wait for some sort of mission description or goal which they would need to achieve to determine whether that was possible or not.