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  1. Nah, graphics aren't everything. They're nice, don't get me wrong, but after a while, playing a game with tons of bugs in it gets really annoying, no matter how nice the graphics are.
  2. Me too! I've been wanting to have a Kirin OC since we were introduced to them back in S8. I just really like the look of them. I doubt many have seen any Kirin before. That'll change soon! Silver looks forward to meeting Shadow and the rest of the town's inhabitants/visitors. ^^ He just tries to stay calm because a flaming rage-monster doesn't exactly make for a good first impression. Glad there are so many that are fond of him. I wasn't sure what the reaction might be.
  3. Thanks for having me! I doubt Silver has met a pony quite like yours either, so it should be fun for both of them! Ok, sounds good, I think I'll wait till the next day, and jump in from there.
  4. Well, I haven't been part of an RP here in a while, but I'd like to give it a go, if you're ok with having me. NAME: Silver Slate AGE: Mid 20's GENDER: Male SPECIES: Kirin OCCUPATION OR DESIRED JOB: Carpenter, currently exploring the world, desires to find something more exciting ABILITIES/TALENTS: Aside from carpentry, Kirin have a large culture of singing, dancing, and theatre, which were a huge part of his life when he lived in Kirin Grove. All Kirin can also use telekinesis, like Unicorns. PERSONALITY: Friendly, adventurous, creative (enjoys numerous activities from reading to painting), and a hard worker. Can come across as reserved or anti-social at times. Heโ€™s not being rude; he just doesnโ€™t want to hurt anyone. (See other information) Combined with his sarcastic sense of humour, it can be difficult sometimes to tell when he's joking or being serious. BACKSTORY: Silver Slate, like most other Kirin, is from Kirin Grove, which is a small village located within the Peaks of Peril. Until Fluttershy and Applejack were able to help restore their community, the Kirin were largely cut off from the outside world. Only recently have they started to become interested in exploring the rest of Equestria. Silver is one of said Kirin, who left his family, friends, and stable job as a carpenter to explore the world around him. The village supported Silver in his decision, and he writes to them often to tell them about his findings. ANY OTHER IMPORTANT/RELEVANT INFORMATION: Silver is a very, very calm Kirin. Too calm, actually. This sets the level of anger needed to transform him into a Nirik lower than most other Kirin. Silver's way of dealing with this is to just not get excited at all. This results in most ponies who donโ€™t know him thinking heโ€™s cold or uninterested, but this simply is not true. Due to his calm nature, his Nirik form is less dangerous than normal. Also has an unhealthy hatred towards raisins. DESCRIPTION AND/OR REF IMAGE: ๏ปฟ (Sorry, no ref image, just made this guy a couple days ago, and canโ€™t draw to save my life!) Average height and build, green eyes, two-toned name, (Maya blue with strips of steel blue) slate grey coat, light grey carapaces on muzzle and back, horn is dark red with a lighter red flame pattern that glows when using his magic.
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      When I can go out again, Iโ€™m gonna go to a restaurant called Rashayโ€™s and get a double chicken parmigiana with chips and salad with a beer

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      Glad you're alright but that sounds like a lot of tests.

      I hated tests at school.

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  12. Hi GD, howโ€™s things?

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