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  1. Good morning, GD.

    1. GeneralDirection


      Hey there! Hope you have an awesome day today! I'm heading off to work now.

    2. The Bone Soldier

      The Bone Soldier

      I’ll try, mate.


      You stay safe out there.

  2. GeneralDirection

    Technology Computer builders: Show your case

    Apologies for terribad lighting/image quality.
  3. GeneralDirection

    How to make friends

    I heard it also helps to have a Vinyl Scratch avatar. Good to see that some people still don't view friendship as a one-way street!
  4. GeneralDirection

    For The Transit Fans: Company Profile: Fairfax Connector

    I don't know why but that 35 ft Orion V looks kinda cute. :3
  5. GeneralDirection

    BronyCAN - 2016 Discussion

    Headings off for Vancouver today. I'll be there for the full three days.
  6. Sounds good to me! She did bring some gifts over, so she'll still be in the area. ^^
  7. @@Hypn0ticD, @@Taialin, @ Amidst the confusion, Vinyl Scratch had stepped away, and chose to silently watch a safe distance away from the crowd of ponies that had gathered. She observed the interactions between the human, Discord, and the reigning monarchs of Equestria, occasionally snickering at some of the dialogue being exchanged. As one might expect from Discord, the concert had dissolved into utter chaos. Aside from that, Vinyl still maintained her opinion that the human, who she had heard being referred to as ‘Colette’, had both played and sung very well. She also made out something from the princesses about the human being allowed to perform again, and this news excited the unicorn. Her initial attempt to talk with Colette hadn’t exactly gone as she had hoped, so Vinyl would have to look out for that in the future. She very much enjoyed a good discussion with a fellow musician, even if they didn’t play the same genre of music that she did. Not only that, but with this human being from another world, there could be a number of fascinating things she could learn. However, that would all have to wait. The task at hoof at the moment was slightly less awesome. Princess Luna has requested her subjects to assist Pinkie Pie with bringing all these gifts to the ballroom of Canterlot Castle for the gala that would be taking place later. While it wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world to do, Vinyl certainly could help out. She used her magic to pick up what she felt was her fair share of the load, and proceeded to Canterlot Castle alongside the rest of the ponies.
  8. GeneralDirection

    The Hotel Room-Share Thread!

    Yep, that's where I'm staying also!
  9. GeneralDirection

    The Hotel Room-Share Thread!

    Hello everyone. I've got a friend of mine looking for a room, so if anyone is looking to share their room for BronyCAN year, please send me a PM on the forums here. Thanks!
  10. For midsized pickups my favourite is the Tacoma all the way! I'm hoping that it will be my next vehicle.
  11. @@Hypn0ticD, @@Taialin I'm going to be opening up my spot as Rainbow Dash in this RP to anyone who might be interested. I will continue to play as Vinyl and will hold RD's spot until someone else is found to play her. The reason for this is because it's simply become too much of a chore for me to post as Rainbow and I would rather see someone else take her on who would enjoy doing so. (BTW, not implying it has to be someone already participating!)
  12. @@Hypn0ticD, @@Taialin, @@Derplight Sperkle, @@Yoshi89, @@bronislav84, Rainbow Dash The first pony to notice Rainbow’s return was Rarity. Unfortunately, it was less than a warm welcoming. "And just where do you think you were? I would have thought you, of all ponies, would know that we were supposed to stick together? Some loyalty!" Rarity said, and was soon joined by Applejack. "Yeah, RD. We got a party to plan, and you think it's okay ta just up an' take off??" “Some welcoming this is…” She grumbled to herself. Moments after AJ spoke, she seemed to have a change of heart, and decided that her time would be better spent assisting Princess Luna. She trotted off to Luna’s chambers, leaving Rainbow to deal with Rarity. “Oh come on Rarity, I was gone for like, five minutes tops!” She paused for a moment, grinning weakly upon seeing the unicorn’s face of disapproval. “Okay, maybe it was a bit longer than that, but seriously, you didn’t expect me to be able to put up with all this boring non-action all day, did ya?” She replied, crossing her hooves. “Looks to me like you guys didn’t really need me here, anyway. You’re all still standing around in the same places I left ya. Well, except for AJ leaving just now. But you get my point.” Vinyl Scratch After Rainbow Dash left the studio, Vinyl Scratch went back to doing what she loved best: making music. However, today was proving to be a rather uneventful session. No matter what she tried to do, she just wasn’t satisfied with the results. In times like these, Vinyl found that it was often helpful for her to take a bit of a break and occupy her mind with something else. Which is why she was kinda glad Rainbow came by, as it gave her something else to focus on, even if the pegasus hadn’t stayed for very long. Despite that, Vinyl still couldn’t come up with anything she was happy with. “If this keeps up, I’m gonna drive myself crazy! Maybe I should just go outside for a bit and see if that helps. Yea, some fresh air would do me good anyway.” Vinyl closed the door to the studio and trotted along the road. Using her magic, Vinyl brought her trademark headphones up to her ears and was about to start playing some tunes, but put them back around her neck when she heard a strange noise off in the distance. The unicorn stopped moving, trying to identify the sound. But it didn’t sound like anything she had ever heard before. Her curiosity now sparked, Vinyl followed the noise until she reached the source, which really just created more questions than it did answers. Before her, a small crowd of ponies had assembled, all surrounding a hooded figure who appeared to be a minotaur of sorts. Maybe. Regardless of what the creature actually was, or whatever the instrument was that it was playing, the one thing that Vinyl did know is that he or she knew how it play it well. Despite the melody being unfamiliar, the unicorn knew that she was in the presence of some real talent. She opted to stay at the back of the crowd, not wanting to draw any attention away from the performer. Though Vinyl knew that with her status, it was only a matter of time before someone spotted her. It was at this point that Discord decided to join the show. Not literally, but the sudden appearance of lights, fireworks, and a banner could have only come from the master of Chaos himself. “This is a pretty awesome gig!” She thought to herself. A few minutes later, the final song came to an end, and the ponies surrounding her displayed their approval in various forms. Vinyl also added her voice and hoofstomps to the cheering that ensued. Having witnessed such a performance, Vinyl felt that she just had find out more about whoever that was up at the front, and more importantly, thank them for such a great show. The unicorn slowly made her up to where the creature stood, ignoring all of the exciting gasps and whispering from the ponies in the crowd who recognized her. “Hey!” She addressed the hooded figure. “That was an amazing show you put on! Your singing was like, spot on. Really fit the tone of the songs you chose. Your…what is it that you called it now… guitar playing was pretty awesome, too! Oh, my name’s Vinyl Scratch, in case you hadn’t heard of me in…wherever it is that you’re from. Are all the songs you played your original work? ‘Cause I’ve never heard any of them before. They sound great! Who is it that I have the pleasure of meeting?” Vinyl asked, grinning ear to ear.
  13. GeneralDirection

    BronyCAN - 2016 Discussion

    I was there for that! Hard to believe that it's been three years already... I'd totally love to do something like that again. I think I will actually go this year for the whole thing. Might bring one of my brothers along with me who is also a brony. Should be fun.