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  1. Yes, it's time for some more art spam from me, this time it's a commission of Cordelia, my only earth pony OC. Art drawn by MonsoonVisionz on DA. This one was an adopt from her as well so this was something new for me. ^^ Cordelia.png?1606374941

  2. The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. No, I'm still here, just very busy and stressed out. ExplosionMare probably put it best here. I'm sorry I haven't been very active in the latter portion of this event, I'm sure my character's presence would be greatly appreciated right now. >_< I don't wanna say I'll have a post out by X date because I can't guarantee anything, simply put. Appreciate you guys mentioning me so it makes it easier for me to try and keep track of what's going on. ^^
  3. Your new avatar is so cute :BrightMacContent:

    Did you draw it or have someone else draw it?

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    2. GeneralDirection


      Thank you, I love it too! No, I wish I could draw, nevermind as good as that, it was actually drawn and gifted to me by an artist named Rutkotka on DA. :) Yes Splashee is correct, I made a status update with the full image and some info here:

    3. Splashee


      What is DA? :ooh:


      And yes, your avatar is really good! It has more personality to it compared to the last one :coco:

    4. GeneralDirection


      @Splashee Deviant Art, sorry. ^^ Thank you as well! She did a great job on it. :)

  4. @C. Thunder Dash @Cinnamon Coffee @Dynamo Pad @ExplosionMare @Kronos the Revenant @Pastel Heart @Samurai Equine @Windy Breeze Silver arrived at the final level with the others, quickly surveying his surroundings as any good adventurer would, and noticing how grim and barren the terrain was compared to the last level. Silver watched as several monsters begun to close in on them, only to discover that they couldn’t harm them until they actually entered the level. So, into the portal they all went, arriving in Kronos’ base, which turned out to be a rather high-tech ordeal. They all assembled, and Silver noticed that their team had grown once again. He wished he had the time to meet all these new ponies properly, but that would have to wait for another time. Of course, their session wouldn’t be complete without more taunts from Kronos. Hopefully they would have the last word in this exchange. It would seem that Pastel had gone missing. Hopefully, she was safe wherever it was that she went off to. But one the newcomers had an ability to sense energies, and apparently could tell where Pastel was inside the base. Armed with this new information, the best course of action would be to follow this… Tree Song, was it? The kirin would follow the others and do his best to prepare himself for the boss fight ahead. A few them hadn’t participated in a boss fight before, so it would be a new experience to figure out. He also heard some with questions regarding what Kronos was like. “I talked to Kronos the first day I arrived in Friendshire.” Silver explained as they walked along. “He is a fierce warrior, a very competitive fighter, and he will not go down easy. This isn’t even taking into account any boosts that he’s undoubtably received from this game; it will require the cooperation of everypony here in order to take him down. Sorry to say, but we’ve definitely got an uphill battle ahead of us, as one might expect from the final level.”
  5. Had some art gifted to me today! Headshot of Silver, drawn & gifted by Rutkotka on DA. Such a nice and thoughtful gift, much appreciated! <3 




  6. What's this, Gen's making a status update? Never! >_>

    Yes, it's true. Only been about four years now since my last one. I think that's longer than some of you have been here in total, lol. Anyway, for anyone with a pulse who happens to still be following me (I think there's a few of you), I got some new art recently that I commissioned! This is Charlotte, one of my kirin mares, and Silver's younger sister. A bit of info on both her and Silver is in my About Me section if you're interested. Artwork is by MonsoonVisionz on DA if you'd like to see more of her work. :)


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      GD making updates, awesome. ^^

      Looks great.

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      Samurai Equine

      Awesome art!
      Good to hear from you, my friend. Happy Kindness Day. :eager:

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      Great to see you again! Happy Kindness Day! :kindness:

  7. @C. Thunder Dash @FuntimeMare @Oni Equine @PawelS @Windy Breeze “Oh okay, no problem, just wondered.” Silver wouldn’t have to wonder for long, for they would get their tower finished first, and it transforms into a fountain before their eyes. Silver wasn’t quite sure what it was that they had just accomplished, but he wouldn’t get much time to think about that, as they were all soon transported back to the lobby once again. Silver looked towards Pencil as she received their reward for finishing the game. Based on her query, the Kirin assumed that whatever they were just awarded would allow them to skip the next level. He thought about for a minute before responding. “Yea, I understand the appeal of wanting to skip the next level. It would make things easier on all of us. But I can’t help but think that if we skip it, we’ll also miss out on whatever reward it might have for us. Perhaps we could find out some info on the next level before we decide?” Silver asks the group. “I realize this may not be possible, but I feel like it might be worth trying. Maybe if it’s relatively easy, we can save our level skip for something harder.”
  8. @FuntimeMare “Ah, right on.” He replied with a smile. “I’m never quite sure of what I’m capable of in this game world, either.” He watched Pencil as she lifted another stack of blocks into place and quickly merged with the rest of the tower to create half of a level. Taking his cue, he levitated another stack of blocks up, which soon joined and formed the other half of the level. Silver glanced over at the other towers to find they were keeping up well with the others at this point. “You’ve been doing a good job here, Pencil. Now with the both of us here, I think we stand a pretty good chance of finishing first. Though I’m not even sure what it is that we’ll win. Do you happen to know?” The Kirin asked as he started putting more blocks together.
  9. @FuntimeMare Silver was delighted to hear that Pencil was looking for a teammate and listened intently as she explained how this world worked. It seemed that Pencil had already gathered a significant amount of resources, so all that was left to do was build. From what he could see, all one needed to do was merge the materials together to create the blocks needed for the tower. A bit strange, Silver thought, but they were in a video game world after all. After watching Pencil for a bit, the Kirin understood what needed to be done, and was eager to start helping. “Yep, sure thing, Pencil” He replied. Silver’s horn pattern lit up and he quickly got to work grabbing materials, producing blocks, and lifting them up into place with his magic. He glanced over in Pencil’s direction momentarily and noticed her struggling somewhat to get blocks into place because of how high the tower was getting. “If you want, I could position the blocks and you could keep making more. It’s a bit easier for me to do, because, you know, magic and all.” He suggested. He hoped that she wouldn’t take it the wrong way and think that he was bragging or anything.
  10. @FuntimeMare @Oni Equine (Just tagged you so you know I'm back) Silver wasn’t quite sure what had happened. He had just taken a minute to look around at the scenery least he had thought so, and the next minute nearly everypony was gone through the portal. Silver quickly ran through and was soon greeted by the next level. A bonus game, some sort of tower building puzzle it seemed. The terrain before hm was composed of a mix of grassy plains, dense forests, and rolling hills. He could also see three large mounds in the center, where his teammates had ventured to and began their building. He noticed that Shadow and a new pony he hadn’t met yet had decided to team up, and with the head start everypony else had, Silver figured it would be best if he did the same. Since he had met her earlier, Silver quickly made his way towards the tower that Pencil was working on and stopped beside her. “Hey, Pencil!” He greeted after catching his breath for a moment. “Looks like you’re doing a pretty good job here so far. I noticed some of the other were teaming up, and I got here late, would you mind if I joined in and helped you out?” He asked with a smile.
  11. Nope, that's fine, please do keep tagging me if you want. It reminds me to check in and see what's going on. I don't wanna get too far behind on your progress, and I still will try to post if I can.
  12. Just wanted to say that I appreciate those who are trying to keep me involved in the RP, your efforts don't go unnoticed. ^^ I have midterms going on next and and the following week so I apologize if my posts aren't that great or as frequent as they used to be. I have no plans to leave the RP here I just have a lot going on right now, so please bear with me for a bit!
  13. Happy birthday, fellow RPer! Hope you have a good one! ^^

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      Thanks GeneralDirection!

      So far it’s been pretty good :) 

  14. Happy Birthday, bud! Hope you have a good one! ^^

  15. @ExplosionMare Silver, on the other hoof, wasn’t having as much fun. It seemed that the hippo was enjoying itself, but he certainly was not. Silver elected to jump off the hippo since they had arrived at their destination and him getting any dizzier didn’t sound like much fun. “Sure, if you want to, go ahead, draw some wings onto this guy. Seems you can do pretty much whatever you want here with that paintbrush of yours.” Silver said in reply to Pencil’s question, once he regained his bearings.