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  1. @C. Thunder Dash @Dynamo Pad @Samurai Equine Silver broke from the group hug before too long and listened to Chelsea explain her story to them all. Silver did feel sad for her, what she had to go through was certainly terrible, but given how few interactions they’d had and his commitment to staying level-headed, remained quiet for the time being. Last thing he needed was to trigger his nirik state here. However, it seemed Samurai had more than enough energy to make up for it. After getting that out of his system, Samurai made a comment about somepony being missing. Thundy then mentio
  2. @C. Thunder Dash Silver looks up and sees the group hug that’s formed around Chelsea. It would seem that she’s had a rather troubled past, Silver didn’t catch exactly what had been said, but whatever it was clearly bothered her a great deal. The kirin wasn’t exactly the type to give hugs to those he didn’t know well, that was more Charlotte’s speed. But this time he decided to make an exception and joined the others in the group hug.
  3. @C. Thunder Dash @Dynamo Pad @Samurai Equine Silver returned Dynamo’s hug before following the others outside. He nodded and smiled in response to Thundy and Chelsea’s greetings before responding. “Yes, well I’m doing fine all things considered, no injuries to report so I think that’s a good sign. I was very busy with helping others around town, we didn’t get to meet up before the attack started happening, so I regret not being able to fight alongside you all, but it looks like everything worked out in the end! I do hope that I’ll get to spend some time together with you all soon, seems t
  4. @C. Thunder Dash @Dynamo Pad @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine (Apologies if I missed anyone, been out of the loop for a while and there's a few of you I haven't met yet!) Silver ran at a brisk pace, trying to quickly check on every last pony he had helped to make sure they were all ok now. After a short while, everypony was safe and working on making restorations after the attack on Friendshire. Imagine knowing fire magic amid a paper army invasion. He hadn’t seen much of the others since they were separated by the incoming waves of enemies, but Silver was sure that his friends were plenty
  5. @SolidFire7 “A changeling, huh?” He remarked as he watched Phoenix vanish and then soon reappear. “I see. So you’re also a traveller as well? I’ve spent a lot of time travelling around Equestria myself. Good to meet you, Phoenix. I hope you’ll find a place for yourself in this town as I have. The ponies here are very friendly and welcoming.” He smiled before turning to face Final. @Samurai Equine “Nice to meet you as well. I have no idea about time travel or how that works so I commend you for that. Sounds rather interesting. My name’s Silver, and I’m a kirin. It’s a cross betwe
  6. @Kronos the Revenant @Samurai Equine @SolidFire7 Silver gave a small smile to the mail clerk as he left his letter with her. He wasn’t entirely sure how reliable the town’s mail system was, considering it wasn’t even on the map, but he had to at least try. Every place he had visited, he had always sent off a letter to his friends and family back home to tell them about his findings. Since he had made the decision to stay, Silver felt that the least he could do was let them know. Of everypony there, he would miss his younger sister the most. But he knew he couldn’t stay there, and she coul
  7. @SolidFire7 I've also been looking for a way to get my character back into the RP so I could possibly welcome you to the town as well, although he's pretty new himself. We could be new together I suppose. :3 Doubt either of our OCs have seem the likes of each other before, could be fun. ^^ You don't have to, just throwing it out there.
  8. I'm bad at updating things here... just really busy with schoolwork for the most part. For those that don't know I'm on the final semester of my college program so yea... lots of work and stress. >_< Anyway, everything's not all bad! I got some more art done! Here's a traditional headshot sketch of Charlotte! ^-^ Art by Lailyren.



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  9. This is just where all the old farts of the forum have come to convene and reminisce, isn't it? I remember your name but not a whole lot else. :3 I was surprised to see you pop up as a view on my profile, I guess this sorta explains why~. I see I'm a bit late to the party but welcome back nevertheless. Hope your time back has been going well so far. ^^
  10. Yes, it's time for some more art spam from me, this time it's a commission of Cordelia, my only earth pony OC. Art drawn by MonsoonVisionz on DA. This one was an adopt from her as well so this was something new for me. ^^ Cordelia.png?1606374941

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  11. The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. No, I'm still here, just very busy and stressed out. ExplosionMare probably put it best here. I'm sorry I haven't been very active in the latter portion of this event, I'm sure my character's presence would be greatly appreciated right now. >_< I don't wanna say I'll have a post out by X date because I can't guarantee anything, simply put. Appreciate you guys mentioning me so it makes it easier for me to try and keep track of what's going on. ^^
  12. @C. Thunder Dash @Cinnamon Coffee @Dynamo Pad @ExplosionMare @Kronos the Revenant @Pastel Heart @Samurai Equine @Windy Breeze Silver arrived at the final level with the others, quickly surveying his surroundings as any good adventurer would, and noticing how grim and barren the terrain was compared to the last level. Silver watched as several monsters begun to close in on them, only to discover that they couldn’t harm them until they actually entered the level. So, into the portal they all went, arriving in Kronos’ base, which turned out to be a rather high-tech ordeal. They all assembled
  13. Had some art gifted to me today! Headshot of Silver, drawn & gifted by Rutkotka on DA. Such a nice and thoughtful gift, much appreciated! <3 




  14. What's this, Gen's making a status update? Never! >_>

    Yes, it's true. Only been about four years now since my last one. I think that's longer than some of you have been here in total, lol. Anyway, for anyone with a pulse who happens to still be following me (I think there's a few of you), I got some new art recently that I commissioned! This is Charlotte, one of my kirin mares, and Silver's younger sister. A bit of info on both her and Silver is in my About Me section if you're interested. Artwork is by MonsoonVisionz on DA if you'd like to see more of her work. :)


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  15. @C. Thunder Dash @FuntimeMare @Oni Equine @PawelS @Windy Breeze “Oh okay, no problem, just wondered.” Silver wouldn’t have to wonder for long, for they would get their tower finished first, and it transforms into a fountain before their eyes. Silver wasn’t quite sure what it was that they had just accomplished, but he wouldn’t get much time to think about that, as they were all soon transported back to the lobby once again. Silver looked towards Pencil as she received their reward for finishing the game. Based on her query, the Kirin assumed that whatever they were just awarded would allo
  16. @FuntimeMare “Ah, right on.” He replied with a smile. “I’m never quite sure of what I’m capable of in this game world, either.” He watched Pencil as she lifted another stack of blocks into place and quickly merged with the rest of the tower to create half of a level. Taking his cue, he levitated another stack of blocks up, which soon joined and formed the other half of the level. Silver glanced over at the other towers to find they were keeping up well with the others at this point. “You’ve been doing a good job here, Pencil. Now with the both of us here, I think we stand a pret
  17. @FuntimeMare Silver was delighted to hear that Pencil was looking for a teammate and listened intently as she explained how this world worked. It seemed that Pencil had already gathered a significant amount of resources, so all that was left to do was build. From what he could see, all one needed to do was merge the materials together to create the blocks needed for the tower. A bit strange, Silver thought, but they were in a video game world after all. After watching Pencil for a bit, the Kirin understood what needed to be done, and was eager to start helping. “Yep, sure thing, Pe
  18. @FuntimeMare @Oni Equine (Just tagged you so you know I'm back) Silver wasn’t quite sure what had happened. He had just taken a minute to look around at the scenery least he had thought so, and the next minute nearly everypony was gone through the portal. Silver quickly ran through and was soon greeted by the next level. A bonus game, some sort of tower building puzzle it seemed. The terrain before hm was composed of a mix of grassy plains, dense forests, and rolling hills. He could also see three large mounds in the center, where his teammates had ventured to and began their building. He
  19. Nope, that's fine, please do keep tagging me if you want. It reminds me to check in and see what's going on. I don't wanna get too far behind on your progress, and I still will try to post if I can.
  20. Just wanted to say that I appreciate those who are trying to keep me involved in the RP, your efforts don't go unnoticed. ^^ I have midterms going on next and and the following week so I apologize if my posts aren't that great or as frequent as they used to be. I have no plans to leave the RP here I just have a lot going on right now, so please bear with me for a bit!
  21. Happy birthday, fellow RPer! Hope you have a good one! ^^

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      Thanks GeneralDirection!

      So far it’s been pretty good :) 

  22. Happy Birthday, bud! Hope you have a good one! ^^

  23. @ExplosionMare Silver, on the other hoof, wasn’t having as much fun. It seemed that the hippo was enjoying itself, but he certainly was not. Silver elected to jump off the hippo since they had arrived at their destination and him getting any dizzier didn’t sound like much fun. “Sure, if you want to, go ahead, draw some wings onto this guy. Seems you can do pretty much whatever you want here with that paintbrush of yours.” Silver said in reply to Pencil’s question, once he regained his bearings.
  24. @ExplosionMare Silver watched intently as Pencil goes to work creating a creature for him. It doesn’t take long before she finishes and has produced a hippopotamus, which soon started bouncing towards him. This one certainly seemed to have plenty of energy. It did its best to kneel in order make it easier for him to get on its back, which he no problem in doing. “Thanks, Pencil!” He said with a smile. “I’m sure he’ll work out just fine.” He turned and noticed a newcomer among them, who had landed amongst the others near the vehicles. While she talks with the others, Silver turns
  25. @ExplosionMare Silver watched as most of his teammates jumped into various vehicles to head off toward the next level. As before, he wasn’t all too keen on riding in them, and instead turned his attention towards Pencil, who had drawn and mounted a large bear to use as her mode of transportation. “Hey, Pencil! I’m not too interested in the vehicles either… any chance you could draw me up something as well, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble?” He asked and pointed towards the dragon on his shoulder. “I don’t think he’s ready to be ridden yet, perhaps later on I’ll find something to ma
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