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  1. pewpew! haven't been here for years oboy!

  2. Nobody has ever surveyed life!! Staying alive is dangerous people!!

  3. Anyone know about any good Painting/drawing programs for Mac??

  4. Its really cool that you play so much with your niece!! Whis I had such an awesome uncle! Didn't watch much of the gameplay on the tho (Cant stand horror games )
  5. Has anyone here seen Barakamon, and do you know of any anime like it??

  6. Pale cocoon was good!!

  7. what do you do on a friday night when you're bored?

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    2. GeneralDirection


      At work. My job. I work for the local transit system in town as a serviceperson.

    3. Adro2503


      Sounds fun? I should do some work myself really. Thank you for reminding me!

    4. GeneralDirection


      It's a fairly mundane job. You have to be able to create your own fun. Aside from the nice paycheck, I'm there for the experience. Went to university last year to get my CT Mechanic foundation. That's the way I'm trying to go...

  8. My mac is working again!!!!! WOO!

  9. anyone here seen Barakamon?

  10. I have to start to quit being lazy!

  11. New banner is awesome!!

  12. I am trying to register to a chinese music streaming service! Anypony here know chinese?

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      I've eaten chinese food once, does that count?

    2. Adro2503
  13. My charger is making weird noises. Should I be afraid?

    1. Gracefilly


      Back away slowly, then run!

  14. is the forums really slow today? or is it just me? :(

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    2. Miles


      Everyone's having problems.

      Best to just wait it out.

      I'm sure the IT guys of the site already know.

    3. Adro2503


      ok. I'm sure it will get resolved quickly :D

    4. Adro2503


      ok. I'm sure it will get resolved quickly :D

  15. is the forums really slow today? or is it just me? :(

  16. is the forums really slow today? or is it just me? :(

  17. How are you doing today every pony??

  18. Adro2503

    Visual Art Nothing.

    Holy apples!! Thats amazing!!!!! are you selling? I have no money but I wanna buy it!! :D:D
  19. Just found a Lego Vikings Chess box thingy in a closet in my room. Really beautiful, never seen it before tjho...

  20. Hvor var du da Oddvar Brå brakk staven?

  21. Just found this!

  22. That was awesome!! Good work! (is it a reference to cupcakes (the fanfic)??)
  23. Anybody on here who can help me learn japanese?

  24. I am back!!! How long has it been?? a year?

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