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  1. Hey guys, it's Black Licorice. Since it's been a long time since my last post, I might as well get you up-to-speed. In the post, I said I was the creator of Luna Game. Congrats to MelancholicMemory for finding out it was false. Why the long wait? TBH, I haven't been on the site much and completely forgot about the post until I was talking about video game theories with Dad last night and he asked what Luna Game was. Anyway, why did I do it? One of my friends was a HUGE fan of Creepypastas and decided to be a smart-aleck and dare me to say I was the creator of the games online. I was a bit bored, so I figured eh, why not? There is a SLIGHT bit of truth to the post, though, I WAS haveing a rough time with a stepdad in around the time I posted. He ended up leaving about a year ago. Other than that, the story is completely false. My name is NOT Dylan Fletcher, I don't live anywhere near Anaheim, and I'm certainly not the creator of Luna Game. Since there wasn't much reaction to the post, maybe the true creator can finally come forward. I might as well clear that up since this is most likely gonna be my last time on the forum before I completely forget about it altogether. BL out.
  2. A 15-year-old Pennsylvania teen produced an audio recording of kids who were bullying him and sent it to the school administration. Only ONE problem: the principal called the police in. Administrators had threatened to slap him with a felony wiretapping charge before agreeing to lower it to disorderly conduct, which the District Judge found him guilty of. You can read the story here: Your thoughts on this?
  3. I'll admit that I've only watched only one full episode since the show started and that was only because somebody linked me the episode on a forum. Other than that, I've watched 1 minute MAXIMUM parts of the show, and that is rare. I'm wondering, does that still make me a brony or not? I have written fanfics and all, but I'm starting to wonder if it was all for nothing.
  4. Kurt Cobain's 46th birthday is fast approaching and 2 months away is the 20th anniversary of Cobain's suicide, so I figured I'd ask this question. Would there be any difference in pop music if Kurt hadn't pulled the trigger?
  5. You forgot Buddhist, Wiccan, and Satanist in there. Anyway, I stopped watching the Super Bowl once the first quarter ended and I never saw the ad, so I have nothing to comment.
  6. There are some video games that some people think get less credit than they deserve. Which video games do you think are TERRIBLY underrated?
  7. I'd have to say SomeOrdinaryGamers, Markiplier, Game Theorists, and TheStickyPaddle. SOG and TSP are GREAT gaming Creepypasta readers, Mark's just plain hilarious when playing scary games, and Game Theorists really know how to make some outlandish theories seem legit.
  8. There was this one called "12 Minutes" that kind of freaked me out. It's about a religious show on a station in California that gave women headeaches. A guy from the station reviewing tapes of the show accidentally skips ahead, stops on a picture of a decayed head, kills his pregnant wife. A bit clichéd and the math's off, but an overall good story.
  9. There are gaming companies that rub people the wrong way, but the incidents are usually forgotten in a few years. This thread is for the companies that you can hold a grudge with. What is the WORST company in gaming?
  10. Some bands/singers get praised for their good music. This thread is not for those bands/singers. Basically, what musician makes music so bad it's funny?
  11. Some great video game franchises have been left untouched for years. Which ones need to be brought back up again in your opinion?
  12. Don't know if there's already a thread for this, so here goes. What gaming consoles get more respect than they deserve? For me, it's Xbox 360, GameBoy Color, and the PSP.
  13. Dear PinkiePony, We're getting real sick and tired of your crap. Just stop before you REALLY start to look like an idiot. Signed, /mlp/
  14. Absolutely no clue. "I made my family disappear."