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  1. As of today, I will no longer be active on MLP Forums. It was fun, but now it's done. Goodbye.

    1. Masked Panzy

      Masked Panzy

      Bya,buddy! I loved your art.


      But,yeah,It's not as fun as it used to be.

  2. Somepony help me! I can't get Pinkie Pie out of my head!

    1. Robin Hoof

      Robin Hoof

      Flufflepuff is usually good at getting pinky pie out, but then you'll have Flufflepuff there...

  3. Pinkie with her coloring book from S4 EP 2. Yes, I skipped her element on purpose. This scene for me seemed like a nod to Tumblrpon. I have no idea if that was the intent, but… This is me drawing for Tumblr. Pinkie here is The Avatar of All Tumblrpon. (For those who don't know "Tumblrpon" means "Ponies on Tumblr")
  4. Lookie! A Pinkie Pie with an ornament in her hair! A Hearth’s Warming Eve Pinkie Pie. Because of the ornament. Hush. Edit: This morning I realized that I had forgotten eyelashes.... So, I updated the image.
  5. Its official! Ancient Aztec gods are MLP canon! ^_^

  6. !? Why is today such a good day?

  7. My new wish is for Christopher Walken to sing a cover of Discord by Eurobeat Brony.

  8. Seven and one-half months ago I took up the brush and began to draw my new obsession: Ponies. Rind was my very first OC. Even before I made my ponysona, Eightbit Hoof. Now, I won’t make any claims to greatness but I am thrilled with how far I’ve come in such a short time. Especially given that this is a hobby for me - I’ve not the time to spare for drawing that I’d like, sadly. It feels very good to have learned so much doing something I truly love. I have many more ponies left to draw, I think. And of course much more yet to learn. See you in Equestria!
  9. Gah! I can't choose! Why is there no option for both!?