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    yolo is how you should see it
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    horse back riding - joking with people - jumping up and down - watching mlp - watching doctor who

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  1. I wrote a story! Check it out :http://www.quotev.com/story/3699597/Me-and-you-and-him/

  2. I wrote a story!!!!

  3. I am so excited! you guys should read my story 'You Me and him' on http://www.quotev.com/story/3699597/Me-and-you-and-him/ it s funny but's not done yet so you should watch for it! thank you!
  4. Ummmm I'm so sorry guys who have I not like ever given there answers yet cause I've been so busy I'm so sorry guys just like say hi or something and I'll give you your answers
  5. Lunapals

    Hellow :D

    Hi new buddy!!!! here have a muffin!!!! You will like this muffin. Its blueberry!!!
  6. Fluttershy takes care of animals that don't hibernate and Maeby angel stays awake and in the house during winter I mean think about it she doesn't come out of one of the holes so...
  7. Lunapals


    Hello new and old ponies my name is as you can see luna pals!!! this is a once in a lifetime chance to be friends with the coolest people on the internet because we rock so when you click on this thing you can leave only your first name and some info about yourself because we want you to meet new people because this is a people site and you are awesome!!!! so meet new People. On your mark .......... get set .......... go!!!!!
  8. never mind its on sugar cube corner and do any of you watch doctor who?????

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    2. Lunapals


      yeah i mean devil snowmen though with the eleventh doctor


    3. Lunapals


      and clara (blagh)

    4. thegoodhen


      I don't think I have seen that... Anyway, gotta go, bye! :3

  9. Lunapals

    Gaming What games do you play?

    i am a lady therefore i play skyrim , assassins creed , halo and other lady like games on the ps3 because those games are very ladylike!! ;P and legend of zelda on the wii
  10. Lunapals

    MLP Tattoos

    Yes I would get a tiny rainbow dash or apple jack or somepony else on my right ankle in the far future cause I'm to young to get 1 =)
  11. My mom figured it out when I secretly watched it on netfix and forgot to delete it from history and she was all like whaaaaaa and I was like "shoot"
  12. Lunapals


    Arrested development rocks!! than you do have something to watch when your done doctor who !!!!!!!!
  13. Lunapals

    Hello! Please help

    Yes but not to be a spoiler but get your hopes and dreams up because they are going to be granted buddie
  14. Ponies are the best things to study especially when your doing work on leaders like celestia cadence Luna and now twilight and don't forget about the mayor!!
  15. I would marry my prince shining armour in his shining armor and awesomeness oh and his eyes ahhhhhhhhh soo adorable don't you agree?? <3 I would marry my prince shining armour in his shining armor and awesomeness oh and his eyes ahhhhhhhhh soo adorable don't you agree?? <3
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