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  1. Invisible_Mango


    Hey, welcome to the forums. I'm sorta new-ish here myself. Anyway, always good to see other musicians. I'm not really the best singer, but I still do it(unless I can find other people to do it for me, lol). But yeah, my life revolves around music, writing, playing, and listening to it. So right on!
  2. Invisible_Mango


    Hola DragonFly. Welcome to the forum. Glad you made it. I'm sure you're gonna like it here. I just got here... recently either yesterday or two days ago, or something, haha. Hard to say. Weird schedual, or lack of one. Anyway, tons of awesome people here,
  3. I think discord is still gonna be evil. Either he's being deceptive, or something will happen that changes his mind... or he'll get tempted by evil or something... he's just gotta come back and be evil again. He's far too awesome of a villain not to.
  4. Invisible_Mango

    Gaming Best videogame songs!

    Oh yes, yes yes! I have got it! Can't believe I forgot about this one. There's a reason I learned how to play this song. Derp This might be my ultimate... Blizzard is phenomenal. Please, listen to me. The ArchBishop Lazarus, he led us down here to find the lost prince. The bastard led us into a trap! Now everyone is dead... killed by a demon he called the Butcher. Avenge us! Find this butcher and slay him, so that our souls may finally rest... Ahh memories... Ok I'm done my nostalgia trip now. Oh yeah... also... The ENTIRE Warcraft 2 soundtrack... oh man, listening to
  5. I'll let you know whenever it is that I finally get my hands on one lalala... derp derp, characters 12345678910111213141516171819 *cough*
  6. Invisible_Mango

    Gaming Best videogame songs!

    Tooooooo many to list. But... I can't go without naming a few. Starcraft has some AMAZING music. Wanna feel like a badass all day? Set your alarm clock to wake you up to this. Arkham city theme makes me feel tingly , especially when it gets into it around the 2 minute mark. Epic. Dang, I have more but can only put in two at a time, lol, probably a good thing.
  7. Is Hot Topic the only store that carries the vinyls? >_< No hot topic here in the middle of nowhere , aka Saskatchewan. After shipping it's gonna be about 90 bucks to get the three I want. Update: Actually, looked through the buy guide and tried to research online, doesn't look like it so I think I'm just gonna order em.
  8. I think for me it's the pinkie pie smile song. I also like fluttershy's lullaby, mostly cause it's fluttershy... even though it's pretty short. Off the show I liked boo hoo by Assertive Fluttershy though. I liked quite a few other fan made ones but that's the only one I can remember by name. DJ pon-3 bass cannon maybe? Dunno if that's the actual name though, haha.
  9. Invisible_Mango


    Welcome! Glad you made it, and I just wanna say Dark Side of the Moon is awwwweeeeesome!! Somehow though it only completely blows me away when I listen to it on vinyl. Any other medium and it's demoted to the rank of "One of the best albums of all time". Still mind blowing, but.... it doesn't give me goosebumps. Righto, anyway, welcome welcome!
  10. Where to begin!? Usually when I get looking at merch I just wanna take out a bank loan and buy it all, lol. I need to get a fluttershy plushie, maybe a pinkie one too. I had no idea build a bear had em, I'm pretty psyched about that. There's some really cool looking vinyl figures out from funko, I think those are the first thing on my list right now. I really wanna get a Rainbow Dash, a Fluttershy, and possibly a Derpy They look pretty stellar indeed!
  11. Invisible_Mango

    Hello friends!

    Hey, and welcome!! I just joined today too annnnd I'm starting to get settled in nicely. Everyones super nice here though so make yourself comfy and glad you made it! Garry's mod is sweet, btw! Well... so is minecraft and tf2, but I had some pretty memorable times in GM.
  12. Hey, I'm new here too, and just wanted to say hey, and welcome, and that as far as staying up late goes, I consider noon the following day to be late. I make my money playing guitar, so with no such thing as hours I tend to have some crazy sleeping patterns. I actually just woke up a few hours ago. I dunno what time it is, but theres no sun so it must be midday for me, lol. Anyway, welcome! !
  13. Why didn't I think of this before? I could DEFINITELY be friends with Vinyl Scratch. I'd love to take her to Astral Harvest, or Shambhala. That'd be right up her ally. (electronic music festivals)
  14. Being into ponies and the message the show represents just fits in so well with myself and what I like that I don't think it'd be possible to get bored of em. I pity the me who doesn't have time for ponies... cause that's the me who doesn't like music and dancing. *shudder*
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