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  1. skysweep

    Welcome to the GoG!

    Hi! Let me go through your questions point by point. If you do want to join, there is a form here to fill in; we will get to you as soon as possible. Well we dont really have anything to do with the Goodwill charity. Simply including the word "goodwill" in a name can simply mean that we are just here to help out. Unfortunately, as much as we would like to believe that everyone is here legitimately asking for requests and help, we have seen quite a few instances where people come in looking to score some free art. As we do have a limited number of artists working on limited numbers of requests, letting a less than honorable request slip through takes that opportunity away from someone else. Simply not screening cases isnt an option; it encourages the wrong kind of behaviour and defeats the purpose of having this project to begin with. However, as always there is significant difficulty in balancing the need to ensure art is given to the right people, without it getting in the way of what we intend to do. Thus, no solution we could ever offer would be perfect; there will always be pros and cons to every approach. I know we dont say much, as we are all volunteers who are often busy with IRL stuff, but we are open to suggestions from anyone. Having a pool of ideas helps the process somewhat, and everyone can chip in, in some way. The idea of a sponsor, at least in the way it was conceptualised was to have a specific group of people who do a little investigating into who the request is supposed to be for. For instance, it can be to find out what they like about the show and what needs to be drawn to give them some hope in what theyre facing. They would also try to offer some comfort and personal interaction with people; simply issuing artworks whenever someone faces trouble makes the artwork rather meaningless. In that case, we may as well issue stock pictures with the person's OC tacked on. The intention of having the artwork drawn, by volunteers specificially for them is to encapsulate whatever problem they are going through, and to show that they arent alone in this. Of course its not entirely necessary for the beneficiary to regale the whole story if they do not feel comfortable. However, it does help the process a lot of they are willing to share at least a few aspects or a short summary of what they are going through. If person "A" for instance is facing study stress from school but doesnt want to regale the blow by blow account to a sponsor "B", they can say that they are facing difficulty in school; they do not need to explain why or how any of this came about, just the reality of what they are facing. With that description, the artwork is made far more meaningful than just our OCs hugging theirs, but rather showing a community supporting them through their personal problem, whatever it may be. If they dont want the artwork displayed in public because it makes them uncomfortable, then it can also be kept private; its their artwork after all, and we will respect their decision on it. What this hopes to do in terms of securing the process is to put some roadblocks in the way of the opportunistic dishonorable person; it will require them to get a co-conspirator to agree on a story, who will not be able to get an artwork in return; we do see the vice versa trick in the request records and strike both requests off the list and blacklist them. Faking accounts wont work either; it will tip off a sponsor if the accounts of either the requester or the beneficiary are brand new. Of course none of these measures will deter the dedicated scammer, and they were never meant to. If you put in actual effort to try and scam a charitable project out of an artwork, id wonder why you would stoop to so low a level just to save yourself a couple of bucks when you should be supporting the wonderful talent the fandom has to offer. Sorry for the long answer, but i hope it does address all of your questions. I hope to see you around volunteering soon!
  2. skysweep

    Gallery of Goodwill

    Hi! Firstly, we do have a new space where the GoG is running from, do check it out for some more details. Although its a little administrative, we do need you to use the new links to register your donation. Dont worry, you dont need to re-donate, just log it and I can get it checked out. Also, we never had someone before ask us for an artwork for donating, but I dont see why it cant be accommodated. Ill look into it and get back to you. Thanks for your support!
  3. skysweep

    Everfree Northwest!

    Hi! Its Skysweep. Just thought I would want to let you guys know if youre interested, I will be at Everfree Northwest next weekend. Ill be there mostly to enjoy the con, but id be more than happy to chat about the GoG if youre there too! I will be wandering about mostly, but if youre intent on finding me, ill be cosplaying as my OC. So just look for the lost looking poni with green wings, a bacon tail and blue/cream mane. Do let me know beforehand if you can so I can find you too (and hopefully not just ambush me on the days themselves, I dont react well to jumpscares. No, it doesnt end well for the jumpscarer) Hope to see some people there!
  4. skysweep

    GoG Recruitment Drive

    Hi Everypony! Im Skysweep, coming in from the Gallery of Goodwill. We are back in the swing of things, but we are in a big need of volunteers. Artists, technical people, staff or even just people wanting to chip in and help out, we need everyone and anyone who is interested! Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone! Ive been working hard with my team on the GoG to get it back in the swing of things, and now its back! Come in, support us and find a place! We need every hoof we can get!

  6. skysweep

    Social Responsibility

    Hello! This is the more formal side of the GoG, and is meant to show transparency in our operations and social responsibility as a non profit. As we intend to be fully responsible for all that we do, this section is dedicated to any public release documents we might have for you. Right now we only have a public balance sheet, but if there is any other processes that need transparency, we will put it up here. Below is the link to a public access balance sheet of our operations, automatically updated as funds are used and obtained. We hope this allows you to see we have nothing but the best intentions for your contributions. Thanks for your interest and continued faith.
  7. skysweep


    Hi! Thanks for considering donating to our cause! We run purely of the donations of people to keep this project running. Thus, we ask that people provide whatever support they can to keep our vision alive. You can donate outright using this link below: We’ll have a shop up soon to sell merch, stay tuned! And we have a Patreon: All of these contributions gain you points that allow you to gain different member tiers, with varying levels of rewards to thank you for your help! Have a look! Tier Points Required Supporter 100 Benefactor 200 Philanthropist 500 Angel 1500 Archangel 2500+ , Subject to Approval Finally, we know this cannot fully represent what your donations do for us, but here is a thank you list of all the people who have supported us! Thanks for your interest, and I hope you will give generously to help! See you around, future Supporter!
  8. skysweep


    So, you want to volunteer with us? Firstly, thank you! We can use all the help we can get. We have a few ways you can contribute. Opportunity for everyone! Take a look and fill in the form below if youre interested in any of the roles. Thanks! NB: Do note that taking on a staff role demands a significantly larger commitment than that of a volunteer. Think carefully of how much you can contribute, not just what you can bring before choosing. Both are fulfilling in their own ways. Volunteering Form: Volunteer roles: Sponsor: (HIGH DEMAND) A role of a sponsor is to liaise with the requesters and beneficiaries, get to know them and to ensure the request is legitimate. Its a role of some responsibility, and is a good fit for people who enjoy getting to know others and are sympathetic. Applicants will need to ensure there is no conflict of interest in volunteering, (i.e they cannot liaise on requests that involve their friends) and sign an agreement not to do so. Ambassador: (MEDIUM DEMAND) An ambassador is an artist who will draw requests for others or make merch to sell in our store. It can be a good practice ground for artists while doing good with their work. For the most part, the requests are done out of goodwill, but a commission is claimable from sales of merch with their designs. Any applicants are subject to a quality review by Staff Artists before being accepted. Volunteers: (MEDIUM DEMAND) As staff cannot keep track of everything around the GoG, there is a need for volunteers to keep the wheels turning behind the scenes. If youre good for outreach, PR, content maintenance and policing threads, this is a role for you. However, if you are particularly skilled at a specific field and have prior experience, we advise trying for a staff position instead. Applicants work directly with staff to keep things working smoothly. They should be willing to help with what they can, and must remember not to abuse their trusted positions. Staff roles: Amongst staff, there are two kinds of people running the show: Staff Artists and General Staff. The main difference is one can draw and do requests and one cant. However, they essentially help out in the same way, keeping the GoG running smoothly through PR, Sponsor/Ambassador management, request handling, technology and web design. There is also a larger commitment required, and higher expectations to contribute. Staff Artists: Staff Artists are artists who have invested a significant amount of time and effort to the success of the GoG and were invited to join. Artists may also join directly as staff artists if they are of particular repute (i.e, well established artists). General Staff: The general staff members run the operations that keep the GoG running smoothly. Applicants must have prior experience or demonstrable capability in the field they are applying to and be willing to put longer hours to their roles.
  9. skysweep

    Requesting Artwork

    Hi! Welcome to the art requesting side of the GoG. We were initially founded to do something good with fandom artists. We would get artists to make a gift for someone in need, and give it to them in the hopes of cheering them up. If you feel someone in your life might need this little boost of happiness(be it from health issues or life troubles), youve come to the right place. You can put in a request using the form below: Once thats done, a Sponsor will swing by and talk to you about it so we can learn more about the situation and how best to approach it. This then goes over to an artist (staff or volunteer) to be drawn. Youre welcome to use the thread below to discuss requests in general, but remember that you MUST use the form above to make a request. It will not be counted if you make the request in this thread. Thanks for your interest, and we hope you have a good day ahead! Before you go, here are some FAQ's to help answer your questions: Can I request for myself? Thats not being kind to others. -w- Can I request since my friend wants free art? Sure. Here is one for you. Click the link. ( Is it free? If the request is legitimate, yes. However, we do appreciate donations so others can have the same opportunity. I enjoy drawing/contributing and feel this is a good cause, how can I help? Please read the Volunteering thread for more information. How is this funded? We run purely off the generosity of people who believe in our project. Every cent and dollar counts, so do donate so we can continue helping others! ( Who runs this? This project is run with the support of Poniverse and a amazing group of volunteer staff and artists. Any other questions can be directed at the designated GoG staff.
  10. skysweep

    Welcome to the GoG!

    Hello, and welcome to the Gallery of Goodwill! We hope youll enjoy your stay. We were established in the hope that we can bring some cheer to the community we love so dearly. Thus, our premise is providing the opportunity for artists to make a difference for others through their art, making drawings for those in need of a little help. Scattered throughout the different threads are the different topics on things you might want to know about this project, and enough space to discuss it. It doesnt matter if youre an artist, a potential beneficary or someone who thinks this is a cool idea, there is space for everyone here. Thanks for your time, and I hope you will stay and help us in our journey to help others! This thread is here for announcements, important guidelines and stuff like that. If you want to partake in the GoG, we will assume you read everything in here since all the really important stuff goes here. Just a few things to note. We have just a few guidelines on how to act around here. Some youll have seen on MLP Forums, some are more specific to us. But in general: Respect others and be kind (i.e don’t be mean) Be fair about requests (don’t beg or harass for them, don’t be selfish) No NSFW or other 18+ stuff or links to them Do not bring arguments or fights and/or start them here. If you have issues, bring it up with a staff member (Do not abuse them). Community staff/Poniverse staff have final say in what is and isn’t appropriate. Keep to these and youll be fine. As GoG staff are not necessarily MLP Forums staff, here is a quick reference of our internal departments and who is involved. Public Relations For the events, thread admins and outreach, this department handles it all. Anything to do with the social aspect. Manages the different sites’ threads Creates and runs the various events that take place Does outreach to other sites and places Volunteering This department handles volunteering, and can answer questions with regards to helping out. Go find them for all your burning questions on this! Handles volunteering requests Works with Staff and Staff Artists on approval of volunteers Answers questions on helping out and working with us Request Management This department is dedicated to ensuring the request process runs smoothly. From processing the requests to assigning the artists, these are the people to ask. Work on the entire request process Artists and Sponsors get their requests here Answers questions with regards to request status and other request based issues. Systems and Development This department handles all the cogs behind the mechanism. Fixing and maintaining sites, funds and future development, this is where the magicians behind the curtain reside. Its also where the overall running of the GoG is done. Site and system maintenance Administrative and financial handling Future development of the GoG As not all our staff are full Poniverse staff, here’s a reference of who works here so far. Skysweep (Founder and Head) Lord Swinton (Co-Founder and Deputy Head) 11newells Nihi The Brony Javaleen Ariida Ambrosia Ambergerr (Co-Founder and Deputy Head, Dept Lead of Systems and Development) Artimis Whooves (Dept Lead of Public Relations) Dragonsponies a-humble-squirrel (Dept Lead of Request Management) MLPVerity (Dept Lead of Volunteering) If youre curious about all the details of how we run now, here is the link to the full workplan. Otherwise, most of what you need is around here. Enjoy!
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  14. skysweep

    Gallery of Goodwill

    Hello everyone!Sorry that its been a while. We are thankful for supporting us while we revamped, and now we are back, bigger and better!Firstly, we streamlined a ton of the processes to do things! Now giving, requesting and joining is a lot cleaner! Instead of messing about the comments, here are some convenient forms!This is one for making art requests! is if you want to draw with us!! Now we have multiple ways of supporting us. You can support us on Patreon, and we have a better reward system now for thanking donors of all kinds! We also have a merch shop coming soon….so stay tuned for that!Here is if you want to leave us a donation(PayPal pls) here is a link to the Patreon!, we reorganised a little bit. Hopefully its easier to understand. Admin/Advisors:People who run the show. By selection only. Admin are staffers who keep things going with adminy stuff. Theyll resolve disputes and such and ensure things run fine.Advisors are artists who are well known and or talented, and will advise both Admin and others on managing and drawing and such. Creators/Angels:Big time helpers. Given to those who give a lot!Creators are permanently on staff artists who chip in with drawing, while also having a role in how the GoG is run. Angels are big time donors/patreons/supporters who have given a lot to the GoG, and will also have a hoof in how its run.Ambassadors/Donors:People who give. Anyone can join, just give, be vetted and here you are!Ambassadors can be any artist who is vetted to help out with requests. They draw and address requests but have no admin roles.Donors are people who gave something to help the GoG run. It can be as little as a dollar, every bit helps. They can chip in to the community, voice concerns on certain things, and generally help out. Finally, we are planning on having a Christmas event! We are still working out the details, but we hope to get this out to you in the coming days. Thanks so much for your support, and welcome back!