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  1. Happy b-day!

  2. Happy birthday =) 

  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. Happy Birthday sky :)

    1. skysweep



    2. Y'ffre the Singer

      Y'ffre the Singer

      I still remember those PM's we had back in the day :grin:

  5. Gallery of Goodwill

    Hello everyone!Sorry that its been a while. We are thankful for supporting us while we revamped, and now we are back, bigger and better!Firstly, we streamlined a ton of the processes to do things! Now giving, requesting and joining is a lot cleaner! Instead of messing about the comments, here are some convenient forms!This is one for making art requests! is if you want to draw with us!! Now we have multiple ways of supporting us. You can support us on Patreon, and we have a better reward system now for thanking donors of all kinds! We also have a merch shop coming soon….so stay tuned for that!Here is if you want to leave us a donation(PayPal pls) here is a link to the Patreon!, we reorganised a little bit. Hopefully its easier to understand. Admin/Advisors:People who run the show. By selection only. Admin are staffers who keep things going with adminy stuff. Theyll resolve disputes and such and ensure things run fine.Advisors are artists who are well known and or talented, and will advise both Admin and others on managing and drawing and such. Creators/Angels:Big time helpers. Given to those who give a lot!Creators are permanently on staff artists who chip in with drawing, while also having a role in how the GoG is run. Angels are big time donors/patreons/supporters who have given a lot to the GoG, and will also have a hoof in how its run.Ambassadors/Donors:People who give. Anyone can join, just give, be vetted and here you are!Ambassadors can be any artist who is vetted to help out with requests. They draw and address requests but have no admin roles.Donors are people who gave something to help the GoG run. It can be as little as a dollar, every bit helps. They can chip in to the community, voice concerns on certain things, and generally help out. Finally, we are planning on having a Christmas event! We are still working out the details, but we hope to get this out to you in the coming days. Thanks so much for your support, and welcome back!
  6. Gallery of Goodwill

    Every single dollar counts!
  7. Gallery of Goodwill

    Its ok. Every dollar and cent counts. We dont expect some massive benefactor to drop by (even though it would be appreciated) but just giving what you can truly helps. A few bucks from every requester and supporter will offset costs significantly.
  8. Gallery of Goodwill

    Hello everyone, Unfortunately due to the lack of donations, we will be temporarily closing requests. We appreciate that everyone supports this idea a lot, and I am glad this is the case, but we run primarily off the generosity of the people who support this project. Without the funding of donations, we would be unable to support artists the way we do with a fair payment for the work they do. We really appreciate that if you really like this idea, and if you can, that you give what you can so that we can continue sharing cheer and helping artists. There is also a reward program we run, if you werent already aware: You get some nice goodies, and we get the funds we need to support the artists in what they do, we all win! I hope everyone can find that extra bit of generosity to chip in and help us. Thank you all. @Celestial Flight @PrincessOfCompassion I have logged both of your requests, but it would be on hold until we can procure more funds.
  9. Whew, im finally back home. However, I had an epic time attending Bronycon....yes, finally, after dreaming of going for 5 years, ive finally been able to attend it.
    And to say that it is life changing is not an understatement, at least for me.
    Excuse me while I revamp my profiles, and redecorate my room with the bags of pony merch, all while singing out pony songs till my throat is sore. 

    1. DashYoshi


      Ooh, that sounds so amazing you've been to Bronycon after wanting to go for so long. Sounds like you had such an awesome time. :squee: 

    2. skysweep


      Yeah, it was a really awesome time. Im just.... things just feel brighter now than before I left. I cant explain it, things seem more colourful and full of life now. 

    3. DashYoshi


      Things seem more colorful and full of life and brighter for you since you went there? Well that just sounds so lovely there. It sure must have been the experience of a lifetime for you. :kindness:

  10. Gallery of Goodwill

    Hello all! Check back at the original post for our latest update to the GoG, done through the Felix Fest!
  11. Gallery of Goodwill

    Well, youre welcome to take your time to figure out. A surprise request for him can be just as exciting! @Artimis Whooves However we do need to have you actually request so we can log things.
  12. Gallery of Goodwill

    Sure! Do you want to request one on his behalf?
  13. Gallery of Goodwill

    Hiya! Well it is what it is. We try to support others as much as we can still. I see, well I will be certain to add your request to the list, and thanks for your support!
  14. Sorry i havent been quite active lately but its good to see you again =) <3

  15. Just caught the new season (didnt know the new season was today) and I have to say, its the most heartwarming season starter ive seen in a while. Im really, really happy about it. Simple but effective.