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  1. skysweep

    General Chat

    Hi Shimmer. We are in the midst of a lot of behind the scenes work; there will be quite a few things we are doing and trying (since our current methods dont appear to be attracting much attention) but a lot of it is in the air at the moment. I will be coming back in to post when we have further confirmation and information, but do feel free to ask if anything piques your interest. Thanks!
  2. Happy birthday Sweeps! ^^

    1. skysweep


      Thanks Pathy!

  3. Sky! Happy Birthday! :D

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      Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. Merry Birthiversary dude!

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      Thanks Denim!

  5. skysweep

    GoG's Mission

    Hi there! If you wish to, we have a small selection currently on Teespring; ordering a shirt off there supports the artist who drew it, Poniverse and the GoG! https://teespring.com/stores/gog-merch-store
  6. skysweep

    Gallery of Goodwill

    Hi! You may wish to take a look here to put that request up:
  7. Hi @Lupus, do you want to shoot me a PM and talk about it? Id be happy to chat with you.
  8. Thats exactly right! And if you dont have artwork to provide, you can ask us to draw one for them! Aww...do you want to talk about it Midnight? Im here, you can PM if you wish.
  9. Hi guys! Firstly thanks to @Jeric for sharing his story about his struggles, and for setting up this post for the GoG. I have a story of my own too; its the reason why I started the GoG. I used to suffer from depression; a lot of family died around the same time as people got into that phase of life where social standing matters a lot, and I wasnt exactly a popular kid. It sucked to be left out all the time, and people just...didnt really seem to care what happened to me or what anyone was doing to me. To a lot of people, it was just being needy and annoying. One of the few people
  10. skysweep

    Peer Support

    In some ways, yes, this part of the GoG Subforum is kinda like the Life Advice forum, where people can come to discuss matters and other things that concern them. However we are trying to do a different take on the matter; We are seeking out partnerships with mental health charities, having a formalized channel for people who wish to talk with a helpful group of ponies, and in future (hopefully) offer proper counsel and care for people. The GoG is different in the sense that it is art built around helping others; it started with the intention of having artists draw art for people in dist
  11. Well, we wouldnt be much of a "Gallery" if we didnt have a display of artwork from our various artists! So...whats here? Whats here is a place for the various GoG Artists to come by and add some of their artwork for the GoG to the collection! The artists can put up their artwork in any of the three places we operate (Discord, MLPF and dA), but they are welcome to put their choice pieces in all three. We want to show what the artists have done over time for us, and if the beneficiaries are fine with it, share with others the variety of struggles people have, and maybe, we can show th
  12. Hi there! This wouldnt be much of a community if there wasnt a place where people can just kick back and chat about anything in general. What is this place? Consider it the central thread for anyone to chat about whatever. If you dont feel like using Discord, or dA, you shouldnt be left out of the party either! There are some awesome people on this forum, and here is a nice place to meet others, chat about life and anything that tickles your fancy. Please do adhere to the standard rules (no NSFW, no bullying, etc) Have fun everypony!
  13. Hi! This is the Peer Support section! If something troubles you, and you feel you need a hoof on the shoulder or a shoulder to cry on, we are here to support you! What is this place? This is where you can come if you need someone to chat to! As of right now, its just me, Sweepy patrolling this section weekly to offer a little bit of comfort as I can. If more people wish to come here and offer their support for their fellow brony, thats awesome! If you like helping people, consider signing up as a peer support volunteer! We will definitely need people like that to offer some support f
  14. Hello, and thank you for coming to check out the Gallery of Goodwill. Here, we would like to make clear what we intend to do, laying out our plans, motivations and logic for everypony to see. How does this all work? And what are we here to do? Over time, what we did has changed. In order to cut through the clutter and get to the heart of what this means for all of us, here is our mission statement and what we are here to do! 1. We are here to be a caring community for those who need help in their struggles. 2. We are here to support and promote brony artists
  15. Hi there! Welcome to the official GoG Merch Store! As a non profit, we derive a lot of our funding from the generosity and kindness of individuals. In this spirit, many of our talented artists have decided to work with us to produce merch for everyone to enjoy! The merch can come from a variety of sources, as we tap into the shared skill and expertise of our artist pool! Do browse below for what we have to offer, and do support us by buying a thing or two! All of the funds from the merch, apart from the production overheads is split between a large number of parties who you should
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