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  1. Hi Shimmer. We are in the midst of a lot of behind the scenes work; there will be quite a few things we are doing and trying (since our current methods dont appear to be attracting much attention) but a lot of it is in the air at the moment. I will be coming back in to post when we have further confirmation and information, but do feel free to ask if anything piques your interest. Thanks!
  2. Happy birthday Sweeps! ^^

    1. skysweep


      Thanks Pathy!

  3. Sky! Happy Birthday! :D

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      Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. Merry Birthiversary dude!

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      Thanks Denim!

  5. Hi there! If you wish to, we have a small selection currently on Teespring; ordering a shirt off there supports the artist who drew it, Poniverse and the GoG!
  6. Hi! You may wish to take a look here to put that request up:
  7. Not of my concern, but you sound as if you would want to "follow" the Life Advice area.

  8. Thats exactly right! And if you dont have artwork to provide, you can ask us to draw one for them! you want to talk about it Midnight? Im here, you can PM if you wish.
  9. In some ways, yes, this part of the GoG Subforum is kinda like the Life Advice forum, where people can come to discuss matters and other things that concern them. However we are trying to do a different take on the matter; We are seeking out partnerships with mental health charities, having a formalized channel for people who wish to talk with a helpful group of ponies, and in future (hopefully) offer proper counsel and care for people. The GoG is different in the sense that it is art built around helping others; it started with the intention of having artists draw art for people in distress, and a community they could come to for support. And Bas is right; we are technically separate, but still work very closely with MLPF on many matters. I hope this answers your question and clarifies things. Ping me again if you need more explaination!
  10. Do you have got an OC named Skysweep? That literally sounds ponish.

    Also, you could put a direct address in your profile for the DA field.

    1. skysweep


      My OC is actually named Typhoon; I use Skysweep as my online name for many intents and purposes. 

      Direct address? What do you mean?

    2. Bas
  11. Do you have got Discord?

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    2. Bas
    3. Anti-Villain
    4. skysweep


      You seem quite interested in chatting to me, eh? 

      Do PM me with whatever you wish to talk about and ask. 

      Also, if you are interested in the GoG, might I recommend volunteering and chipping in? It does help!

  12. Hi!

    Allow me some feedback on GOG, I think it is a great thing and place!

    However, I am not sure the title is fitting enough for the artwork topic;

    I am telling you why I think so. Coming to that forums area for the first time(s), people prob do so because they are either curious or want to request. I feel that topic titles like 'Welcome to GoG' are drawing more attention that this topic title.
    I suggest to some of these;
    - Change the topic title
    - Mention that topic with a direct link in the Welcome thread
    - Pinning both topics

    1. skysweep


      Thanks for the feedback!

      Ill look into getting the "Welcome to the GoG" thread being pinned to the top (because of how threads are ordered in MLPF, whenever someone posts something new on each thread, it goes to the top) and also adding some links to the central page. 

  13. Well, we wouldnt be much of a "Gallery" if we didnt have a display of artwork from our various artists! So...whats here? Whats here is a place for the various GoG Artists to come by and add some of their artwork for the GoG to the collection! The artists can put up their artwork in any of the three places we operate (Discord, MLPF and dA), but they are welcome to put their choice pieces in all three. We want to show what the artists have done over time for us, and if the beneficiaries are fine with it, share with others the variety of struggles people have, and maybe, we can show that nopony is alone in whatever they are facing. For GoG Artists, do come by and drop off your pieces here for display. For everyone else, take a gander, enjoy, and celebrate the talent of the artists!
  14. Hi there! This wouldnt be much of a community if there wasnt a place where people can just kick back and chat about anything in general. What is this place? Consider it the central thread for anyone to chat about whatever. If you dont feel like using Discord, or dA, you shouldnt be left out of the party either! There are some awesome people on this forum, and here is a nice place to meet others, chat about life and anything that tickles your fancy. Please do adhere to the standard rules (no NSFW, no bullying, etc) Have fun everypony!
  15. Hi! This is the Peer Support section! If something troubles you, and you feel you need a hoof on the shoulder or a shoulder to cry on, we are here to support you! What is this place? This is where you can come if you need someone to chat to! As of right now, its just me, Sweepy patrolling this section weekly to offer a little bit of comfort as I can. If more people wish to come here and offer their support for their fellow brony, thats awesome! If you like helping people, consider signing up as a peer support volunteer! We will definitely need people like that to offer some support for others. However, given how sensitive these matters can be, this particular thread is no-tolerance for any harassment. There is no grace period, no warnings. Bully anyone for their concerns and its an insta-report. If you wish to chat in PM basis as well, thats entirely possible as well! We are all here for you; I set up the GoG in honor of the friends I lost over the years to mental health problems, and I have been beset by such problems myself. So if you need help, speak out about it. Its the strongest thing you can ever do; and if anyone says otherwise, point them out. I want to give them a slap for not taking it seriously. If you need serious help, there are people trained for this, and can offer a listening ear 24/7. Right now, we are working with these helplines and charities, but there are many in almost every country on earth. Do check, call in and share your concerns. They arent there to diagnose you, they are there to provide care and help. Listed below are some resources of the organizations we were recommended and contacted: Singapore and ASEAN area: Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) +65 1800-221 4444 Response time for Email Befriending is within 48 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays. United States: Lifeline (800-273-TALK/8255) Thanks for reading. Stay safe, be nice, and care for each other.