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  1. Well, youre welcome to take your time to figure out. A surprise request for him can be just as exciting! @Artimis Whooves However we do need to have you actually request so we can log things.
  2. Sure! Do you want to request one on his behalf?
  3. Hiya! Well it is what it is. We try to support others as much as we can still. I see, well I will be certain to add your request to the list, and thanks for your support!
  4. Sorry i havent been quite active lately but its good to see you again =) <3

  5. Just caught the new season (didnt know the new season was today) and I have to say, its the most heartwarming season starter ive seen in a while. Im really, really happy about it. Simple but effective. 

  6. Sounds interesting.... Also, Ariida has expressed interest too, so which artist would you want to do this?
  7. Oh! Well I dropped the donation amount a little (I know by $5 isnt a lot but still) and may do so more, and to answer your question, yes, its a total running tally for each person. So if you give $30 today, and $30 tomorrow, it still counts as $60 to me. Sure! Ill be sure to add your name to the list and see if Naiya or Ariida will take this up. OK! Naiya has agreed to take on your request! So might want to think about that solid request, also maybe some ref pics and such.
  8. Hey Sky. :3

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      Hi! Hows it going?

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      You??? :3

  9. And so one of my projects comes to light... Hope it brings some cheer and kindness around!

  10. You dont need to donate to request anything. However, we still appreciate if you are able to give so that others can have the same joy as your friend. But if you really are tight on cash, then its totally alright. Just request away. Of course! You can PM if you dont want it publicly heard whatsoever. Its just that the request itself (the details of what you want drawn) need to be here for tabulation. Otherwise, the details of the hardship can be shared privately.
  11. Im back, with a interesting project.

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      Ooo ooo! What is it? :3


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      This! Do share it around, a lot of work has gone into it!

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  12. Hello there! ^~^ hehe >~>;

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      What? Is true. Dont feel sad. You'll find out when they are done.

      How have you been? Made some new friends I see.

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      Also, art! I like this commish a lot.

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      Princess Moony

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      Nice art there! ^~^;

  13. Hello everypony! I am proud to present to you today a pet project turned reality, supported by a initial band of brilliant and kind artists and Poniverse! This project, which I call the Gallery of Goodwill, is meant to spread a little joy and inject some cheer to people who need it, as well as supporting and showcasing some of the talented artists this fandom has to offer. In a nutshell, the project works like this: If you want to spread a little cheer to someone, you can put forward a request to get an artist here to draw for you. The artist gets paid out of a donation pool, everypony's happy! I hope that people will see the good in this, and help spread a little bit of cheer! How the request process is going to work is rather simple. You need to put a request up on the thread below, and include some information: Your friend’s name We have your name on the post, but it’ll be good to know who you are asking this artwork for. You don’t need to give their real name, only their username or online handle. A brief description of their situation You don’t need to go into all the details, or write a calamitous tale, but we appreciate if we know the context of the situation. A description of the commission Well, we need to know what you want drawn! Describe it, but include the references later when your request is confirmed. However, all requests must be within reason, as this art will be displayed publicly in MLP Forums and other sites. This means no NSFW or 18+ artwork, please. Any requests like this will be instantly denied. Which artist you want to work on this Here’s an upfront disclaimer: You may not always get your first pick of artist. It isn’t fair to any one artist if we suddenly load them with 20 requests while the rest don’t have much to do. So it’ll be best if you give a selection so we can try to fit the request in. The type of art will come later when we confirm with you which artist will be taking up your request. In addition to this, I do some 3D printing in my spare time, and there miiight be customised 3D printed goodies for those who are quite generous. We will also be open to more artists who would want to contribute in this way, so you might want to keep your ears open. And so, here are the band of artists who have volunteered their time and effort! I think it’s best if I spent some time addressing the burning questions some of you must have: If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us. Otherwise, thank you, and enjoy!
  14. Happy birthday!

  15. Hey there everypony! Im here to share a little personal project of mine, but I will need help and support to make it a reality. My story into the fandom is one born of tragedy. Ive found much of the world an unforgiving pressure vessel, and now even more so a political arena. However, I have always managed to find a brony, at some point in my life who stands by me, ready to pick me up when I fall. I do not think I am exaggerating to think that I would not be alive without the community's kindness and kindred spirit. One unique way I like to feel better is to get a good commission from a nice artist. Most are friendly, nice and willing to be great friends. They open a window into their worlds, and show you how they work their magic in making the artworks for you. However, I often find it surprising how much of a pittance they get for the joy they bring. I personally try walking in their hoofprints to find it unsustainably difficult. Drawing from these experiences, I feel that there is a point that I want to help. To give back in some way, and just share the love and joy I was always fortunately offered in my times of need. This feeling was made even more poignant by seeing stress take its toll on me and others around me. I feel that this is where I want to help, injecting a bit of cheer into the place that kept me safe. What I intend is what I personally referred as the "1000 Dollar Art Gallery". Simply put, I would want to commission 1000 dollars worth of art from fandom artists, and then put it all on display to show how much art one can get from the fandom with that budget. A budget where you would be hard-pressed be able to buy a painting from an established, mainstream artist. However, I dont want to hoard that many commissions for myself. I want to share it with people who may need just that extra bit of joy in their life. My plan is this. Im reaching out to you now, the community for artist recommendations. They have to be brony artists of course, thats the whole point. Preferrably affordable as that means there will be more art to go around. Link their profiles in if they are willing to do a commission, and I'll take a look. Once there seems to be enough artists to get the commissions, then the project starts in earnest. If you have somepony, anypony who would really appreciate a pony commission just specially for them, that will be the stage that you ask. (Dont rush just yet, artist recommendations first) Share your reasons for wanting to get a said commish. Be it for an ill friend, a person who needs a pick-me-up or just someone who hasnt ever gotten a commish before (within reason, dont go getting a cough and demand one), Id love to hear at that stage what youd need it for. For now, I would want to focus on finding artists to commission for this. Feel free to bring in friends, people you know or someone you know will do a good job. Share it round, hopefully this little project of mine will be able to help people to just.....relax and help others. Some important notes: 1. Im not doing this for publicity. No ulterior motives, not a string in sight. I just hope that people will believe that there is some good in the world, and not everything is sinister. After all, it is once said to "Be the change you want to see". I personally miss places and times where people give freely out of goodwill. Not much of that is left in my IRL life anyways. So yes, I might want this to gain attention, but to spread a message of kindness and generosity. I dont care if people forget about this or me after it all. What will make it all worthwhile is to see happiness and kindness. 2. Please dont use this as a soapbox. Its just here for the community as a whole to care. I dont want to care who anypony is or where they come from, im sick of that in daily life. Just set it aside and help bring some joy. 3. Is this a naive thing to do? Especially with all the scary things happening around and mistrust and such? Yes it is, and I am aware of that. But someone has to try. I dont want to do nothing when there is something I can do. 4. Im not wealthy. It may seem so, but in my current place (National Service, aka conscription) this will set me back almost 3 months of salary. I hope this clarification dispels some notions you think I might have. 5. Please dont fight. Be reasonable, and understand the intent of this. It isnt meant to show the bad side of people, but to show there is a good spark somewhere. Hopefully it wont be tainted by greed. logical. Gentle. Kind. Caring. Sharing. Thats all I ask for. Sorry for the long description, and I hope you all can support this. Thanks everyone.