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  1. Hi!

    Allow me some feedback on GOG, I think it is a great thing and place!

    However, I am not sure the title is fitting enough for the artwork topic;

    I am telling you why I think so. Coming to that forums area for the first time(s), people prob do so because they are either curious or want to request. I feel that topic titles like 'Welcome to GoG' are drawing more attention that this topic title.
    I suggest to some of these;
    - Change the topic title
    - Mention that topic with a direct link in the Welcome thread
    - Pinning both topics

    1. skysweep


      Thanks for the feedback!

      Ill look into getting the "Welcome to the GoG" thread being pinned to the top (because of how threads are ordered in MLPF, whenever someone posts something new on each thread, it goes to the top) and also adding some links to the central page.